When idiots try to sound clever

One certain idiot is trying desperately to sound clever…while spinning up a non-existent conspiracy.

Luigi Wewege comes across like one of those cretinous social climbing fuctards that pollute the Young Nat landscape like masticating cancer tumors in a smoker’s lungs.

Hmm…where to start with that statement…ok let’s start with the insult…it is fucktard not fuctard.


A contraction of “fucking retard”.

fucking + retard = fucktard

That prick who demanded his girlfriend have an abortion is such a fucktard.

Only fucktards are deadbeat dads.

As for “masticating” tumours? I mean WTF?  

Masticating means chewing.

mas·ti·cate  (mst-kt)


1. To chew (food).2. To grind and knead (rubber, for example) into a pulp.
To chew food.

[Late Latin masticre, mastict-to masticate, from Greek mastikhnto grind the teeth.]

masti·cation n.
masti·cator n.

Perhaps this left wing hate speech blogger really meant ‘metastasising‘ rather than masticating?

me·tas·ta·size  (m-tst-sz)

1. To be transmitted or transferred by metastasis.
2. To be changed or transformed, especially dangerously: “a need for love that would metastasize into an insatiable craving for attention” (Michiko Kakutani).
3. To spread, especially destructively: “[disinformation] … that even now continues to metastasize … to such a degree that myth threatens to overthrow history” (Gore Vidal).

What a complete tool. The only person who is a fucktard is Martyn Bradbury.


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  • Honcho

    I thought Martyn Bradbury had given up political commentary and was now running a successful real estate business? I guess I was wrong on both counts.

    Love that last comment.

    • On 3 counts. One must not suggest he is successful at anything.

  • WhaleOil, Leaders in the Communication Sciences Since …

    BWSaid Cameron.

  • Rodger T

    Bradbury ,the PeeWee Herman of NZ blogging.

  • Col

    I learn something everyday.
    So Lenny was Masticating, well he was, it said the meaning of the word was grinding and kneading and Lenny would end up being pulp, right.

  • Intrigued

    Ha ha ha ha Lol ROFLMAO that idiot has made me laugh so hard….he is trying too hard to sound clever….a Russell Brand he is not…but I get the impression he is trying ever so hard to emulate him…Thanks Cam for the best laugh of my day!

  • Eiselmann

    Bradbury came up with that line….why is it that when I think of Citizen Bomber I think of a less rational Citizen Smith….without a sense of humour. I’ve got battles to fight and Rights to right

  • Salacious T Crumb

    Bradbury (n): to unwittingly commit a malapropism in the vain attempt to sound intelligent;
    eg; ”like masticating tumours in a smokers lungs” he wrote, unaware of the Bradbury he had used that undermined all credibility he might have sought.

  • captainnotsosensible

    Ha ha ha rolling around on the couch…Cam, you are a star. Absolutely hillarious. Could not make this stuff up. I swear you have a series of ready made comedy skits here…better than some of the supposedly funny stuff on TV already.

  • Rodger T

    Bradbury,does`nt know if he should spit or swallow.

  • Ronnie Chow

    Funny how the dipshit Bradbury uses ‘social climbing’ as an insult when he has been ardently doing the same on his side of the fence all his life .

  • Rimutaka

    Bit schoolyard on both sides, eh…