The Huddle


I was on Larry Williams’ show The Huddle last night with Josie Pagani. I gave her a great big welcome home sledging.

Our topics were:

  • The local body elections- that no one votes in. Maybe if everyone turned up to vote then maybe it would have been different too. I wonder what it is about local body politics that makes everyone so apathetic!
  • Then still with politics and the circus that’s been happening in the US. On Friday there was hope and optimism that there would be a deal done to end the most ridiculous stand off. Now the world’s watching and no longer laughing as the deadline looms for the US debt ceiling vote.

Cutting the subsidy for Kiwisaver, with a rider to increase the amount for prospective retirees:

A lobby group for the savings and insurance industry wants the Government to cut the annual KiwiSaver subsidy and use the money to reduce the tax rates on the scheme in a bid to boost retirement savings. 

The Financial Services Council, whose members manage over $80 billion worth of assets, announced its proposal on how to Supersize Kiwis’ retirement savings at its conference in Auckland today.”


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  • DangerMice

    I thought Mike’s intro was pretty good. ~7:50 onwards for about 4 mins

  • Positan

    I think the drop-off in voting interest parallels the drop-off in newspaper circulation. Once all our information, local and national, was drawn from newspapers and points were discussed and thrashed thereafter wherever conversations took place. In those days, candidates’ attributes and potentials were keenly discussed and debated.

    TV has also rendered a lessening effect. Its presentational style only centres on the sensational – not on detail or the mundane. Since the coming of TV in the ’60’s, newspaper circulation has declined, and today’s TXT-generation has now become far too diverted by such personalized trivia as me-phone apps to be remotely concerned with anything outside its narrow sphere, or diverted from it.

    By and large those who voted were of the older section of our society. It’ll be interesting to see if this electoral lack of interest is echoed in another three years. Electorally and therefore, governmentally, our society appears to be heading for the plughole.