I’m gobsmacked: Len Brown finally writes an open letter to Aucklanders

Kia ora.

Thank you to everyone who voted in the local government election – your vote is a fundamental step towards us all building the best Auckland we can.

Voter turnout was lower than 2010 and we will be working with central government to look at how we can increase this, including a trial of online voting for the next elections.

I want to congratulate and welcome our new governing body and local board members – especially the 52 elected representatives new to Auckland Council.

Aucklanders have invested their aspirations for their communities in you and I look forward to working with you.  

The next edition of OurAuckland will introduce your new elected representatives, who are being sworn in between 29 October and 7 November. Attend aninauguration event.

I hope you have been sampling Southside Arts Festival, which runs until 3 November and features a host of free and low-cost events.

I’m also looking forward to Parnell Festival of Roses and Sculpture in the Gardensin November, as we move into the exciting summer events season.

Ngā mihi.
Len Brown,
Mayor of Auckland

It seems Len Brown is another person who thinks denial is a river in Egypt.

I can’t make up my mind if we should admire him or pity him for his supreme level of disconnect he seems to have with reality.

Anyway.  Free publicity there for you Len.  Don’t say all I write about you is rubbish.  You do a fine job yourself.


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  • Lux

  • LesleyNZ

    “Our Auckland” needs to be ditched. Rarely read it. Going to be an interesting swearing in ceremony next week……………………. I don’t think Len wrote this. Maybe it was the silver haired lady who walks beside him and looks very serious who wrote this.

  • James Growley

    I get the impression Len thinks it was all a bad dream and nothing really happened.

    • Col

      A wet dream?

  • steve and monique

    Browns not a colour, it is now a smell. Cheers Len, you stink.

    • TomTom

      All that is pearly turns Brown after a while, eh?


    • cows4me

      Brown is what you get when you mix green and red, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

      • FredFrog

        And that needs to be a lesson that voters across the entire country need to remember come election time next year.

        • Hazards001

          Yep. There is likely to be a long streak of brown shit in 2014 if fucking people don’t wake up to themselves.
          Those people in particular being John Key and Co if they don’t get off their moral high ground and start kicking the shit out of some of the ludicrous waffle being spouted by the toxic terrorists and the occupants of the home for retired lesbian school teachers and ass bandit BA holders.

          • Alfred12

            Couldn’t agree more Hazard, where the fuck are the Nats?? Are they playing a very long game? They need to be hitting the airwaves & our tv screens refuting the nonsense we hear most nights. Can someone explain to me how the greens with no elected MP’s get so much tv time. Just about guarantee Wussell and/or porky on on every night!!

      • steve and monique

        Explains what the country will be in if Labour, and the greens get in. The Shit!

        • cows4me

          If those idiots get in we are all screwed including themselves, of course they’re to fucking thick to realise it.

          • steve and monique

            Sadly a collection of fools might have the numbers in MMP to win. What will be a disgrace is the bum licking labour will have to do to join the dots. As for the rest of us, I agree we are fucked if they do.

          • steve and monique

            Sadly a collection of fools might have the numbers in MMP to win. What will be a disgrace is the bum licking labour will have to do to join the dots. As for the rest of us, I agree we are fucked if they do.

  • Statehousekid

    “I’m also looking forward to Parnell Festival of Roses and Sculpture in the Gardens in November, as we move into the exciting summer events season.”
    Yes this should be a great event to visit in your retirement Len.

    • Dave

      Len will not attend, if he does it will be for 2 minutes, in a mayoral function, invited guests only.

  • opusx


    Really, business as usual? This guy really is…actually…words fail me. Thankfully he’s Aucklands problem.

  • Tom

    What. The. Fuck….

  • Andy

    Wow, not a hint of remorse. Not a hint of humility
    Not a hint of anything resembling being a decent human being.

    Words fail me

  • Col

    Yes the Nile is in Auckland, a river of lies from Lenny Dorklander.

  • Random66

    You know I saw your heading and thought, ‘yes finally a proper apology’, so I opened it up and settled in my seat expecting to read Len begging for forgiveness and promising the ratepayer from here on in he was going to be the man they expected when they voted for him. WTF, nothing! He truly is No Shame Len.

  • Hazards001

    I assume this came from the latest Our Auckland? Or as I prefer to call it “Pravda for Little Len’s”

    The man is a tool without the forethought to even consider a hold on distribution. Wherever it (the open letter) came from it was probably written before he was aware that his Nag mihi Kia ora ass was about to be shone under the light?

    • Chancey

      it was published today in the news section of auckland council website WTF

      • Hazards001

        Cheers. I was at work all day. Guess I forgot to look.

        • Chancey

          haha – its my happy place

      • GazzW

        That’s the first place I check every day for a news update.

        • Chancey

          its only after you get burned by these rats that you go slightly insane and start watching them very closely

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Whale Bro – He has moved on…..and enjoying life now….

    • James Growley

      You have been giving him denial training, haven’t you……..

  • Timboh

    I hope our succinct poster, RAR, will gift his now famous call to arms “LBIAFC” to the public domain. For educational use of course.

  • conwaycaptain

    The man has no shame

  • Bart67

    Well, if Auckland Zoo is looking for another elephant, there’s a big one in this room not doing anything important!

    How on earth can he not even make a single mention of the issue that is going to taint his entire mayoralty? Not just the time to come, but the term yet to come! The thing about ignoring problems, they do not go away Len. There is not enough teflon!

    • Sri

      Don’t talk about elephants, that makes us think you are referring to those mighty trunks, which this elephant clearly does not have…

  • john Doe

    Denial is a river in Egypt. WO u crack me up. Gold!