If only Len had this app, might have saved himself some embarrassment

If only Len Brown had this app, he could have disproved at least one of Bevan Chuang’s allegations…  maybe… only if his phone battery lasts longer than he does…

Find out just how long you really last.

Keep a record of your average, peak, and aggregate performance. Let the facts speak for themselves.

Partners burn 150-200 calories for every half-hour of sex.

The average sex session lasts from three to ten minutes.

Oh dear…Lenny at 2 minutes is well below the average session.


Statistics - Spreadsheets App. Data. In Bed. iPhone




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  • Dave

    Do you need to wear the Nike digital thrustometer on your dick for this to work? if so, hope they come in xxxxxxxsmall for Len.

    The real issue for sure, there is no end to the jokes and piss taking everyone can have at Lens expense over your lifetime Len, resign now!!

    • Justsayn

      And if you call it mid action it vibrates… Nike, just do it!

  • Col

    It must be along time ago that I could do 74mins that’s if I ever did, but then I may not have the memory I once had?

    • Rex Widerstrom

      I made it to 74 minutes once too. Of course a good 30 minutes of that was haggling over the price…

      • Col

        You get what you pay for lol.
        You don’t get much running time for a pair of panties and a bra these days!!!

  • Andy

    This app looks pretty tragic. Does it post straight to Twiiter/Facebook?

    • Andy

      As in “Len just completed a 2 min shag on BonkKeeper”

      • Dave

        Now, that would be something for him to brag about. Only hope his wife, daughters and Cameron Slater are not on his Twitter/Facebook feed!

  • Time For Accountability

    Now i get the two minute thing – it is not about his performance rather it is abount how long after swearing in he will last before he resigns and picks up his golden handshake.

  • Andy

    If he lasted 4 mins we could use him as an eggtimer

  • conwaycaptain

    When will this be used and reported on this site between WO and his MISTRESS, SPANISH BRIDE!!!

  • Kimbo

    No wonder Im in great shape.

    • Kimbo

      FYI – You burn more calories when its an unwilling partner.

  • rightoverlabour

    Is there an android version? And is there one for threesomes?

  • Len Brown

    I got to cum fast in case the missus catches me.