The Huddle


I was on Larry Williams’ show, The Huddle, at 1740, with Josie Pagani…I wondered yesterday if she would join the rest of the left wing in excusing Len Brown’s actions? Turns out I was right.

Our topics were:

Len Brown summary – really a countdown to him actually saying something of substance in relation to his affair and what he intends to do in terms of trying to a: wear it and put up with it over the next three years, b: fall on his sword and resign or c: what for the outcome of the inquiry into his conduct while at work. Either way it’s now become a waiting game


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  • Daniel

    I listened to it live. I think you were quite right with regards if it was a centre-right politician (the example you gave as John Banks) all the media would be howling for a resignation (like they did with Richard Worth).

    What they are letting, and have let, Brown get away with is shocking – by trying to turn the attention on everything but the actual issues (Brown’s poor judgement and lack of morals, different standards applying to different people at the Council, conflicts of interest etc) they are doing themselves, and the public, a huge disservice.

    It’s sad that most political commentators from the left, such as Pagani, have allowed their bias to slant their observations to such a huge degree.

    • LabTested

      It took Josie all of 1.42 seconds to say ‘John Key’.

      Shame on you Josie. I though better of you than that

      • blokeintakapuna

        She’s an odious little apologist for the left… a stuck-record shrill piece

        • Orange

          Love how she described it all as “the offense.” Singular. Shame on you Josie. You should be defending women, not defending little creepy males who just want to take advantage of them.

          • dyannt

            A lot has been made of Chuang being a political groupie that likes to use powerful men to advance her career.
            Like rock-stars, Len must be bombarded by females on a daily basis. How come he succumbed only to this one – what was special about her. (That comment of course was tongue in cheek)

          • blokeintakapuna

            that she was “the” one

          • blokeintakapuna

            by her own actions, she’s condoning political cronyism by the Mayor to his mistress…

    • dyannt

      For the first time I listened to it live, too.
      I’m getting used to getting the news first. Thanks Cam.

      And I’m getting really curious that Labour/Green politicians are making no comment on the story. Are they ALL living in glass houses and are afraid to throw the first stone.
      If infidelity is so rampant and acceptable, you would think they would come out with their affairs so all the world can see how virle they are. Auckland seems to think that Len’s affair is career enhancing.

  • You have to admire her for fronting up and trying to make a fist of it. She is a true mercenary.

    But I don’t think she will have won any friends among the female demographic.

    We’re a good week into the whole thing where Len is the victim. He’s the victim of one silly mistake and a vast, organised, well (Whale)oiled smear machine.

    /Tui ad.

  • LesleyNZ

    Call them apologists for Len Brown. Must be pretty bad for them because Len was their knight in shining armour. Josie was real nasty. Why can’t they say what Len Brown did was wrong and unacceptable behaviour for a Mayor? The Mayor and his apologists are desperately trying to laugh off what has happened in the Auckland Mayoralty office – it is no laughing matter.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    He Len Brown has proved himself to be a serial cheater. How his wife can in all honesty trust him again is beyond belief. An old saying I have heard is ” Once a cheater, always a cheater” has been proven by Liar Lens actions or is this turning into a marriage of convenience just while he holds desperately onto his job. Plus now it looks like the council are entertaining a Double Standard with a staff member stood down for doing a similar thing, now that is not right. How will these people of no morals who think Brown has done nothing really wrong be able to justify the councils double standard.

    • Agent BallSack

      Shan has been ‘the other woman’ in an affair too. Bet Lens first wife his laughing her ass off and feels pretty vindicated around about now.

  • I’m gonna repeat myself, sorry ….

    Come on Guys and Girls this is about work place ethics.
    Do we really want our teenagers working in a place that encourages sex for a promotion/job ?
    Maybe that would be a pertinent question for Len Brown!

    Women already battle for equal pay don’t they ?

  • JeffDaRef

    The compensation Auckland Council will need to pay the suspended manager for such a blatant double standard will be the latest in Len’s long line of wasteful spending of our rates.
    Insidious little man.

  • parorchestia

    Are we a fair and just society? If we are then Len has to resign since all the legal and career precedents – political, military and civil – demand this. You cannot make an exception no matter how much you love or hate the guy. No excuses. Follow precedents. Bye bye Len. We are not America and we don’t allow Clinton-types to wriggle away.

    Moral considerations also requires him to resign. He has been unethical before, so can’t be trusted now. He may moan about invasion of privacy, but he is a public figure and like Caesar’s wife, must not only be pure, but must be seen to be pure.
    In any case, he still has not given an adequate account of the rooms he occupied for his trysts. That matter ain’t private as it may be illegal, immoral and compromising, and so requires full investigation.

    He must know now that he is a marked man who won’t be able to do his job properly. So on functional grounds he has to go.

    Is he an honourable man? If so, resignation is the only thing he can do.

    Precedent, morality, functionality, and honour all require his resignation.

  • nani

    Of course it is a sackable offence, Josie.
    your mantra “it is not a sackable offence” is shameful to all of us woman that were born and bred in Auckland.
    Quit now!! Lying Len Brown before you take our city down any more.

    • onelaw4all

      Reminds me of:

  • Never in the dark…..

    Pagani and Watkins, two of the most apathetic, pathetic voices on Newstalk. Although the part time blogger, Pagani, is less irritating than Watkins.

    Is her defence of Brown an indication she’d like to have a roll in the Naughty Room.

  • redeye

    I have had a lot of jobs in my lifetime and I cannot remember one where I wouldn’t have been fired for rooting someone in my office during working hours. Regardless of all the other shit.

  • cows4me

    Poor Whale has been getting heaps of grief on late night talkback. Heard someone last night saying that Len should lawyer up and go Whale hunting. I can’t believe these idiots are for real. Poor old Whale wasn’t cheating on his wife or shagging some tail on the flash council table. Bloody Brown owns this mess, no wonder he thinks he can get away with it, with supporters blessed with the same hard to find, moral fibre, as he has.