An important point to note regarding who knew what, when with Brown affair

The Herald splashed headlines and texts all weekend accusing John Palino of knowing about the affair before the information was released on this blog on Tuesday.

But Palino states:

John Palino – Mr Brown’s rival at the mayoral election – issued a statement on Saturday confirming he met Ms Chuang for a late-night discussion in a Mission Bay carpark the night after the election and two days before the affair was made public.

He said he met with Ms Chuang – at her request – in relation to threatening text messages the pair had both received from the same number, but did not say what they discussed.

Mr Palino continued to say the first he was aware of the affair was last Tuesday when it was made public.

“Bevan has never disclosed to me the full nature of her relationship with the mayor and only ever indicated she received persistent and unwanted propositions from the mayor,” the statement said.?

This is an important point to note. Until Monday the day before I released the affidavit and the story that would shock New Zealand, all I thought I was dealing with was some dirty texts from Len Brown to Bevan Chuang. There has never been any suggestion or mention of a long term affair with Mayor Len Brown.

In fact in discussions with the editorial team here at Whaleoil we never once discussed an affair until we had recieved the full affidavit. Simply put Ms Chuang had never told us.

The text messages released by the Herald between Luigi Wewege and Ms Chuang actually prove this because there is not a single mention of any affair between Ms Chuang and Len Brown…just dirty texts.

I didn’t know about any affair either, just texts until I received the draft affidavit.

In discussions between Stephen Cook and myself on Friday we agreed that there was no story, just some silly texts. That all changed on Monday.

Despite claims of a conspiracy there is none, John Palino has told the truth, and it is Ms Chuang who is being selective and disingenuous in suggesting that anyone but her and Len Brown knew of the two-year affair until she sat down with Stephen Cook on Monday to tell all.

Source: Bernard Orsman @ NZ Herald, additional reporting by Cameron Slater