Inside the Town Hall Bunker – The spin doctors fight

All is not well in the Mayor’s office.

As I’ve highlighted for months there has been a division within Len Brown’s office – between his closest political staffers.

For some time it had been Phil Wilson and Glyn Jones vs James Bews-Hair & Conor Roberts. Roberts had had enough so went off to Telecom via Todd property.

Throughout that time David Lewis was contracted to Len for various spin duties (while having limited other clients). Lewis chose to mostly keep out of the inner office workings mostly because he didn’t exactly get excited about the somewhat ‘provincial’ and ‘amateurish’ way Wilson ran the office and any conflict within it.

Then along came the sex scandal that engulfed the office and Lewis, being a fixer and spin doctor of phenomenal pedigree, was thrust into the workings of Len’s office.

It really is no surprise that a man who believes a spin doctor is never the story, always the client, would now be using a puff piece on himself to create some distance from Len.

Word has it that Lewis and Bews-Hair agreed with one appropriate way to manage the Len ‘situation’ while Wilson and Jones had another. 

The text issue a whole other story.

So, if we were to look at Team Lewis vs Team Wilson what would we find?

Team Lewis – including of course David Lewis, former Chief Press Secrtary to Prime Minister Helen Clark, responsible for dealing with and understanding where the bodies were in her government – and little stuck to Aunty Helen Bews-Hair – former SPS to Phil Goff (including boss to David Shearer), a rat cunning bastard as head spin doctor for Sky City where he stitched up multiple people for the good of his employers, Conor Roberts – Campaign Manager extraordinaire, young protege of Lewis and Bews-Hair. Left before he was fully fledged but who can blame him?

Team Wilson Phil Wilson – struggles with conflict especially with those with greater experience or intellect, has Len’s loyalty on his side having been with him since the dark days of Manukau Council and spending rorts. The statement from Penny Webster well and truly outs Wilson as the idiot who spouted Mitchell’s name… Not exactly smart is it? Then there is Glyn Jones. Word has it that Phil and Glyn opposed more intense questioning of Brown in order to gain more knowledge about the scandal/s enveloping the mayor’s office.

Then there is Dan Lambert, a consummate professional who is recent addition to the office who has taken step back from the internal office politics to focus on the media relationship…and boy is he busy right now.

Ultimately though we are watching the mayor’s office is split apart. When PR spin doctors who prefer to lurk in the shadows come out into the sunlight as David Lewis has, then it is only a matter of time before the inevitable occurs.

Make no mistake…David Lewis came out because he is putting daylight between him and the other drop kicks…and he put miles of distance…setting himself up to claim he was lied to.

This week promises to be very interesting.

There are really only 3 possible names for the mystery texter who caused all this scandal to occur…we know it wasn’t Bews-Hair, though I expect Wilson will leak the opposite to media, David Lewis has denied it was him…leaving the remaining three…tick tock…only time now. One of those three can hear the bus approaching.

As left wing UK blogger Charlie says:

However, it is a sad reflection of our politics today that the self-styled political masters of the universe are often those outside of the main arena. Since the Blair/New Labour era, our political spin doctors have often become the story, instead of quietly shaping the story. The spin doctors are no longer prescribing the communication medicine, they are causing the illness to spread.

The same applies to NZ politics.


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  • Chancey

    nothing like a good cluster fuck to demonstrate the fact Lenny isn’t astute enough to run his own office let alone a city.

    Has he tried singing to them?

    • Mrbadger

      Run his office? He could run his finger up his own arsehole!!!

      • Chancey

        doesn’t need to he has a troop of monkeys to do that for him

  • Whafe

    Yep, a cluster fuck of monumental proportions… And this hay seed that is NoShameLenBrown still is acting like nothing is wrong and it’s business as usual. I wonder what runs through is veins, because it ain’t blood…

    He must honestly think this will all blow away in the wind, condemn him for thinking that alone.

    NZ’s biggest city deserves more, productivity of moving this city ahead has not occurred over the past few weeks, there is only 52 weeks in a year… This negative in productivity is shocking.

    Step aside NoShameLemBrown, and let Auckland get on with it

  • captainnotsosensible

    Great background thanks that helps set the scene for me. My money would be on Phil or Glyn for the texting. Probably the former. Doesn’t seem Team Lewis style – they would target Bevan through someone who could hire / fire her, indirect and silent.

    • Whafe

      I am picking that when it is revealed whom was the fuck wit who sent the texts, watch the MSM, turn on a dime and go guns blazing at the council etc etc… Whilst forgetting the whole few weeks of how they acted in making out is was a right wing scandal etc etc etc….

      All comes back to that which makes this site what it is, has some investigative journalism happening…

    • sheppy

      My money’s on Brown himself!

      • captainnotsosensible

        Ha – hadn’t considered that. Well I guess he wouldn’t have been texting her from his regular phone when having the affair would he…

  • stephen2d

    I worry that when it is revealed who sent “that” text, it will deflect the attention from Lentil and spin machine with MSM will focus on his COS, rather than the actual reason for all this mess.

    • rrroberto

      Poor Len will be the victim again. Honeytrapped by BC, Conspired against by the evil Right, and now let down by his own staff.


        • sheppy

          Pass me a Tui!

  • notrotsky

    Not to worry Lentils has got Gweg Pwesland running distraction he is the master PR guru of West Auckland. Lentils will be hailed by all of Auckland as the victim of a nasty National plot.

    • Hah…clutching at straws is Gweg Presland…I can’t hardly wait for them to look at parliamentary resources and blogs…Clint aka James Henderson will be the first to go…who knows how many others.

      • notrotsky

        I think Greg is living under the delusion that Silent T will be giving him the keys to the executive bathroom in the beehive.

        Even Silent T has the sense to know that greg will never be more than a useful idiot.

        The standard seems to have become even more barking mad in recent weeks.

      • notrotsky

        I think Greg is living under the delusion that Silent T will be giving him the keys to the executive bathroom in the beehive.

        Even Silent T has the sense to know that greg will never be more than a useful idiot.

        The standard seems to have become even more barking mad in recent weeks.

    • peterwn

      Labour people are in great trouble if they start believing their bullshit.

    • peterwn

      Labour people are in great trouble if they start believing their bullshit.

  • Rimutaka

    Len who? I think I may of seen something about it the newspaper wrapped round my fush and cheeps.

    Unless some new important revelation comes out it’s all over. MSM has lost interest and most people don’t care. Hey The Blocks on tonight though.

    • Chancey

      keep drinking the cool aid

  • Kimbo

    Yes well maybe after he spends another week trying to cover up his personal shit in work time, (utilising ratepayer resources) he’ll step aside and let someone more capable do the job that we pay him to do.

  • Kimbo

    A case of Lion Brown.

    • Dick Brown


  • Lux

    It’s a bit weird there is nothing in his schedule for the Mayors week ahead ..

    • Chancey

      it will be published tommorrow

  • Dick Brown

    Thank you Cameron for giving new readers some background on the players.

  • LesleyNZ

    And in the meantime us ratepayers are paying for these rat bags. What are their salaries again? Swearing in ceremony tomorrow night? Think it needs to be cancelled.

    • Chancey

      it needs to be attended by as many of us that can turn up

      • captainnotsosensible

        Would be great to get a good number together…6pm is doable

        • Chancey

          6pm in the great hall then

          Does anyone know if the Auckland Town Hall organ is the same as the one in the Ngati Whatua Room?

          Great Hall
          The centrepiece of Auckland Town Hall is the Great Hall, seating up to 1,529 people in theatre-style on three levels, and featuring a 17 metre (approximately 60 foot) stud and permanent concert platform.

          Considered to have one of the finest acoustics in the world, this is Auckland’s premier venue for fine music and orchestral performances as well as being a popular choice for rock concerts.

          Housed in the Great Hall, the Auckland Town Hall Organ also dates from 1911 and is the largest musical instrument in New Zealand. The organ has recently been restored to its former Romantic-era status and was unveiled to the public in March 2010. The organ required a major rebuild due to the extensive remodelling it underwent in 1969-70 during the Organ Reform Movement, giving it the then-fashionable Baroque sound.

    • Chancey

      TO THE BEST OF HIS ABILITY, pity about his skill and judgment being found so wanting

      Declaration by mayor

      “I, Len Brown, declare that I will faithfully and impartially, and according to the best of my skill and judgment, execute and perform, in the best interests of Auckland, the powers, authorities, and duties vested in, or imposed upon, me as Mayor of Auckland by virtue of the Local Government Act 2002, the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, or any other Act.

  • peterwn

    James – ‘a rat cunning bastard’ – will hold him in good stead for negotiating an utterly obscene payout. He can enjoy his gardening leave as he sorts through the job offers.

  • Col

    Lenny the Dorkland is going and take a few with him, but a song comes to mind,
    A tissue a tissue we all fall down.

  • Bart67

    I’d love to go to the swearing in ceremony, and, as he steps up to take his oath of office, I would like to stand up and start masturbating furiously. After all, if it’s ok for Len to whack one off the wrist in the Town hall, should be fine for the rest of us, surely!

    • AnonWgtn

      Wednesday Evening by strict invitation only.
      Don’t expect to see his family there – they have another appointment I expect.
      Humiliation is enough already – more publically with all the cameras would be foolish.

  • LionKing

    At least they’ll all piss off eventualy when Len finally chucks in the towel, and head straight to Wellington to work on Labour’s team

  • fozzie2

    All well and good Whale – but what doesn’t add up is why any of the a fore mentioned include Cameron Brewer and Maurice Williamson in the list of text recipients – that dear sir, smacks of a clear National or Citz and Rats (ooops) Community involvement.

    • Cowgirl

      No it smacks of a desperate spin team trying to cover their bases because they didn’t know where the leak was coming from. Brewer and Williamson had nothing to do with this as far as I can tell.

      • fozzie2

        See that has been my question all the way along …. the list of those reported to have received the said threatening text just does not make sense – why were Brewer and Williamson included and John Slater for that matter – if the person sending them did not think they knew something …

        • Cowgirl

          John Slater probably got one because of his connection to Cameron Slater and John Palino (both of them got one too). I can only imagine that Cameron Brewer got one because of his connection to Palino too (as his acknowledged deputy) and Maurice Williamson maybe because whoever sent them thought the leak had a National Party origin and that Williamson had considered running for Mayor? Who knows – the Williamson angle was a bizarre one to me too. Obviously some people involved have National Party connections, but it does not appear to be an orchestrated hit on Len Brown from the Nats, just some rogue elements. I don’t even think Palino is member of the National Party, but obviously with centre-right leanings had some people from that faction who were willing to help on his campaign because National hadn’t put up a candidate of its own.
          What I want to know is why the police aren’t interested in investigating the messages – if they are threatening in tone, then surely whoever sent them could be prosecuted? I don’t know, because I haven’t read all the text messages, but I thought it was bizarre that no reason for not investigating was given.
          Like I said, I think whoever sent them just had a scattershot approach to it – and ended up blowing the whole thing wide open. It was rather amateur really.

          • fozzie2

            Like your logic Cowgirl… which has to lead you to Luigi ! Given his now publicly stated ‘naivety’ of the politics and his scatter gun texts to Bevan – all which undermine his claims – he has to be chief suspect. No body with any ounce of political nous would have sent them to this particular group of people….

          • Cowgirl

            If it was him, I’d think he’d have more of an idea who was involved and who wasn’t. Seems a bit silly to involve people who you know don’t know anything, especially after he has said that he had pretty much given up on the plot before the election. For my money, he was hoping for it to go public before the election – it paid no dividends for him for it to come out afterwards. The reason I believe that it didn’t was because Bevan wasn’t motivated enough yet. She got that motivation after the election when she lost – I have long suspected (and Luigi’s interview confirmed this for me) that Bevan Chuang believed Len Brown would help her win her seat on the local board. When he didn’t help her and instead cut her loose before the election, she got mad, really mad. I believe after the election her “world fell apart” as she said, and she realised she had been taken for a mug by Brown and, as they say, “hell hath no fury” etc.
            I think she went public by herself after that – so much for any “pressure” brought to bear on her by others. Clearly the pressure wasn’t that bad, because she didn’t cave to it at all. She said “no”, the issue was dropped, she lost the election, and then she got angry enough to go public all by herself. This is confirmed by what we’ve read here of all her interactions with Cameron Slater and Cook.
            Which brings me back to what I said above re the text messages – it seems like something that someone who didn’t know where the leak was would do, which seems like someone on the left doing the texting. If what WO was reporting the other day and today is correct about the acrimony and recriminations going on with Len’s spin doctors, then it seems like they think one of their own sent them as well.

          • fozzie2

            .Interesting – but I don’t believe Luigi’s protestations of being
            naïve – he clearly had political operative written all over him even if he was not clear about the environment he was working in here in NZ.

            It is clear that he bought the idea that bringing Brown down
            immediately after election and before the results were declared would give a Palino win.

            What was Bevan’s motivation – yeah she lost – those that
            have lost campaigns feel pretty sore when rejected
            – secondly Luigi was letting her know he wasn’t much interested unless she coughed and surely Brown had given
            her the flick ‘ hell hath no fury’ you are right – but it had a additional motivating force thanks to Mr Wewege !

            To suggest she then ‘did it all on her own’ is simply well mischievous. It was clear from Mr Cook own comments that she was being pushed and led on, and as I commented on the post that published the affidavit, she was being poorly advised and at worst used.
            Cook and Cameron – a self confessed ‘master of the dark arts’ knew full well the the outcome for Bevan – yet they continued to pursue and publish for their own personal gain.

            Bevan was somehow supposed to be grateful for their unwise counsel, left holed up $130 a night motel to talk to no one – hell even Brown treated her better that !

            Browns office may well be in disarray – who would be
            surprised in that ? One minute you are celebrating a win of sorts (given thepathetic voting turnout) and the next you are in the middle of some American styled sex scandle.

            As for the texts – I still vote Wewege as the source of the texxts, failing that someone in the Citz Rats or National – had to be someone in the know – else will someone answer me why MW and CB on the list ??

          • Time For Accountability

            They probably got them to establish a false trail which tried to implicate them in something they had nothing to do with.

            It is an old spin weasel trick.