A knife, try a chainsaw or a big axe

This will be the size of the knife Len Brown says he will use to cut pay rate at the Council

This will be the size of the knife Len Brown says he will use to cut pay rate at the Council

Len Brown reckons he has listened to the people and he is going to take a knife to high council salaries and debt. He has of course flip-flopped from defending high salaries to now railing against them.

On top of that his promise to bring in the “living wage” is just going to add to the debt mountain his unfunded promises have already created.

Yesterday, Mr Brown said “messages” about debt and spending were very clear and he planned to address them when he presents the first cut of next year’s budget to councillors on November 17.

One issue Mr Brown has promised action on is pay for senior staff – 1500 of whom earn more than $100,000 and 113 more than $200,000.

During the election, he defended salaries of nearly $800,00 for council chief executive Doug McKay and Watercare chief Mark Ford, saying, “You have got to meet the market.”?

Now he is saying there will be “downward movement” on the city CEO’s salary when the council appoints a new one before Christmas.

He is also signalling an end to big pay increases after the council-controlled Watercare board approved a 10 per cent pay rise for Mr Ford when the likes of librarians and street cleaners got 1.7 per cent.

The mayor has vowed to back the living wage for city staff if a review finds it is feasible and affordable.

Doug McKay earns gets paid over $800,000, nearly twice the salary of the Prime MInister! Mark Ford does a part time job yet pulls a full time pay packet…those are just two of the excesses that Len Brown has let ?grow under his watch. Even if he trims a hundy off each for the headlines it makes not a zak of difference to the parlous state of Auckland’s finances under the mayoralty of a third rate immigration lawyer from South Auckland.

Auckland’s debt mountain is still set to double in the next 3 years and we are already paying over $1 million per day in interest charges.

It isn’t a knife Len Brown needs it is a chainsaw, a big ax and all those redundant mowers to trim his out of control expenses.