Labour day poll no solace for Labour Party

After 5 years the National party are still scoring high 40s and in the case of the latest Fairfax poll over 50%. This just shows the lie of Labour and their shills touting an as yet unpublished UMR poll and the Roy Morgan polls as proof National is in trouble.

Labour pushed hard that the UMR polling showed National in 30s…I now challenge Labour and UMR to release that poll…it so so far out of whack with every other reputable poll as to suggest they simply made it up.

Tracy Watkins suggests National is sailing on unchecked.

David Cunliffe would have been hoping for a Labour Day present from today’s Fairfax Media-Ipsos poll.

But there is not much in it for the Labour leader to celebrate. Some jaws will drop at the result, but not in the way Labour might have expected.

Because the poll shows that it’s business as usual for the Government. 

National appears to be sailing on unchecked after five years in office, its popularity undented at 50.2 per cent, even in the face of a newly aggressive and more focused Labour under Mr Cunliffe.

Labour is also up in the poll, to 33.6 per cent. But it would have hoped for more.

The result will puncture Labour’s morale and come as a huge relief to National, which has seemingly been on on the back foot, fighting fires for months.

It was to be expected a new leader would give them a lift, but Cunliffe is no circuit breaker. It is same old, same old again.

If the new messiah that David Cunliffe was touted as can’t move them in the polls then what next?

National will be very pleased with this poll, mainly because it shows the lie of the “leaked” UMR results pushed by Labour and after 5 years in office it would appear that voters are very comfortable with National.

Next time Labour and their shills push a leaked poll journalists should call on them to release the results in full.


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  • steve and monique

    Shows most of the voting public have not fallen for the bullshit Labour policy, and its false prophet, Cunntilips.

    • Macca

      Yep, as usual your bang on the money! Cunliffe is just another fresh turd rolled in glitter and at last the public are starting to see that.
      Try as they may with all their side shows, the media are also showing how transparent they really are. They can crow all they want but when the voters finally wake up to the fact that the left are bereft of any sane policy or ideas, all the squawking from the MSM will count for little!

      • rockape

        What is the record for a sitting PM seeing off opposition leaders. I am sure Whale will have the answer somewere!

      • steve and monique

        Left need to sit down, and see the path they chose years ago, is not liked by the main stream voter. The only idiots that follow these people are those to short sighted to see the bigger picture. This country cant afford their brand of policies.

  • Toryboy

    In view of the 50/33 result, if the leaked one was true they would not hesitate to release it. How sad and pathetic you must be if you go around making up polling numbers.

  • Day Day

    Well everybody knows if you vote Labour, you’ll get Greens. No secret there.

  • Col

    I said the other day Labour want the Greens, but they don’t want to be seen holding hands, and Curryleaf will have his legs cut off by the Greens anyway, the only way the Greens can get any power is greasing up to Labour, but I think the voters have seen what is happening, and not having a bar of it.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Col – I am hoping, if the Greens can’t get into power in 2014, there will be some internal fighting and the Greens will break up as after so many years in NZ politics, they have achieved ZERO. The Fat one may get into modelling and the smelling hippie could go back to Australia to look for new flags.

      • sheppy

        That would be a dream result!

        • steve and monique

          Agree, but can it happen now.

      • James Growley

        As you have a direct link to everyone that matters, perhaps you can put a call through to the mother ship and get the aliens to reverse the lobotomy’s that they gave all the green supporters.

      • Col

        I think the Fat one just gave you a BAD tick lol

      • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

        Delahunty could go into teacher-aiding…

  • Kiwikea

    I wonder what would happen to Labour’s vote if they said they wouldn’t work with the Greens? It might mean they pick up the marginal Green vote, and those voting for National for fear of the Greens may revert back.

  • nudgy

    Aunty Helen wouldn’t touch the Greens. She went with Winston which tells you something about how ratshit MMP is. Who voted for this crappy system?

    • Not me; that’s for sure.

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      Crappy people. Anton Oliver for one. Clown doesn’t even live here. Good riddance, shame about the postal vote.

  • unitedtribes

    Feeling a bit happier about all my power shares now.

    • Alfred12

      Agree, I was on the verge of dumping mine, watch & wait now good strategy I think.

  • timemagazine

    Voters know if labour is elected (God forbid) the greens get a free ride into government and this is a disaster.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Damn – the leaked poll was the one I was counting on…..

  • Day Day

    Reading the main Labor website, there are no references to the environment, trendy eco energy, “the arctic 30” or global warming etc. But don’t be fooled by that. They’ll only ever be able to govern with the Greens propping them up. Then it would be full on loonytoons. Like it was in Aussie under Gillard & her Greens.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    No wonder TV3 never published that UMR poll…..

  • Statehousekid

    The only guy that could have made gains was Shane Jones. He has the potential to capture grass roots New Zealanders like Norm Kirk. Labour were too stupid to see that.

    • rockape

      Not only that but he would have seen to the greens and that would be a leftie vote winner. It seems to me to be a joke that workers want to put Green policies before work and the opportunities for work that mining and oil proveide. High paid , high skilled jobs at that. Most importantly jobs that stay in the regions and cant be exported to Auckland or overseas.

  • rockape

    I think its close. At this polling level it only takes a tea party type stuff up and we have a Labour /green govenrment. We need to be shouting from the rooftops how disasterous that would be and why. It needs to be made clear that the ones who would suffer most are those workers who would see jobs and potential jobs go(thanks to the Greens) who would see their taxes rise,thanks to Labours desire for more and Bigger government and more and bigger spending.
    If Labour want to win the election they need to split from the Greens. They can still call on their support post election but in the run up to the election the Green anti job policies are the kiss of death for Labour. Fortunately most National voters know this alliance for what it is. Most National voters will also be scared into the polling booths by what a Lab/Green government would force on NZ.
    Aggresive action is needed by National. I see signes of it now,Joyce was bloody good the other day. Let loose the dogs of war! Joyce.Collins Bennet Ryall and get stuck in to the numpties who sit on the opposition benches.

    • timemagazine

      Don’t give them ideas, like splitting from the greens. Let them hang out together for ever. That would be the best outcome for everybody. They will keep losing elections for ever…for ever…for ever…

      • rockape

        When I get round to forming “The Empire Loyalists” then National are sunk!

  • rockape

    Labour made a huge tactical error,I thought that at the time. As soon as theystopped talking about a Labour Government supported by others and started talking about a Labour /Green government they lost a lot of support. From those who fear what damage the Greens would do to jobs and industry in NZ and they also lost those from the left who didnt like Labour but suddenly thought they could vote green and see a Non-National government in power. Reality is sinking in.

    • Statehousekid

      Yes rockape you are so right. Labour were middle left but by teaming up with the communist greens they have pushed themselves further to the left. This is uncomfortable ground for most New Zealanders.

      • Alfred12

        Yes and confirmed by Cunny, ” we will be a red government not pale red”! Or words to that effect.

      • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

        National are middle-left.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Yeah…it’s me again.

    Prediction from April 21st 2013

    Progressively, over the next year, unemployment will come
    down to perhaps below 6%, our govt. budget will balance, hospital waiting lists
    will continue to shrink and waiting times reduce, crime will continue to fall,
    road toll too, moody’s will upgrade our debt status keeping interest rates low
    and inflation low, economic growth will trend toward 4%pa, real after tax wages
    will grow by about 3-5%. balance of payments will be in surplus, the countries
    endebtedness will fall …all on the positive side of the ledger.

    Labour/greens bribes will be exposed as the ridiculous scam
    that they are. Showing that even if they had the effect that they say, other
    parts of the economy will be detrimentally effected as to make the over all
    impact negative on the lives of NZers.

    It’s a long way to the election!!! All National have to do
    is point out the above as it comes to pass.

    • Dave

      Sssshhhh JBH, don’t tell SCS, he might go into shock, and be forced to move to the stranded, a fate worse than death.

    • GazzW

      The hard part for National JB is getting the MSM to report the positive news.

  • Goldie

    It’s the economy stupid.
    The economy is growing strongly (if it wasn’t for the drought, it would have gone past 4% this year). Business confidence is high. The government has debt under control. Inflation is under control. Unemployment is coming down.
    In spite of the leftwing media spinning stories about Auckland housing affordability or whatever, the reality is that most voters vote with their wallets.

  • AnonWgtn

    Having been out in the Tauranga region for the last few days we have seen a new brightness in the steps of New Zealanders, particularly the abundance of new young families, with smiles on their faces (under the ice creams). Families stopping to talk to each other, and the children laughing and playing together.
    We oldies feel that we have not seen this for some years – a great sight giving confidence in the people, particularly the younger ones, for the future.

  • Day Day

    Ask Cunliffe what Labour’s environmental policy is. He’ll say (in a roundabout way), oh we don’t need one, the greens will cover that for us.