Labour’s plan to extend bludging in North

Another ‘brilliant’ idea from Labour.

A Labour Government would “upgrade” a long running forestry joint venture between the Crown and Northland Maori land owners to give young Maori badly needed jobs replanting recently logged forests economic development spokesman Shane Jones says.

Mr Jones said thousands of hectares of forests on Maori land are currently being logged in Northland but many of the overseas owners are choosing not replant them.

Given the profits they had extracted from the land it was disappointing the owners were not replanting.

“Maori landowners are going end up getting this land back that’s going to turn to blackberry, ragwort, tobacco weed and electric puha.”

“There’s enormous numbers of idle Maori hands up there and basically what I’ve been saying to them is we’re gong to get people replanting trees on that land.” 

Uhmmm…what profits Shane?

This article clearly shows that Tai Tokerau forestry investments in Northland have lost tens of millions of dollars, been bailed out several times by the government,
and yet is somehow going to be the saviour of the Northland economy according to Labour.   If overseas companies are pulling out and refusing to replant forests because its uneconomic, then its clear that this is NOT a good idea.

Maybe it would be smarter to convert to farming, re-open the numerous processing plants in small Northland towns falling into ruin (i.e. Moerewa) or even better create a tourism industry instead of protesting on tourist buses.  Or dare I say it, mining.

Another Kiwirail in the making…


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  • James Growley

    I am surprised that the Labour parasites have not muted a law to force us to “adopt a bludger”.

    • Hazards001

      They have. It’s called “Working for Families”

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Wait until Curryleaf extends that to the bludgers on the dole….

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Spoke to my spy network in Northland. Maori there are so pleased with Pornsy’s plan. This is another sure vote winner. John Key has no progressive ideas like this.

    • Simo

      So cycle ways are a total waste of taxpayers money then? Memo to your brain – check how many kms of track that has been built employing local labour and skills before consulting your spy’s & then bashin’ the keyboard. Mind you lots of car parks in the middle of nowhere are tempting employment schemes for some folk in Northland.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Simo bro – My spies tell me there is no money in the community to buy cycles to use the cycleway….so the community is standing behind Pornsy’s scheme…

      • RightOfGenghis

        Dammit, every week I’ve got a new trail to ride thanks to JK’s vision. The national cycle trail is the Nat’s best kept secret!

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      I would love to meet this network, haha. Where’s their reconnoitre point, the chip shop, the Flying Jug Tavern or the local tinny house?

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Our Labour army is on the ground, motivated, energised and roaring to go after Curryleaf has become our messiah. The recent polls have rejuvenated us and we won’t rest until we install Curryleaf as our PM. Marching on……

        • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

          Just picturing that in my head. You won’t be able to commence marching until at least 11.30 in the morning because that’s when most of them get up. And they’ll be bound to be hungover even on a Tuesday.
          I don’t think you’ll win the people back from Hone. I met a big staunch bloke from Northland, a real man, who said to me that he moved there from Gisborne because he believed Hone would look after him and his ten kids better. He was in the process of buying a PS3 from a Good Guys van.
          Big staunch half-wits who want a sugar daddy to care for them is how I summarise the mob in that joint. I would call it cognitive dissonance, but there’s not a lot of cognition going on there.
          Maybe your messiah could turn the stones into Kentucky Fried Potato and Gravy to pry the folks away from that rival demagogue… Keep fighting the good fight Comrade ;-p

          • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

            Bro – the last three polls showed who is winning….

          • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

            Keep those charter schools out or people might start thinking and be able to see through this kind of nonsense and stop voting for such charlatans. Future Auntie Michaels might have to start out delivering the mail in order to eventually run the Post Office into the ground. :-D

          • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

            What saddens me is people are so easily bought by the bribe of living wage….they don’t realise if the minimum wage is introduced, half of them will be without jobs…but wait, Curryleaf will increase the dole amount also. So why work?

          • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

            I always thought that a family of five would be better off not working because of the combination of unemployment benefit, accommodation supplement, family support and working for families. If you work you’d have to pay for petrol for your commute as well as food to eat at work. Minus those costs from the average salary and most people with families earning this figure would probably have a higher net income from staying at home.
            Great incentives to create a European style basketcase.

    • DLNZ

      Don’t forget Helen Kelly. She will be moist with excitement at the thought of more forestry workers to fill the coffers. And once again she will protest at drug testing and at the same time moan about the forestry accident rate.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Wouldn’t be surprised she ends up as the Labour minister in Curryleaf’s 2014 cabinet….

    • Roger

      No effect on National. They wouldn’t vote for him anyway. The scrap will be between Labia and Mana. As I said zero effect on the Gnats.

      It will be watching fleas pole vaulting mouse dirt.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        “It will be watching fleas pole vaulting mouse dirt” – geez Roger boy, you are a word smith….want to work for Curryleaf as his speech writer?!

  • Garbageman

    Shane forgets to mention most of these lazy fks dont want to work or are waiting on a living wage to get back to KFC….let the gravy train roll lads our taxpayer pockets are bottomless

    • JC

      Its been 20 years but I know/knew a fair bit about the forests up there.

      Initially Taitokerau and the Govt signed a contract to plant, prune, thin some thousands of hectares of idle Maori land. The planting went ahead but then the Govt seemed to renege on the pruning and thinning. After delays tending of the resource started but soon founded.

      TFL and the Govt got the money together in 1996 and I won the contract to do the work amidst huge sceptism that it could be done with such a lousy labour force but I had a secret weapon in a hard nut foreman who had been working for me for several years.. he was army and forestry trained and never took a backward step.

      For months that useless labour force fought us and I went into the hole for $30,000 but after about 5 months there was an amazing turnaround as all those unemployed blokes hardened up, learned how to get out of bed in the morning, give up on the threats and bribes and politicking and did a full day’s work.. within a couple of years those men knocked out about 11,000ha of pruning and thinning and completed the programme to budget.

      Put it down to that foreman first of all, but also to the TFL trustees who didn’t cave in, the TFL employee who quietly went ahead of the crews and warned the “growers” of the operations to come so they could shift their business elsewhere but really.. give credit to those workers who had backgrounds of generational unemployment and drug abuse but somehow overcame these to put in a sterling performance with a near 100% safety record.

      Those forests are now producing many millions of dollars and there’s absolutely no need for further Govt assistance to replant those areas.. what Shane Jones needs is the name of that foreman of mine, the TFL resolve of the time and my (then) cavalier disregard of the rules and niceties of protocols to get the job done.


      • Sponge

        Good stuff – that is the sort of kick up the arse these people (and much of the country for that matter) need.

      • Garbageman

        cool story JC its a shame it has to be like this though, im only in my 40s but my motivation to get up get a job and earn some coin was cars girls cool stuff and booze that i could pay for myself without the need to be almost forced into it, so its not lack of jobs just motivation, military training anyone

  • AnonWgtn

    Increase the North’s staple crop – Baccy

  • Peej

    We’ve had a succession of worthy MPs up here over donkey’s years. Think Don McKay, Neil Austin,John Elliot, John Banks Lockwood Smith, John Carter, and Phil Heatley. As the culmination of all their good work 2022 will see the completion of our road to economic development – the Holiday Highway.
    Maybe Shane Jones thinks the idea of using 30 million to keep the other end of the country going through Tiwai Point could be replicated up here. As far as tens of millions of dollars being used by the government to bail out Northland industry, just how unique is that?

    • Honcho

      I deeply despise the moniker the left have given that very important stretch of road. “Holiday Highway?” how about “State Highway 1”.

      • Peej

        Sorry if you’re offended if the main road gets called that. I deeply despise that the comfortable majorities over decades and the distance from Wellington seem to have meant that we have been treated with ignore in many regards. The weird thing is that that moniker raises more passion than has been obvious from our erstwhile politicians over the years. If that ardency and that inevitably emanating from the Shane Jones’ plan turns into some constructive focus, attention and action, good.

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          Peej – Holiday highway/State Highway 1 – will be canned by the incoming Green government in 2014 and the money saved will be used for green schemes like an electric car factory in Palmerston North. So don’t choke emotionally on this road. You won’t see that.

  • Kopua Cowboy

    Shane’s a dick for not suggesting it be converted to farming, replanting would just be wasteful. Mind you, he’s probably under orders not to upset the Green Party.

  • Patrick

    So can any other land owner failing to return a profit on their farming venture apply for government sponsored labour? Or is this initiative just targeted at the bros? If this forestry lark was so profitable wouldn’t the owners have the next crop of trees in the ground as quick as they could? Or is this just more of the “play the victim” mentality & wait for the gummint to bail you out?
    Bet Crafer would have welcomed some of this gummint dosh a few years back.

    • Sam

      Same thing has happened in Nth Canterbury
      Ngai Tahu got given massive forestry blocks and they have sold some of it but don’t even bother to prune whats left.

      The areas that have been harvested are now turning into scrub and gorse
      The thing is They have so much money they can’t be arsed maintaining the thousands of hectares that’s left behind.

      Maybe they could lend the Cuzzie Bros some $ and give the broke taxpayer a break. Can’t see that happening soon.

  • cows4me

    So how many millions were claimed for EFS credits when the forest was standing and what were the current carbon charges for removing said forest? We’ve being screwed up the arsehole and the dumb arse taxpayers get fucked up the arse again.

  • Goldie

    The govt. used to enter into agreements with Maori landowners on the basis of shared stumpage. I did work on northland forests – the stumpage rate was so high the govt at the end of the day made a massive loss on the deal and there were continual problems with the Maori landowners (with legal issues, ‘occupations’, extortion such as threats to nails in trees about the be harvested if ‘koha’ wasn’t paid, sabotage…). There is a reason why private companies are unwilling to replant forests on Maori land – they are simply uneconomic and the risks with Maori land deals are simply too high.
    What Shane Jones is proposing is a simple bribe.