An important point to note regarding who knew what, when with Brown affair

The Herald splashed headlines and texts all weekend accusing John Palino of knowing about the affair before the information was released on this blog on Tuesday.

But Palino states:

John Palino – Mr Brown’s rival at the mayoral election – issued a statement on Saturday confirming he met Ms Chuang for a late-night discussion in a Mission Bay carpark the night after the election and two days before the affair was made public.

He said he met with Ms Chuang – at her request – in relation to threatening text messages the pair had both received from the same number, but did not say what they discussed.

Mr Palino continued to say the first he was aware of the affair was last Tuesday when it was made public.

“Bevan has never disclosed to me the full nature of her relationship with the mayor and only ever indicated she received persistent and unwanted propositions from the mayor,” the statement said. 

This is an important point to note. Until Monday the day before I released the affidavit and the story that would shock New Zealand, all I thought I was dealing with was some dirty texts from Len Brown to Bevan Chuang. There has never been any suggestion or mention of a long term affair with Mayor Len Brown.

In fact in discussions with the editorial team here at Whaleoil we never once discussed an affair until we had recieved the full affidavit. Simply put Ms Chuang had never told us.

The text messages released by the Herald between Luigi Wewege and Ms Chuang actually prove this because there is not a single mention of any affair between Ms Chuang and Len Brown…just dirty texts.

I didn’t know about any affair either, just texts until I received the draft affidavit.

In discussions between Stephen Cook and myself on Friday we agreed that there was no story, just some silly texts. That all changed on Monday.

Despite claims of a conspiracy there is none, John Palino has told the truth, and it is Ms Chuang who is being selective and disingenuous in suggesting that anyone but her and Len Brown knew of the two-year affair until she sat down with Stephen Cook on Monday to tell all.

Source: Bernard Orsman @ NZ Herald, additional reporting by Cameron Slater


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  • OhopeBeachBugger

    Another cartoon from Emmerson; you’re going to need quite a bit of cash to buy up a good part of his oevre…

  • williamabong

    Len should take heart from what John Key told him to do, “get back on the whores”.

  • David

    WhaleOil – let’s be fair here, it’s going to be very hard to believe with how heavily involved one of his staff members was in trying to get the girl to confess that Palino had no inclination of the events. It’s not a story you’re going to be able to sell and in effect, Palino due to the actions of Wewege and the deception around whether or not Bevan and he were a couple and how this all went down has been besmirched by these events and will have his name attached to them.

    I certainly do not believe Palino had no knowledge of what his staff member was doing, solely because Wewege is the type of over zealous prick who can’t help but boast even before the conversion has been made.

    • johnbronkhorst

      So……..Palino would be the messenger and brown the perpetrator …please don’t lose site of that.

      • David

        This article wasn’t about whether or not Brown did it or whether or not we think that rules him out being an effective politician. If you’ve read any of my posts, I’ve called for Brown’s head as much as anyone here on the basis that his decision making is in question and he was granting professional and political favors to someone in return for sexual favors… however…. this article purports that Palino did not know about the affair when meeting Chuang (a meeting he first denied happened) – I call bullshit on that, so now we’ve got two dishonest politicians with a bunch of bit part characters. None of them are really suitable for public office.

        • Team ENZ

          so all in all John palino is the bad guy..mmm makes real sense…and Lying Lennie is the real victim here…mmm i suppose it must be very hard (coin his phrase) to make him (LL) take off his pants and forced him to have affairs?? mmmm

          Ponder ponder..???

          • David

            Yawn. You’ve got to love selective readers who are so vehemently put toward purpose that they can’t read and comprehend pretty simple statements

            “We’ve got two dishonest politicians with a bunch of bit part characters, none of them are really suitable for public office” – Brown and Palino as previously mentioned in the posts above.

            And also as mentioned above, this article was solely about whether or not Palino knew in advance of the story breaking that there had been an affair and worked with people within his campaign party to attempt to maximise what exposing it would do – i.e “Lets make Len resign on health reasons so I can take the mayoralty” as some people have indicated recently.

            Does this absolve Len of being a thoughtless prick who ruined his family life, made stupid decisions and gave favors politically and professionally to someone who gave him sexual favours? No. Does this mean Len should be the mayor? No. But Palino tarred himself with a brush while attempting to shitflick his opposition, such is life, he can’t expect to come out smelling of roses when there were so many political plays beneath this.

            Get off the righteous horse, come back to reality. Don’t go full retard.

          • Bunswalla

            I understand your points, but I don’t understand how you can say “We’ve got two dishonest politicians…” with Palino being one of them. Surmising what Wewege may or may not have said doesn’t make Palino dishonest. We know Len Brown was dishonest by his actions which are not in dispute.

            The inference is that a) Palino knew all about the affair, and b) he would have made capital from it. I think the fact that the release occurred after the election rules out the first point, and the fact that he didn’t attempt to blackmail Brown into stepping down (which is what it would have been) rules out the second.

            If Chuang was prepared to sign an affidavit and go nuclear on Brown’s arse before the election, you would have to say Palino knew about it. For it to come out afterwards tells me Palino knew no more than WO i.e. there were a series of flirtatious texts from Brown and some dodgy propositions, but no evidence of anything more serious. Chuang has determined the timing by when she signed her affidavit.

          • David

            Let’s break down facts.

            1. Palino categorically denied knowing about the affair or even knowing Chuang when the news first broke.

            2. When pictures of Chuang with Palino and Wewege surfaced, he admitted knowing her but said that he had not had extensive conversations with her and simply knew that she was a friend of Wewege.

            3. Palino categorially denied having a meeting with Chuang at any stage about the affair.

            4. Palino was uncovered to have met Chuang at Mission Bay Carpark and attempted not to be seen with her. He has since admitted this but states that he did not discuss the affair, only the threatening text message (note this was the day before the story broke)

            5. Palino despite claiming no involvement what so ever in the release of this information had Luigi Wewege as one of his campaign chiefs and someone he commonly referred to as a Chief of Stafff

            6. Inferences have now been made that Palino was very much involved in planning how to release this information and was involved in discussions which detailed asking Len to resign on health reasons to keep his social standing.

            7. Len Brown has made one simple statement on Campbell Live, admitting to the affair, admitting to the details that had been released and admitting that he had put his family in jeopardy. The betrayal of the affair aside, since it was uncovered, he has made one clear statement that he has not had to backtrack from.

            8. Palino as mentioned above, has had to make several recantations and changes to his statements, changing the level at which he knew and the level his staff member Wewege was involved, while also having been shown to outright lie about not meeting Chuang at any point before the story broke. Therefore throughout this process, he has sought to mislead and limit the amount of his involvement.

          • David

            Also, the release after the election was largely due to the fact that the pressure they had put on Chuang had not forced her hand to that point as she was campaigning actively herself for a public office position and likely knew that she couldn’t afford the heat should it come back on her (just like this has)

            Therefore, her losing the election as much as this threatening text message that was sent were the two catalyst points for her giving a signed affidavit which allowed them to press this into a new story…

            Throughout that, as we’ve seen from releases by Chuang of texts and Facebook messages, she was under extreme pressure from Luigi to release these details…. do we really believe that Palino didn’t know about this? Again, this is Wewege, a complete show pony and the type of person who claims a bunch of stuff about himself that is latter found out to be erronenous. Of course he’s going to tell his boss about this.

            So far, the only positive thing I’ll say for Palino is that he isn’t stupid enough to write text messages, facebook messages or anything else that can be stored and captured to be used at a later date.

          • Bunswalla

            Let’s break down the important facts:

            1. Len Brown pursued Bevan Chuang and carried on an illicit affair with her for 2 years, despite being caught in flagrante delicto by a security guard on Council premises.

            2. Len Brown used his position as Mayor to obtain complimentary hotel rooms in which to carry on his affair.

            3. Len Brown used other Council resources to conduct the affair, during Council hours and in his office.

            4. Len Brown used his influence as the No 1 referee on Ms Chuang’s cv to help her get a job in a Council-controlled entity, the Auckland Art Gallery. His exact words, I believe, were that she is “highly recommended”.

            5. Len Brown is a married man, with three children and one grandchild. He paraded his family throughout his campaign, on his triumphant election night, and after pleading with the media to leave his family alone, arranged for his Council-paid spin weasels to pen a sickening endorsement under the name of one of his daughters.

            6. Len Brown did not “admit to the details that had been released” at all. He said “I neither agree nor disagree with the details that have been released”.

            7. LBIAFC

            You can argue over the timing of meetings, who was behind the story, when they spoke to whom and what was said, you can even calculate the number of angels dancing on the head of a pin. None of it matters.

            The only thing that matters is that Len Brown is a lying, cheating, deceitful, dishonest, adulterous serial rooter, who used the power of his office to a) pursue and conquer at least one woman, b) to help her obtain a job in a Council organisation and c) to get complimentary hotel rooms to conduct his grubby affair.

          • David

            1. Disputable. We have to take Bevan Chuang’s word on this, a word she has since regressed to saying that the affidavit she produced was not 100% correct.

            2. Disputable. There is no proof that any hotel rooms were provided free of tax except for Bevan Chuang stating that she “thought maybe some were given for free”

            3. Disputable. No proof that Len used council resources in his affair with exception to an occasion within council chambers.

            4. Correct.

            5. Correct.

            6. My statement was that Len Brown made a statement to the media admitting his guilt in having an affair that took place with someone in a public advisory role. He has not had to recant any statement he has since made.

            See, I don’t even really feel a need to deny any of your points because they don’t change what I stated upfront. This article was about Palino and his knowledge of the affair, something that is highly in question. If you’re willing and happy to believe Bevan Chuang on every statement she has made about Brown, then you need to believe her on every statement she has made about Palino, which incriminates him as someone who knew full well of the affair and attempted to benefit from it in a number of ways.

            You lack subjectivity, the problem with that is that no reasonable person will take your viewpoint seriously because you’re arguing a man, not the points.

          • Phill

            Who really cares if Palino knew about the affair beforehand. (Which I doubt) This is all smoke and mirrors to deflect away from the real issue. We have a mayor who thinks its OK to stop for a quick wristy in his office, to screw chicks in his office and on other council property. He has admitted to an affair of two years duration. That wasn’t just one stupid decision. This is continuous deceit and shows a pattern of bad decision making.
            Add to that the credit card scandal of the past. He has had his 2nd chance and continues to put himself in compromising positions, disrespecting the office of Mayor and therefor the people of Auckland. (While claiming he knows what we want.)
            All your points above may be true….but that’s not the story. (Despite what the Herald would have you believe)

          • David

            The story about Len Brown having an affair is well and truly out. The story about him doing this during council hours is well and truly out. The detail you talk of is detail that Bevan Chuang now distances herself from and indicates that she may not have been entirely truthful in the affidavit that was prepared for her.

            The side story is whether or not we want Palino to become the next mayor if Brown were to resign – which he isn’t – but we’ve got clean clear examples of Palino straight out lying, something that you should find equally distasteful as a Mayor hopeful.

          • pukakidon

            You are another apologist for dirty Len. Do you understand that he is the Leader of a community who is expected to show integrity, honesty and dignity?

            He cheated, lied and had sex in public offices, one which holds significant mana for the local tribe of the region. He is at fault not everyone else. You are typical of the twisted its not me, someone else did it, brigade.

          • David

            You have some weird form of social derangement, because you keep missing the point that I’ve said Len should stand down, that I think Len has no credibility as a decision maker and ultimately that he won’t be able to serve as a credible mayor due to his actions.

            However, this article is about the journalist and his process in releasing the story, a story which now expands out to include Palino and Wewege due to their under the table attempts at dealing the information in such a way that gave them an unfair advantage over the other mayoral candidates in the race.

            So, aside from the amusement that circular discussions with stubborn ignorant people who can’t get past the brick wall they’ve erected in their own mind, I see no further reason to respond to you at this point.

          • pukakidon

            Dry your eyes excuse maker. You are very good at making accusations, why don’t you go public and accuse Palino of being behind this. No you wont because you have no facts. The fact is the MSM in this country are sychophantic, social suckups. Why did they not expose this long ago? We know why because they are all buddy buddy with the Molesting Mayor of Mangere.

            As for Wewege, he is a devious little twerp, who is not worth wasting time and effort on, and we should not let him be a diversion from the real problem, which is that little deviant dirty Len. Trying to put some blame on some little twerp like Wewege, is nonsense, all that does is deflect from the the responsibility that the dishonest prick Brown should take.

          • Bunswalla

            I “lack subjectivity”?

            Why thank you, I do try and be objective at all times – well spotted. You should try it sometime ;-)

            But seriously, I’m not playing the man at all. I’m playing his actions – that’s all. Regardless of everything else that may or may not have happened, if Len had kept his knob in his pants, none of this would’ve happened.


          • David

            Absolutely, hence why I said “Len is a thoughtless prick who ruined his family life, made stupid decisions and gave favors politically and professionally to someone who gave him sexual favours? No. Does this mean Len should be the mayor? No. ”

            But the way in which the other camp went about trying to use this as a reason for Len to step aside, the way in which they’ve fabricated other elements of the story and how they weren’t willing to stand policy set against policy set means you can’t trust Palino as mayor anymore than you can trust Brown.

          • pukakidon

            I think we can safely say that any chance at Mayor for Palino is over. Lets focus on the scumbag leeching his way off the Rate payer while laughing in their face while rooting in the Mayors office and blowing his load in the face of Ngti Whatua.

            He proposes to live by the Christian beliefs when he spouts off to the Island community while he seeks out young women to root.

            He talks all culturally sensitive the the Maori People while he goes back and shags a woman the the room named after their tribe.

            He spouts on how he loves his wife while in the back ground he is texting, ringing and buying gifts to woman 25 years younger than him.

            Simply – This guy is not a community leader, he is a fake, who is laughing in the face of the stupid community he represents.

        • johnbronkhorst

          Irrelevant. Palino may be making the most of it. But as far we know he is not guilty of any misbehaviour either moral or legal.
          This is pure innuendo by you.
          This is NOT 6 of one half a dozen of the other…..this is ALL lennie brown!!!!

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Who is this ‘David’ person with only 39 comments and 139 votes?
      Come on sunshine, you seem to know a lot, so put a name to your comments new boy

      • pukakidon

        If you read his comments he seems to have some sort of grudge against Chuang. Jilted Lover maybe? One of Lens sychophants?

        • David

          No, if you actually read my comments, you see I just hold all parties accountable for the bullshit, lies and trepidation that is going on. You’re so anti Brown that you any reasonable viewpoint seems like it’s supporting him. It’s sad to be so zealous such as you, you’ll never actually grow knowledge nor ideas.

          • pukakidon

            No you are not. You are continuing to blame the Woman to deflect the truth about the dirty cheating twit. He has a track record for being a shit heal. You keep sucking up to him you waster.

      • David

        No more than what anyone here has been reading, with exception that I don’t really have a side in the fight and don’t want either Brown or Palino anywhere near the mayorship, think Chuang is a dirty little attention seeking whore and think Luigi should be finding the next plane out of here because his political and probably professional career will never recover here.

  • BJ

    Luigge could have sent those texts including the one to himself – as the trigger to ‘let the cat out of the bag’
    He has only been in NZ since 2011 and has knowledge of the dirty dealings of political campaigning in other countries. Surely no-one should be allowed near NZ politics until they’ve been a NZ citizen for at least 5 years.

    • David

      Yeah, interesting that among that circle including WhaleOil, they all knew they had a potential story but they had someone who was fearful for what it would do to her own reputation to the point that she had basically backed out of doing anything with the story…. then a message comes through at the right time to spark discussion again. A little bit too coincidental judging from the past Wewege is known to have.

      Another interesting facet of this is many of the rewards and associative groups Wewege purports to have are removing him from their fold as quickly as they can, so he’s killed what previously seemed to be a pretty promising political career here too.

  • Col

    I don’t care who knew what, Lenny the Dorklander should stand down, he is only in it for himself, and to get what he can.
    You should have a Mayor with a clean slate, not one with a sticky plate.

  • Toryboy

    I get it. I got it the first 50 times you and others told me.
    And so….?

  • Whafe

    It is all piss n wind, DON’T forget that if Len had kept his cock in his pants, none of this would be happening….
    Sheesh, not hard to see this, blinkers on even…

  • Monique Angel

    Maurice Williamson got a threatening text? Anyone interviewed him?

  • Azeraph

    I’ve asked that Q days ago or more to the point Why did Williamson get a text or Palino for that matter. Where’s his nephew Luigi? Back in Sicily? Do you think Bevan is a GSCB plant. I can’t look at this seriously anymore until the inquiry wraps up everything is nom nom.

    • David

      Don’t go full retard.

  • basmar

    Someone should write to “The Truth” as it is the sort of thing they love to write about!! telling half a story, not backed up etc etc..
    Oh shit, cameron stuffed up with that too… hahaha

    • Does your Mummy know you are not in school today?

      • basmar

        OUCH!!:-) A tad sensitive Hamilton Lad, My mammy is no longer with me and I would luv to be back at school!! may even see you there… seems to me that cam has a few bumming buddies on here:-) haha

        • pukakidon

          I can see why your mother would give you the arse, you are a very un-likeable person.

          • basmar

            such sensitive people on here puk. as u dont know me you are like hamilton boy and talking shit? y do u think I am un-likeable?

          • pukakidon

            Sorry I don’t think it I know it you are a complete and utter homophobic twat.

          • basmar

            what the hell r u on puk? I have not said a WORD that makes me sound homophobic, and thanks for the apology.:-)
            You really should stop assuming you know how & what I think. I absolutly have no FEAR OF Gay/lesbian people but am led to think you may have by the comment you left??

          • pukakidon

            You said Cam had a few bumming buddies on here. You are making a derogatory remark indicating that people who bum are negative.

          • basmar

            Nothing wrong with bumming? whatever grabs ya! Its only a derogatory remark if I meant it that way.? and you need to follow more than the last comment before you make judgement like that puk. Try and lighten up you might not take things quite so serious.

          • pukakidon

            You said Cam had a few bumming buddies on here. You are making a derogatory remark indicating that people who bum are negative.

  • Chartist

    Bottom line – from experience, organisations such as the council adopt a culture that infects from the top down. These council people are managing huge sums paid by the people forced to trust them (as there is very little accountability as would be necessary at this level in the circumstances), while also spending huge sums on their behalf, committing Auckland to future expenditure and costs that are enormous, and finally, arranging massive loans that could become an unmanageable debt. They also receive payment for doing so from the people. Some of them in council, if they still have an ounce of legal and ethical perceptions as to what it means to be operating on behalf of people in a forced ‘trust’ circumstance, that also attracts fiduciary morals and values, need to act. If they do not – then the flag should be run up the pole to signal the entire council may be infected from the top down as to its decision making competencies.