Labour and Green MPs about to break the law

The post showing?Labour and the Green Taliban?s Living Wage campaign?is fast becoming a quagmire with many naturally asking where the money will magically come from to pay people $18.40 an hour. It?s a good question they try to avoid answering. There are more questions too…like did the Greens pay their workers collecting signatures in the asset sales petition the living wage…they were advertised jobs…if not why not?

But it also got me thinking about MPs cleaning their own loos in Parliament.

Either Johnny Campbell is so smart that he?s?setting a right trap for MPs so desperate to get on TV?(Darien Fenton, Grant Robertson, Gareth Hughes, and pretend MP Brendan Horan) or he?s sadly ignorant of the laws he?s about to break.?

There?s just a slight problem with this stunt. Something minor like New Zealand?s?Health & Safety laws.

Laws like ASNZ:4801, ISO:14001, Contractor Pre-qualification and ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices to name but a few. Compliance means meeting best practice requirements for Safe Working Procedures.? Has Johnny Campbell or Rebecca Wright bothered to consider these?

Will Johnny Campbell take these MPs through Site Specific Health and Safety and Environmental Management Plans for Bowen House? Mmmm unlikely.

Will Johnny Campbell take these MPs through a Chemical Material Safety Data Sheet showing the correct use of chemical cleaning equipment? Mmmm probably not.

All of which are legal requirements.

So go ahead, make my day. Let the nation witness Darien Fenton, Grant Robertson, Gareth Hughes and Brendan Horan break the law on national TV. It will be gold.

National MPs get your popcorn ready.