Issue of security?

People have accused me and other of a vast conspiracy and honey trap situation in the downfall of Len Brown. Let’s examine that shall we.

Not only does this saga show an amazing lack of cultural awareness (“manchu girl” for someone from Hong Kong) it shows a weakness of character which would concern any government agency assessing security clearances.

The Chinese Ministry of State Security will be rubbing their hands in glee that a senior politician here has yellow fever and an obvious weak point. I might add that there is plenty of sources coming forward about a trip to China earlier in the year that probably provided Chinese security forces with plenty of compromising evidence against Mayor Len Brown.

I find it weird that bureaucrats can lose jobs over security concerns but their bosses are allowed private lives. 

How about that general in the US fired for gambling issues or those people who can’t get security clearances because of personal debt?

Or in the past you couldn’t get a security clearance if you were gay because this might be exploited.

So we accept that the personal life of government employees effects their security status but politicians are allowed to be above it all?

Some quick reading on honey traps.

There is no way that this was a honey trap, but I believe Len Brown has shown a weakness of character that is seriously concerning.



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  • Toryboy

    Funnily enough, last night on I was watching a documentary about former UK Prime Minister Harold Wilson, and the numerous rumours about his trips to Russia in the 1950s – honey traps, security risk, KGB agent etc – which dogged him for decades.

    The funniest part of the documentary was the interviews with former KBG senior officials and section chiefs who, apart from denying it all, considered the whole idea preposterous and risible.

    I think this sort of thing can be carried a bit too far; one too many people watching one too many James Bond movies does not make Len Brown a communist agent spying for China, in my opinion.

    • conwaycaptain

      The Labour Party in the UK in the 40-70’s was riddled with proto communists. Michael Foot was a commie and we had Tony Benn, Darling ‘arold etc.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Once compromised…

    One wonders if it could be possible that those within his “inner circle” who would have “known” helped and been complicit in Len’s duplicity, could be holding hm over a barrel (or desk) and getting their own piece of rate payer funded largesse?

    Of course, there would only be a tiny percentage of those that could possibly extort the Mayor… But only an Independant Enquiry – with wide open terms of reference – will be able to uncover.

    • GazzW

      Totally agree BIT. A fully independent wide-ranging public enquiry and a mayoral bye-election are the minimum required actions to conclude this. All facets of Auckland City’s operations linked to this affair eg finance, public relations, HR, outside consultants need to go under the microscope.

  • conwaycaptain

    I trust WO that if people come forward they sign an affidavit before you publish.

  • conwaycaptain

    In the late 80’s I was mate of a ship in dry dock in Ulsan. There were a lot of phone calls to be made to the office in Welly. The Salvage Association Surveyor said do not make them on the hotel phone as they are bugged by the yard.
    He used to make all his calls from home in Busan. He was an Aussie.
    I wonder how many ph calls made by Len et al were bugged

    • LabTested

      I went to Poland in 93 (3 years after the end of communism), doing a contract for the British Government. My mail was being opened. Bloke from the embassy (when I old him) said F**k, they aren’t still doing that are they?

      Len’s postage was probably monitored

  • Dave

    Cam, No matter what happened, in the lead up, you WAITED to publish until you had an affidavit. End of story. If Bevan has stretched the truth, or lied, not your problem. The fact still remains.

    Len Brown is a lying coward, a cheat, and fancies himself.

    Never forget, when the going gets too tough, and the nasty left starts to lose, they have a habit of shooting the messenger.

    Truth hurts brown and his lefty commie mates.

    RESIGN LEN, this is NOT going away anytime soon.

    • Cadwallader

      Absolutely agree! NB My comparison to Mayor Tim of Invercargill in the earlier thread.

  • Patrick

    His character weaknesses & flaws were not suddenly revealed over this incident, they were there for all to see way back when the credit card misuse was revealed, the lying the face slapping all pointed to significant character flaws particularly around honesty & integrity.
    There is another curious character flaw, one that also afflicts Cunliffe, whatever it is that drives these two guys to “bro it up” whenever they are in an audience dominated by Polynesians, I grew up in a small rural town with a lot of Maori, they always looked at those who tried to speak like them as tossers, in fact some got beaten up for mimicking the bros. I cannot fathom what it is that these two think they are achieving, middle aged, middle class white fellas acting like “gangsta” guys is just embarrassing for all involved. Why the desperate need to portray yourself as something you are clearly not?

    • BJ

      Anyone that is willing to misuse a credit card because they can (when it’s someone else that’s paying), will lack all manner of boundaries in some other areas of their lives.

  • Con the Neo

    Random, impertinent question……has Len Brown been involved in the decision to grant contracts, particularly large ones, to any company with links to the Chinese Government?