Only in Japan can you play with your food at a theme park

It could only happen in Japan…a theme park where you can play with your food…that is if your food is dolphin.


It’s the most barbarous bit of mixed messaging since the Icelandic whaler Kristjam Loftsson declared he was making his whaling operation “eco-friendly” by running his ships on – whale oil. The Japanese town of Taiji, site of the annual slaughter of thousands of cetaceans as featured in the Oscar-winning documentary The Cove, has declared its infamous bay to be a marine park, in which tourists will be encouraged to swim with dolphins – and then eat them in the cafe afterwards

“We already use dolphins and small whales as a source of tourism in the cove where dolphin-hunting takes place,” Masaki Wada, a town official, told the Japan Times. “In the summer, swimmers can enjoy watching the mammals that are released from a partitioned-off space…This is part of Taiji’s long-term plan of making the whole town a park, where you can enjoy watching marine mammals while tasting various marine products, including whale and dolphin meat.” He almost makes it sound appealing.


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  • Rex Widerstrom

    Barbarous is exactly right.

    I still recall John Banks objecting to the dismembering and consumption of a live lobster at a restaurant he attended. No prizes for guessing the culprits there, either.

    He won my respect that day and has retained it since despite his subsequent faux pas, as he was the only person there who had the courage to speak up.

  • Ronnie Chow

    Yes , nothing like playing with the lambs…