This is just not right…he deserved much worse

I have little sympathy for paedophiles. I think they should be punished in the same way a Roamn Patricide was punished. The criminal is?stripped naked then made to stand ?with a foot each on two pedestals placed a couple feet apart as to expose every part of thier body. They were then whipped until there was no difference between flesh and blood on their body. The crowd was free to throw stones at the criminal and about anything they wanted really.

Afterthey were completely whipped they took them and put them ?in a sack with a snake, a chicken and a dog. This was to symbolize the reverse of being born. Thus un-born since they had taken the life of the one that gave life to them, it was seen as fit punishment. After they were in the bag with the other animals they would sow the bag shut and then chuck it in the Tiber.

This pedo cheated the noose, so to speak, by dying from the inside out. Obviously his guilt ate him alive.

A paedophile due to be sentenced tomorrow for historic sex offences against young boys has died of cancer overnight in Waikato Hospital.?

Douglas Peters, 68, had pleaded guilty to 10 indecency charges against five boys between the ages of 5 to 15, between 1978 and 1987.

The bulk of the offending took place at his Owairaka home, in his car, or at locations connected to the various sporting activities he participated in around Mt Albert, Western Springs, Avondale and Pt Chevalier in Auckland.

“It may be that there are more victims out there and by coming forward to police, whilst we won’t be able to prosecute, we can offer access to services that may help them,” said Detective Grainne Scott of the Henderson adult sexual assault team.

They should feed his body to the pigs.