It used to be Australia welcoming the crims, liars and reprobates

I wish the NZ Herald would make its mind up.  One day it’s ok to lie about your past and it isn’t a big deal.  The next day it requires a nationwide warning about a person lying about their past.

A Whaleoil investigation shows:

An evangelist whose inspirational autobiography has been labelled “99 per cent false” is in New Zealand on a speaking tour – sparking a warning from some churches.

Tony Anthony’s life story about how as a convicted criminal and martial arts fighter he found redemption through God was read around the world, and resulted in him touring widely, speaking to churches and schools.

A New Zealand organiser said Mr Anthony had a full itinerary to “spread the gospel” and those who knew the full story behind the controversy backed him.

But his visit has prompted the NZ Christian Network to issue a warning, saying its sister organisation in Mr Anthony’s native United Kingdom had investigated and found his autobiography “99 per cent false”.

What’s the big deal?  

We have a Labour Party leader that says 8 hours of work represents enough of an effort to claim having been instrumental at creating the largest international dairy company in the world.

He is likely to be Prime Minister.

Leave Mr Anthony alone.

New Zealanders don’t care about people lying about what they did.  Or in fact, not lying about what they did.

All New Zealanders want is to see what people will do from here on in.  Their past is totally irrelevant.

We’ve accepted Krim Dotcon as one of our own.

Mayor Brown is set to go for another three years of spending our money.

New Zealand – the place to be when you want your past to be in your past.


Source: Nicholas Jones @ NZ Herald, additional reporting by Whaleoil


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  • Col

    Come “lie” in NZ everyone else does.

  • Toryboy

    I think it is a sad situation when New Zealand has sunk so low that ‘anything goes’.
    40 years of permissiveness, of ‘liberal’ values, of “don’t worry, it doesn’t matter, it’s not your fault” has dehumanised everybody.
    It used to be there was a standard and everybody was required to meet it or be viewed with disdain; now everybody just wants to get on with earning the $137-12 to pay the gas bill and turn a blind eye to decadence.

    • Random66

      Funny you say that. With regards to the Len affair I spoke to someone over the age of 80 yrs yesterday and they had this to say (or thereabouts); ‘There was a time we were all governed by the Ten Commandments, good judgment, and common sense. We were taught to know the difference between right and wrong and to stand up and take responsibility for our actions.’ (clearly not so Len). He also said that to serve your city should be considered a privilege. The fact that Len views it as his right, regardless of his indiscretions and his outright deceitful actions, shows how morally corrupt he has become to power.

      On another note I have had Tony Anthony in my home and found him to be pleasant, polite and I believe honest in his dealings.

  • tarkwin

    Has Kim Dot Con changed his name?

  • Bunswalla

    Who would call their son Anthony Anthony?

    And doesn’t anyone find it ironic that a church is criticising someone for making shit up about god?

  • Rodger T

    The rubes will be lining up to give this clown their cash,the other snakeoil…. evangelists just don`t like the competition.
    Maybe the Tamaki gang will ride up on their Harleys and give him the royal reception.