When journalists become bullies and miss their mark

I’m a bully, but I know it…John Campbell doesn’t and neither does Rebecca Wright as evidenced by last nights shameful Campbell Live episode.

The shameless harassment from Rebecca Wright on Campbell Live last night proves once again that the media aren’t interested in the truth only their world view of politics. It is obvious that Campbell Live are fans of Len Brown and so will go soft on him.

Why doesn’t John Campbell send his little pet to Len’s place and scream at him to reveal the names of the other women (there are many) or why he provided a reference for his mistresses council job, why he appointed her to an advisory panel, what he was getting in return for free hotel rooms etc etc.

Why not ask Len Brown if he sent his mistress into the Palino team on purpose…if they want to pursue conspiracy theories that one is as good as any.?

Why didn’t she ask Palino how he managed to arrange a two-year affair but forgot to mention it until after the polling booths had closed if it’s some vast right-wing conspiracy.

Rebecca Wright isn’t going to win a Pulitzer Prize for doing Campbell’s wet work!

One would think she may have a bit more credibility as a journalist by exploring how a pig-ugly, short, middle-aged man managed to get his leg over a young ambitious vulnerable wannabe political aspirant.

Len Brown still won’t deny there were other women surely that is more rewarding line of enquiry.

Pity is that doesn’t suit Campbell’s politics….and so we are left with a psychopathic mayor in the chair.