Kiss this goodbye? You would if the Green taliban and Labour get in

The Labour flunkies and their Green taliban hangers on are all cock a hoop over the dodgy Roy Morgan poll.

People need to consider this before voting next year.

$2.2b is being spent on oil exploration in NZ – the most ever!

Of course any Government including the Greens would be waving goodbye to this sort of economic activity and thousands of jobs.

A report into the oil and gas sector says the “rubber’s finally hitting the road” with $2.2 billion about to be spent exploring around New Zealand.

The 2013?Edison Yearbook?update finds that the exploration and production sector is embarking on its most intensive and expensive campaign ever and says heavyweights not already here, but known to be interested in New Zealand, include Chevron and Woodside.

During the next 12 months there are 98 wells to be sunk, 27 of them offshore.

Activity stretches from front-end wildcat exploration campaigns targeting frontier basins through to appraisal and production drilling of established fields.?

Just when we are finally progressing why would kiwi voters want to put all that at risk.

I’d like to see David Cunliffe reconcile how any government he leads would be able to stop the Greens from wrecking this progress.

There are now 34 companies exploring around the country or within the exclusive economic zone with Australian private company Mosman and the China National Offshore Oil Corporation entering into joint ventures.

“Encouragingly, we have noted a material upswing in interest and engagement levels shown by potential new entrants to the local sector, including a number of players of substantial corporate and financial weight,” the report says.

Those assessing New Zealand include Chevron, Repsol, Woodside, Statoil and Santos and others are also known to be looking.

Anadarko and Origin’s pending drilling of the Caravel prospect in the Canterbury Basin could be “transformational” for the New Zealand exploration and production sector.

“If, as Anadarko’s analysis suggests, a discovery is gas-rich, the implications for the South Island in particular would likely be game-changing.”

And utterly game changing if the green taliban take hold in New Zealand.