Len Brown and campaigning on values

Tim Murphy at the Herald tweeted:

Really? How come Pat Brittenden managed to find some evidence…suggest the Herald researchers try harder.

Here is some audio from 2010 when he chatted openly about his faith and his desire to emulate a political figure due to his integrity.

Mayor Len Brown chats openly about when he attended church and what denomination he was attached to, then Len was asked if he prayed.

The interviewer then went on to ask about going through trial and tribulations which at the time were accusations about credit card misuse.

The interview then asked if his Christianity affected his policy

Len Brown finished the interview by sharing why Mahatma Gandhi was the most inspiring political figure to him.

I don’t judge Len Brown for what he has done, neither do I think he should necessarily be forced to step down, the whole purpose of this post is to point out to public figures that you need to stand by the standards you set for yourself, the ones you choose, the ones that help you win votes and when you fall short of those standards you need to be aware there are consequences.


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  • Patrick

    Run for Mayor – “Better work stories”

  • drummerboy

    never trust a christian socialist. you can’t be both.

    • philbest

      Yeah, I also say anyone who claims to believe in the Christian God AND is a Greenie, is all screwed up in their morality anyway. Environmentalism is a neo-pagan faith filling a post-christian vacuum. Check out “The Historic Roots of the Ecological Crisis” by the radial environmentalist Lyn White; which blames Christianity for changing everyone’s thinking, devaluing sacred nature into mere resources for mankind and hence causing all this dreadful environment-harming, population-increasing civilisational progress.

  • Gobe1

    Never underestimate the power of the bearded clam

  • sandynobb

    Len is a practising hypocrite.

    • Practicing!!! He’s bloody good at it!

      • philbest

        Yeah, including urban intensification for everyone else, but the zoning for infill missing his 1 acre property by half a k on each side. And his public support for two road projects – one of which connects the location of his property with the main road south and the other which connects it with the CBD.

  • steve and monique

    Values a quick shag by all accounts. Morals, well never mind.

  • Jester

    “In many ways Mr Brown is the antithesis of a modern-day leftist. He is a devout Christian who evinces what the Americans like to call “traditional family values”, and he’s old-fashioned enough to use expressions like “for the love of the people” when explaining his political motivation.

    Mr Brown’s traditional values are, however, the reason why so many Pasifika and Maori voters living in South Auckland look upon him as one of their own. It’s why so many Samoan ministers and Tongan pastors stood up in their churches and urged their congregations to go home and vote for the Palangi lawyer who – more than any other Mayoral candidate – makes a genuine connection with their people.”


    • OhopeBeachBugger

      Definitely a higher concentration of religion with poor/stupid people aye.

    • Bunswalla

      With apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan…

      I am the very model of a modern metro Mayor
      I have shagged her in the boardroom, I have shagged her in a chair
      I’ve been naughty in the Ngati room, I really must confess
      Then I got my eldest daughter in to help clean up the mess.

    • philbest

      That is an interesting point, and he will probably lose this support over this.

  • Jman

    Today I’ve been reading through the various stories on Len Brown in the Herald, and I was struck by frequent use of the term “right wing”. John Palino is described as Browns “right-wing mayoral opponent”. Bevan Chuang contested the local elections on a “right-wing ticket”. Dick Quax is a “right wing outspoken critic of Len Brown.” Strangely enough, the term left-wing never seems to appear once. It looks like the Herald doesn’t even pretend to be non-partisan anymore.

  • Col

    I explain to my friends overseas that Len is a busy man, as they are asking about the 2 minutes it takes him, and they think most men here in NZ are like that, I just say he is busy and comes and goes.

  • patrickstarr

    “I have very strong faith – and pray a lot” ………… that I wont get caught!

    • James Growley

      Should “pray” be “prey”??

  • Jester

    For fuck sake. Do we have to do everything for these guys!!!

    “Latter-day Saints to Recognise Mayor Brown for Service to Families”

    “The Church recognises leaders in communities around the world for their service to families and advocacy for traditional marriage and family values such as fidelity, love, unity, civility, education, community involvement and citizenship.”


  • surfisup

    OK, initially I was skeptical as to whether cam should have broken this story.

    But, with extra information such as Len getting his lover a job (his recommendation guaranteed that didn’t it? Who would cross the boss?) I’ve changed my mind.

    Good you ya Cam, before the election would’ve been better so people could have the information they need before voting. After all, I think Len gets much of the vote from god-fearing people and they will not be liking this at all.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I have come to the conclusion that Lentils is going to stick around and all the ratbag left wing MSM are going to support him. We may have to feel sorry for the good people of Auckland and move on. My biggest worry is how National is going to win a third term with no support partners….I cannot stand Curryleaf as the PM of this country and the stinking Hippie as the Deputy PM.

    • philbest

      What gives me nightmares is Curryleaf and colleagues giving Lefty Len an open cheque for all socialist and grand central planning projects at the expense of the nation’s taxpayers – and bailing Dorkland out of its already looming debt hole.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    If a person needs Religion to lean on, they are not a strong person.
    Have your Religion – fine – but don’t use Religion to pull the wool over the publics eye

  • LesleyNZ

    Oh boy – he has got a lot to answer for then.

  • This_comment_was_deleted

    “I don’t judge Len Brown for what he has done, neither do I think he
    should necessarily be forced to step down…”


    Oh really.

    To late to back track now.