The Huddle at 1740


I am on Larry Williams’ show, The Huddle, at 1740, with Josie Pagani…I wonder of she will join the rest of the left wing in excusing Len Brown’s actions?

Our topics are:

Possibly the news regarding Team New Zealand funding announcement.

Len Brown summary – really a countdown to him actually saying something of substance in relation to his affair and what he intends to do in terms of trying to a: wear it and put up with it over the next three years, b: fall on his sword and resign or c: what for the outcome of the inquiry into his conduct while at work. Either way it’s now become a waiting game

Then we’ve got the Winston Peters rant on Kiwisaver. We never really know what Winston means or the logic behind it. But if it’s his “bottom line” to start tampering with the programme I think he might find there’s no coalition partner to negotiate after the next election. It would be something neither of the two main players would buy.

You can listen online via iHeartRadio or usual methods…I will post audio tomorrow.


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  • I think the inquiry outcome will be interesting, he has knowingly breached the code of conduct and brought his office into disrepute.

    How would that work ?
    A vote of no confidence in Len Brown and the council asking for his resignation ?

    • patrickstarr

      the first hurdle is Auckland Council are on record reminding the major professional advisors; “we’re the only show in town” at its formation. (and when commissioning work usually indicate what the preferred outcome would be!)

      secondly I cannot see how EY has any mandate to interview; Chaung, the security guard or the hotels in question, and finally the COC only provides for censure, or losing committee chairmanship if Brown is found to have breached it.

      • Breaching common workplace ethics would count as conduct below par surely ?

        • patrickstarr

          Yeah, but he can only get a slap with a wet bus ticket – IF he’s found guilty

          • If it was a public company, a vote of no confidence and request for resignation would be standard practice.

            Reputation , Reputation etc

          • patrickstarr

            unfortunately the rules (and penalties) are what they are, and cant retrospectively be changed. Council don’t have a BOD, they have a Governing Body, (which Brown is the Chair)
            If Brown is found guilty AC will no doubt appoint a disciplinary committee, (who will give him his wet bus ticket)

          • Or remove him from the chair and no workplace responsibility if he refuses to resign.

            Reduced salary of course.

            I seem to recall some historical precedent on this even …

  • DTG

    If there are more allegations of wrongdoing beyond what has already been made public then they need to come out soon..I think the public is rapidly getting bored with the story and the inquiry will probably deliver no more than a slap on the hand with a wet bus ticket.

    • You won’t have to wait long.

  • James

    Don’t let Josie over-talk you Cam…she good at doing that and it pisses me off. That bitch on the Nation did the same thing…go “Bridges” on their ass…You are too nice and reserved. Un lease some mean..

  • James

    Work you Herald scoop in…..that will drive up the page views and stir the Lefty pot ;-)

  • 1951

    Wow! She sure is making it difficult to let you in Cam, and doing her best to blame John Key for Len’s condition.

    • 1951

      Well done Cam, your message was loud and clear in the end.

  • James

    Nailed it Cam! Much better…you weren’t bullied and cut off by the cow and got your points across well. Maybe just raise the volume of your voice a bit and you will have a winning and effective combo for the future.

  • James

    Loved your last statement….you point by point nailed Brown and what the real issues are with what he did….You smoked old Josie…and you could sense she felt it …

  • Phar Lap

    Pagani from a long line of **** * said it was not a sackable offence.She overlooked Lennies first mrs sacked him.So sorry Josie,not often you are right, and you are wrong again.

    • James

      Yes…that point about Brown already having form with cheating on his first wife needs to be espoused much more….People think its a first time for him so let it go….If they knew it was wasn’t then attitudes against him will harden much more…

      • Phar Lap

        Yes Brown is a two time loser literally.

        • terrynaki

          You sure there was another woman?

  • Bruno 32

    I noticed even John Tamihere is doing the big sidestep on looser Len. Watching Losers mates get covered in shit while they wrestle with a pig in heaven is a joy to behold.Keep it coming Cam and don’t give the bastards an inch.

  • XM16E1

    Great last word(s). Well done.

  • A real shame this didn’t surface 1 week earlier …