IPCA needs to mandate better shooting and empty magazines

The IPCA has found the cops were justified in shooting a ratbag who took a hammer and knife to his missus…unfortunately he survived after being Glocked.

Perhaps the IPCA should come out with a recommendation that Police attend more training so they can shoot better and require they empty the magazine at the target.

Police were justified in shooting a man who attacked his pregnant partner with a hammer and a knife, an independent inquiry has found.

Ruka Hemopo, 47, survived being shot by police with a Glock pistol and a Taser stun gun during a domestic incident in the Porirua suburb of Waitangirua on May 2. 

The Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) today cleared the officers involved, finding they were justified in using force to stop the attack.

Police were called to a house on Penguin Grove about 5.30am by a woman who reported her pregnant sister was being attacked with a hammer.

They arrived to find the victim’s sister, who had fled the house, standing outside with what looked like a knife cut to her arm.

The severity of her injuries confirmed police’s decision to enter the house immediately.

Two officers drew their weapons and approached the house while a third officer waited outside with the sister.

Both officers called out for Hemopo to show himself, but he remained in a bedroom and yelled out: “Get f***ed.”

The officers then forced open the bedroom door to find Hemopo clutching a knife, with his pregnant partner crouching beneath him.

Fearing he would stab his partner, the officers opened fire simultaneously with a Taser and a Glock pistol.

I would have shelved the taser…not much use in that situation, 9mm holes work faster.


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  • opusx

    It’s called shooting to incapacitate, popping a few rounds off into the forehead after they are down might feel good, but it’s gonna generate a hell of lot more paper work for everyone.

    • Toasty

      But you only have to do that paperwork once. I am pretty sure that the fact that the guy survived and will eventually be released to rinse and repeat this kind of behaviour will cause us all a lot more paperwork and taxpayer money. A couple of extra rounds or the first one correctly placed would have saved a lot of ongoing administration….

  • cows4me

    “police were justified” bullshit, they should be up for an award and a bonus and the bloody IPCA should have said so.

    • and a medal

      • Harroputza

        Shoot/don’t shoots are exceptionally stressful situations. I hope that these officers know that they have my support, and I hope that they have majority support in NZ.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Half agree with you, but they did half arse the job.

  • Kopua Cowboy

    Regardless, they need 10,000% more training.
    Actual weapons handling is not well taught and they’d be lucky to get a mag of 556 and 9mm each per year. The Police are doing a poor job of supporting armed officers.

    • Beagle2

      So are the media, and a large proportion of the general public. Isn’t it sad to think that if your life was in immediate danger at the hands of some fucktard with a weapon, that you might end up dead because an officer had to second guess his reaction to shoot, due to the potential career ending repocussions?

  • Rex Widerstrom

    My concern is that they loosed off a live round a split second after opening the door, obviously hit his torso (if it was the head he’d be dead) and his victim was “crouching beneath him”.

    A few inches lower and it might have been a tragedy.

    More training, yes. But not in emptying a magazine when a victim is in range, but in better risk assessment (two tasers simultaneously would surely have taken him down with far less risk to her) and better aim.