Kerre McIvor speaks about bunny boilers and rooters

Kerre McIvor speaks out and makes some really good points.

[W]hat an ignominious beginning to his second term as Auckland’s mayor. The horror began two days after the votes were counted, when an affidavit was published on a right-wing blog that revealed – in excoriating and excruciating detail – an affair between the married father-of-three and a wannabe politician 23 years his junior.

Chuang disclosed information about her liaisons with Brown that nobody ever needed to know.

She claims she was pressured by yet another lover, who was working for a rival mayoral candidate, to go public with the affair. Luigi Wewege – it just keeps getting more bizarre – was certainly pressing her through Facebook messages to give up the dirt on Len.

But there was absolutely no need for her to go into the detail she did. It was utterly tasteless. It was completely unnecessary and cruel. Chuang has been trying to play the victim card in recent days and that galls me. She is feeling, she wrote on Facebook, “used, abused and manipulated”.

And she should get ready for more…since claiming on Facebook that she wasn’t going to speak to the media anymore she has engaged one of Auckland more distrusted weasels to spin on her behalf….Hamish Price. If she thinks she was manipulated by Luigi Wewege then she is going to be really shocked to find that Hamish Price, an acolyte of Michelle Boag’s is further manipulating her in order to seek revenge for not being employed by John Palino’s campaign. It is no wonder Boag has been out there sticking up for Len Brown. He also deeply loathes me and my father and he will be seeing this as an opportunity to get us. Normally he skulks int eh shadows leaking information as an “unnamed National party source”, now however he is out of the shadows…that may not play out so well for Ms Chuang now we know of the Boag connection via Price. 

Oh, come on. She knew exactly what she was doing, she is old enough to understand the consequences and she was quoted in the Herald last year as saying she was willing to sleep with anyone in order to get herself pregnant in the Year of the Dragon, an auspicious year in the Chinese horoscope.

She has never been shy about talking about her love life on radio and television, so this is no doe-eyed virgin we’re talking about here, susceptible to the machinations of mean old men. I will concede she has appalling taste in lovers, but the only victims here are Brown’s wife and daughters.

It would probably be a good idea for Chuang to give up blokes for a while and sit at home reading self-improvement books to increase her chances of finding a real boyfriend.

But given that she succumbs so easily to pressure, and that she is given to baring the most intimate details of her sex life to the world, she’ll be bloody lucky to find a soft toy willing to share her bed with her in the future, far less a real live man.

Chuang is no angel and as out recording revealed she was revelling in her revenge…the same thing she is doing now to rinse Luigi Wewege through her puppet master Hamish Price.

Although when push comes to shove, as it undoubtedly has done, she’s single – she can choose to sleep with whomever she pleases.


A married man who has campaigned on his family values and thrust his photogenic wife and daughters into the spotlight at every occasion, on the other hand, should have known better than to shag a young, hungry woman on the make.

Once you decide to cheat on your spouse, you run the risk of losing everything. Perhaps that’s part of the thrill – giving in to the self-destructive urge that so many of us have from time to time, just to make life a little more interesting.

Perhaps if you have a near-death experience, as Brown did a couple of years ago, it makes you want to take chances, feel alive – and he may have thought an affair with a woman young enough to be his daughter would make him feel like the rampant buck he used to be.

I don’t know what was going through the Mayor’s brain – sadly, that’s the only organ of his of which I know little.

It’s extremely unedifying, having to bear unwilling witness to a private affair between a tragic old man and a pathetic little bunny-boiler.

I think Bevan Chuang is looking increasingly like the Chinese version of Lisa Lewis.

Perhaps, if we’d been colonised by France all those years ago, we’d have shrugged our shoulders and yawned. But we weren’t. We were colonised by England and we’ve sniggered like school kids at the salacious scandal.

There have been calls for the Mayor to resign – mainly from those who were anti-Brown in the first place – and howls from the left that this is all a right-wing smear campaign to destroy him.

Brown has only himself to blame. If he’d kept it in his pants, he wouldn’t have found himself in this most unsavoury of predicaments. He has tried to bluff it out this week, claiming the people of Auckland need him to do the job he was elected to do. But he’s not that important. The city doesn’t need him.

You could pretty much shave a chimp and put mayoral chains on it and the city would function. But Brown’s there now and shows no sign of budging.

Dead right Kerre, Brown has only himself to blam, the randy old goat has been playing away and not just on the Bevan Chuang course…he knows this and is just hoping that their attacks on Chuang have blunted the willingness of other women victims to come forward.

But often, once you pick the scab and let the pus run it all comes out, and for a really long time.

This is not going away and Len Brown should resign, not for his rooting but for his complete lack of judgement and discretion.


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  • Toryboy

    Who is Hamish Price?

    • paddles83

      A low life piece of shit who is about to have the “Sunlight” spread on both himself and his puppet master Boag

      • Toryboy

        Oh right; had never heard of him so found the references to him all a bit confusing. Boag – is that Michelle Boag? the National party woman?

        • Yes. The woman that owns only one blue suit.

          • paddles83

            And I think that ridiculous hair do is a WIG to boot with the suit

        • Yes. The woman that owns only one blue suit.

        • kehua

          Who called that old slapper a woman?

    • A person who tells lies…for instance…that me and Stephen Cook put her name into public…uhmmm no…we redacted her details and never named her…the Herald did…ironically the people she is speaking to now….that is just one thing he is spreading.

      • Toryboy

        I hope I haven’t ‘started’ anything by asking that question; he was being referenced and I had not heard of this bloke, wondered who he was.

  • Col

    Kerre seems to live back in the 1920s or before, we now have the internet and you can give more detail.
    , the news is today, and old Lenny the Dorlander fucked up, end of story, he had the contract with his wife, not Chunag she has nothing to lose.

    • Rodger T

      I`ve always said it should be a fixed term contract not a life sentence.

    • Rodger T

      I`ve always said it should be a fixed term contract not a life sentence.

  • Lion_ess

    Bunny boiler – I think Kerre is right on this one. She appears pretty adept at playing and swapping sides at the drop of her knickers. Who is she and what is it that she’s after. $$$$s is my guess, but she doesn’t want to work as a prostitute.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Not $$ but access. Access with privileges. And that very access is why the incumbent in the Mayoral role is no longer credible or respected to hold the Stewardship of the role for all of Auckland.

      …and because of his flagrant flouting of the ACC Code of Ethics & Standards etc is also the reason he would fail at an employment application to sweep the cities streets…

      • Lion_ess

        I don’t think the rules of “sleeping your way to the top” include writing a reference like the one she had published on Len. Just saying …

      • Lion_ess

        A quote from Bevan Chuang in the linked article below, and I rest my case ..

        On a radio show earlier, Chuang spoke candidly about being a mistress: “I don’t need to be someone’s toy. In Asian countries, you have a lot of married men who go and find a mistress but they go and spend heaps of money on them. Kiwi men don’t do that. I’m not getting any financial gain out of this either.

        • The

          No hard moolah, but the trappings of status, and did I hear about preferential treatment for a job etc?

        • Col

          Yep she is right, with that comment, she thought she had a big fish, but Len is a cheap shit, as she found out.
          I can tell more than you would want to know about having a mistress in China, it is the norm, and it goes back1000 of years ago, for instants Korea, the wives know the husband have girl, but the saying is “never leave your heart with her” come home everyone happy.

      • Col

        You lot are starting to believe the Left?

        • Rubyred

          No. Just calling it for what it is.

          • Col

            Then you can’t call!!!

  • suites

    An article in the NZHorrid this morning looks as if Stephen Cook is threatening to release nude photos if Chuang does not shut her mouth. Not a good look.

    • Patrick

      A decision needs to be made shortly, either cap this off where it currently is or elevate to DEFCON 1 as soon as possible. All this dribbling of information & backstabbing is detracting from the original issue, Brown using his position, Council resources & possibly illegal practices to get his end away with the staff.

    • dyannt

      And you believe everything you read in the Herald?
      And would the Herald be first in line to publish those photos? You betcha!

  • Patrick

    Good to see at least one woman sees this for what it is & is not clouded by the usual “womens mafia protect their own” attitudes. Brown is a randy old goat flattered by the attention, he then used his position of power (which clearly impressed & motivated Chuang), she is an ambitious woman using her wares to get what she wants, my impression is that was a high flying political appointment that she could use to gain status within her own community.

    I know one thing for sure, if Brown wasn’t Mayor, just an average joe bloe walking down the street he would have given her the eye, had a perv, but she would not have given him a second look. It is only because he is Mayor that she was interested. Chuang was exploited by Brown, Brown was exploited by Chuang, both for different reasons, both wanting & clearly expecting different outcomes.

    • opusx


      • longjohn

        You need inputs before you get outcomes!

  • OhopeBeachBugger

    This isn’t about ‘right’ versus ‘left’, it is about right versus WRONG.

    • Jester

      Well said that man.

  • SilentM

    The saddest thing in all of this is that the MSM have done a
    really good job in pulling this girl Bevan to bit that no others will follow in
    her foot steps for a long while to come.

    The comparisons of this saga and the TV show Scandal are

  • Random66

    Completely agree with what Kerre has to say here. I have always enjoyed the manner in which she strings her words into sentences. One thing though WO, at the end there you state, ‘…willingness of other women victims to come forward.’ I personally have not been comfortable with the picture you paint of Bevan as being a ‘victim’, and if these other woman have also willingly slept with Len, for whatever reason, then they too are not victims. Fools maybe, if they thought he was going to leave his wife for them, but having dealt with true victims in life I certainly would not include Bevan in this classification. (from one of your loyal followers big guy, so please don’t put me on your hit list :)

  • Dave

    Cam and Team, plus your other halves. Thanks for keeping us all updated, and for the hours and hours you have all put in. I feel for you all, the abuse from the Pinko’s and mayoral teams is childish and unbelievable, however, as obvious as it is, they want to hose it all down and make it disappear.

    The horrid and their apologists will keep chipping away, carefully angling things to make Bevan look like a little praying slut, and brown a man who was forced to conduct the affair. NOT.

    Please keep chipping away, Aucklanders, and indeed NZ needs to expect better from their politicians and BANISH those who have low ethical and moral standards.

    To the detractors, remember the Aaron Gilmore, outed by WO, the battle raged, Gone, forgotten. Remember Michael Williams despicable behavior, outed by WO, now a distant memory.

    Len Brown, your days are numbered, I suspect you have a choice Lying Len , to MAN UP, resign, announce you want to rebuild your private life, apologize PUBLICLY to your wife and daughters, to Aucklanders for dragging their city through the MUD, and finally to Bevan for the damage to her reputation. If you do this Len, you will get some public sympathy down the track – IF YOU KEEP A LOW PROFILE AND appear to have some remorse.

    Or wait for WHEN the rest of the story breaks and be forced to resign, nad never ever recover. That’s a seriously lonely place Len, again, remember Aaron Gilmore – Who was she again???

    • I think it’s safe to say Len is selfish, and indeed stupid enough to hang around thinking he’s going to stay and ride out the storm and recover from this.

      If Len wants to keep going until the battlefield is littered with body parts and carcasses then fine by us, as long as he realizes he will be one of those carcasses, and it will be us on the hill looking down at the battlefield as the vultures swoop in to clean up the scraps.

      • opusx

        Good or bad publicity…Len’s so self absorbed he won’t care which…just as long as he thinks he’s news.

        A sad, sad, pathetic little man.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    I say Ms Chuang ‘disclosed information about her liaisons with Brown that nobody ever needed to know for one reason. To stop the grubby Herald and TV reporters from creating chinese whispers. The MSM can’t manufacture news or speculate when the info has alraedy been disclosed in a sworn affidavit. I may not be nice reading but it is out in the open. MSM and Len Brown are not happy

  • James Howlett

    “You could pretty much shave a chimp and put mayoral chains on it and the city would function.” When I think about it, this actually cuts to the heart of the whole matter.

    • rrroberto

      The chimp would do a better job than the chump we had for the last 3 years.

  • The

    Manic behaviour is often characterised by excessive spending and extramarital affairs.
    Perhaps that is one explanation of the profligate use of our rates and this story of Chuang (and more to come???)