How to disable a AK-47


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  • XM16E1

    Pity about the round in the chamber..

    • Simon

      I noticed two kicks – one to release the magazine, the second to work the action thereby ejecting the round in the chamber

      • metalnwood

        yeah, second kick did cycle the action

      • Nechtan

        All good if the guy holding the AK is just going to stand there and let the other one have two kicks.

      • XM16E1

        I was thinking of the round in the chamber before pretty boy started his ballet routine.

    • Stab him with the bayonet, club him with the stock for being such a nancy little wanker with the tippy toes kicks

  • cows4me

    Would be a good party trick after a few rums, no doubt it would be a short lived spectacle.

    • If he wasn’t standing in front of it, it might even work…

      • Harroputza

        Safest place to stand with an AK is right where it’s aimed.

  • Yea, but what about the round still in the chamber……