Just who is running the NBR? It appears to be Matthew Hooton

It appears to be Matthew Hooton.

I spotted this late last night after his post went live.



The post was hardly important, it was simply about another dodgy Roy Morgan poll, one that supposedly matched UMR results that Labour has been leaking like never before.

The fact that Matthew Hooton is shilling UMR’s polling suggests that the numbers posited are bullshit.

I long gave up on Roy Morgan. The fact that they are all over the show like a mad woman’s poo proves that his methodology is incredibly suspect.

Gary Morgan probably wrote the results while curled up under his desk after a bender.

Still the URL peek inside the NBR does beg the question…just who is running NBR…it would appear that it is now Matthew Hooton.

What I want to know is who is getting billed for the piece? Apart from NBR that is.