Hunua selection looks interesting

Paul Hutchinson’s retirement leaves a gap in a very blue seat that many aspiring National politicians will be looking closely at.

Rumours in the electorate are that the ninth floor want to parachute in a “star” but they have been told this won’t be happening as the locals are jealously protective of their right to choose their own candidate rather than have one imposed on them in Wellington. David Kirk’s name comes up repeatedly.

The problem for the ninth floor is that Hunua recently overtook Northland as the largest membership seat in the country, and with over 1300 members there will be no regionally appointed delegates so no ability for the regional hierarchy to stack a selection for an outsider.  

Other buggering around with the selection like Roger Bridge tried with David Carter in Selwyn will end in tears, and the Brent Robinson precedent in Rodney where Whaleoil’s oldest friend in caucus Scott Simpson refused to take one for the team and dropped out means that five people will go through preselection.

We can expect a good clean local selection run by solid National Party locals, without interference from the manipulating members of the buggers muddle.

Johnny Come Lately candidates who want to turn up win selection and fly straight to Wellington without having done the hard yards in Hunua need not apply.


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  • nellie
  • Jman

    I want to see someone intelligent, with high integrity and a good deal of world experience (not just political experience), who subscribes to traditional National party values like fiscal conservatism, limited government and personal responsibility. I don’t give a toss how much time they have spent pressing the flesh and brown-nosing in Hunua.

  • peterwn

    Bill Birch (then deputy mayor of Pukekohe) put in the hard work to win selection in 1972 so anyone aspiring to the seat must do the same. He had things well organised right down to two cars (in case one pranged or broke down) carrying his nomination paper and membership receipt book stubs to the electorate secretary who lived on the edge of the electorate. If the locals put up a fellow local of Bill’s calibre, the 9th floor is unlikely to complain.

    • Kimbo

      I’ve had mates who experienced Bill Birch as their local MP, and they said he was magnificent.

      Wasn’t Winston peter the MP for Hunua after he beat Roger Douglas’ brother in the courts in 1979, after losing after special votes were counted in the 1978 General Election?

      • peterwn

        Hunua Electorate has been through three incarnations since 1978. A previous incarnation included Papakura area. Present incarnation includes Pukekohe which was the centre of the former Port Waikato and Franklin electorates AFAIK. Even in the 1960’s Franklin was one of the ‘blue ribbon’ seats along with Pahiatua and Remuera.

        • Kimbo

          OK. That sounds right. I think when peter won it it included the fag end of Pakuranga, Otara, and the Hunua ranges – hence its marginal character.

    • Patrick

      Birch is still pulling strings & getting stuff done at council level, far more effective talking with Bill than anyone on the Super Shitty council.