Labour’s ongoing social engineering plans

Labour wants a man ban, they also want quotas for gays and now they want to teach your kids about sexual orientation right from the start of school at age 5.

Sex education could be significantly changed under a future Labour Government.

The issues to be covered in policy proposals will be debated at the Party’s annual conference this weekend.

It’s proposed Labour enacts a national sex and sexuality education programme. 

It would see a minimum standard set for sex and sexuality education in the national curriculum – issues covered would include sexual diseases, contraception, consent, sexual orientation and gender identity.

This fits in with Phil Goff’s plan to make the age of consent 12 years of age.

No doubt the next step will be union studies at school.

One thing for sure is that Labour is in the grip and control of the unions and the luvvies.


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  • Kimbo

    Can’t help themselves, can they?! “Press the self-destruct button!”

    Just when they supposedly get traction with a new leader, the remits that the press will lap up and portray as looney get wheeled out.

    • Positan

      Labour’s ideas are driven and upheld by the fundamental stupidity endemic in its followers. Genuinely intelligent people don’t ascribe to Labour and don’t have to explain why.

  • Pete

    Nothing is off the table as far as Labour and the greens are concernd. I believe they want a ‘fundemental transformation” as his holiness Obama is doing.
    Speaking of Obama, Ithink all we are seeing over here with the Len Brown cover up by the MSM is exactly what is happening in ther USA with Obama, no one asks him tough questions so his socialist crusade continues. As I type, I note Dragons Den is on, can you imagine Theo, or any of them putting up with the antics of comrade Brown in one of thir businesse’s ??

    • timemagazine

      Obama is not just a socialist. He is a radical Marxist and was twice elected thanks to the media and the low information voters in the USA. We should all take note of this.

  • I don’t imagine that Waitakere Man and his missus will be re-joining that Labour Party any time soon; not whilst this nonsense is still on the table.

  • Muffin

    This should be a field day for the Nats. Teaching 5 year olds about gender identity is abhorrent.

  • Dick Brown

    Classic nanny-stating Marxism.

    Get the fuck out of my bedroom.

  • cows4me

    These pricks are insane, they’re like cancer. Didn’t they learn a thing with their last two election defeats ? The country is tired of their social engineering bullshit. The world is not run by fucking gays and having a quota is just going piss the people off. Women can stand on their own merits and demanding equal positions just demeans women . Leave our kids alone we don’t need more of your liberal poison and sick world views, keep out of our kids lives arseholes.

    • MarcWills

      Yes, but their party is led by gays.

  • MarcWills

    If you look at their Party executive, then ask yourself “why would we be suprised?”


    Other anatomical sites also come to mind eh Tim.

  • Kopua Cowboy

    What the fuck is wrong with these people?

    • Sponge


  • James Growley

    These bastards are going to deny children a childhood.

    • OT Richter

      Yes, and the country its future.

  • philbest

    These cultural Quislings forever assure us that the next step in their program is the last one, don’t they?

    “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley is a very accurate prophecy of their objectives, I reckon. Anyone else read that?

  • Kimbo

    Keep those grubby homos away from our children.

  • philbest

    It’s ironic that while these cultural Quislings will make maximum mileage out of the hypocrisy of a Graeme Capill, sheltered in their own ranks are people beavering away for “progress” and legal changes that would make Capill a poor persecuted martyr.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    What the fuck are those idiots thinking. Kids at 5 yo have enough trouble learning the basics especially english. Kids don’t need to know about sex etc until they are old enough to understand and comprehend it. Phil Goff is a fuckwit over the consent age. At 12 yo they are still kids and teaching kids to have kids is maniacal. Is their plan to get kids having kids so they can get on the benefit earlier and wreck what the nats have tidied up so far. Labour have come up with some stupid ideas but this one makes the Greenies look sane.

  • thor42

    Not only will they rob children of the chance to be children but I’ll bet they will also introduce material into the curriculum that tries to whitewash Islam. That’s what the US, the UK and most European countries are doing, under the guise of “comparison of religions” and “outreach to religions”. In other words – subversion.

    Very dangerous stuff.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Age of consent should never be below 16 , so this could be an election killer for the wombles in opposition .
      And for you , Thor42 , the Saudis are making plans to acquire off-the-shelf nuclear arms as indicated in recent statements by Prince Turki al-Faisal, former head of Saudi intelligence and ambassador to the United States who is now chairman of the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies. Riyadh’s intent seems to be to form a NATO-like nuclear-armed Persian Gulf military force from among GCC countries, thus “acquiring the nuclear might to face that of Iran.” It is also believed that the Saudis have an arrangement enabling them to quickly acquire nuclear warheads from Pakistan, whose nuclear program allegedly received substantial financial support from Riyadh. Officials of both countries, of course, deny any such agreement exists.

    • Intrigued

      They are doing it already in NZ. Just consider the social studies curriculum in the state primary schools and you’ll find like I did with my children that they are being taught all about Islamic culture but they are not allowed to sing Christmas carols at school or be taught about the meaning of Christmas in our culture (founded on Christian values and principles of democracy) for fear of upsetting the Muslim children in the school!

      • Spectator

        Please don’t make up Bullshit. you’re lowering yourself to the same level as lefties. Care to name the school?

        • Intrigued

          I’m not sure what’s more insulting – being likened to a leftie or accused of making up bullshit. No I don’t care to name the school principally because the teacher responsible in my personal experience is no longer there..and it was 3 years ago. That said, your post has given me cause to reflect that my earlier post (late night rush of blood to the head) is too much of a generalisation about state schools curriculum generally and for that I apologise and consider myself duly told off. However I think there is valid cause to be concerned that our secular state education system rather than being fair to all religions can (certainly in the hands of individual teachers with their own agenda) ignore the value and importance of Christian values underpinning our democratic society and I remain concerned that at Christmas time the children are not being taught in school (certainly not our local primary school) why we in our country we celebrate Christmas. Though it seems from the article above that in the hands of a future Labour/Greens government (Lord I hope not) we have a lot more to be concerned about and I really shudder to think what social studies and life/health education classes will be served up to our children.

  • Toryboy

    Age of consent at 12; I think that is disgusting.

  • drummerboy

    When i have kids they are either going to be home schooled or privately schooled.

  • drummerboy

    Also, what is it with their obsession with Sodomy and all things private?

    • middleagedwhiteguy

      They want to keep it private, especially Len Brown.

  • Michael

    I suspect that Catholicism will explode amongst parents, just to get kids out of the state system if this type of BS gets implemented.

    • Sponge

      Another very good reason to resist this sort of crap.

  • Day Day

    There is no doubt a Labour/Green Govt will hijack the school curriculum. Compulsory climate change camps etc.

  • Bruno 32

    bring back David Benson pope. Kids could have a taxpayer supplied munch lunch.

  • Hazards001

    Ah yes…

  • greg

    Has anybody got a rubber so we can erase this political party?

  • Mr_V4

    Let me guess, all the kiddies get a free Swiss ball and get to stay with Aunty Annette?

  • davewin

    What the country is waiting for.Children taught how to do it – homo or hetero; but not what happens when they are successful. So the disconnect Labour has between the act and the outcome continues.

  • Edwin Wigmore

    I was most frightened when I heard a senior educationalist saying that schools are being designed to no longer focus on teaching children to read and write, but to “socialise them”, whatever the hell that means.

    If I was benign dictator for a day that person would be fired on the spot.

    And Labour, dear God, aren’t there things a bit more important like, oh I don’t know, continuing to keep the NZ economy on track to being a power house?

  • Bryan

    aunty Helen pushed through a major change to teaching programme before we booted her out and has been sitting back in UN think great My teachers are going to educate another bunch of socialists and i see told she has met with Prince Charles and thinks ITS QUAINT that we still have a royal head on state the only darn thing that is quaint is her thinking she can still run New Zealand

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Given the freak-show that is Labour, I would be surprised to see BDSM Tollerance and Effective Feltching in the curriculum.

  • Fletch

    Labour also set to become New Zealand’s ‘abortion party’ –