Len Brown not fronting

Len Brown is carefully managing his public appearances and has cancelled yet another public outing.

Len Brown’s scheduled Mayor in the Chair event at the Pukekohe library today has been postponed.

A spokesman for the Mayor says he regrets the postponement and plans to reschedule the Pukekohe ‘Mayor in the Chair’ in the near future.

He should give it up and just quit…this is not going away I can promise you that.

He has become an embarrassment…worse than he was before.


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  • Shoreboy57

    If not Mayor in the Chair? What about Mayor on the couch? or Mayor on the desk? or Mayor in Sky City’s bedroom

    • FredFrog

      Or “Mayor in the Chink”?

      • blokeintakapuna

        Did you mean “Mayor in the Clink”?

        • FredFrog

          No, I meant “Mayor in the Chink”

        • Roland

          “Mayor in the pink”

      • Steve (North Shore)

        I don’t like your racism, what if it was a MOARI girl???
        Get fucked, I like Asian people.
        Edit, just so cocks like you know, I am 3rd generation NZ – ancestry is English/Afrikaan

        • FredFrog

          Get fucked yourself, cock.

          • Steve (North Shore)

            Your Mum will take your computer away if you are going to be naughty.
            Conv ends <

        • GazzW

          Onyer Steve.

        • GeorgeRomero

          You like Mao Tse Tung too asshole?

    • Bart67

      Well, we’ve already had the Mayor on the Table, or at least Bevan has….

      • blokeintakapuna

        Only briefly… Very briefly by her affidavit…

      • FredFrog

        Bevan had “Mayor(naisse) on the table”

        The rest of auckland just got “Mayor up the arse”

        • blokeintakapuna

          she got Mayor(naisse) when really she needed Crème of Sum Yung Guy

          • FredFrog

            Apparently she got that too, although Luigi denies it.

    • richard.b

      Or in the famous words of Dr Seuss
      I do not like the Mayoral chair,
      I do not like it anywhere.
      I do not like it on a boat,
      I do not like it with a goat.
      Or on a plane,
      Or on a train.
      Or in a car,
      Or in a bar.
      I do not like green eggs and ham!

      • Justsayn

        One mayor, two mayor, Brown mayor, blue mayor.

        Sad mayor, glad mayor, cum all in my hair mayor.

  • dilligaf2013

    These are merely the last gasps of a morally corrupt mayor and his team as they self destruct. Such a shame for us that this has had to play out in the public arena

  • Toryboy

    But it doesn’t seem he is gone by the end of the week either, guess he will brazen it out for 3 years

    • philbest

      He has been brazening out a blatant edifice of falsehoods for long enough already regarding urban planning, train set cost/benefit etc etc. The media has always given him and his cronies a free pass. The electorate has successfully been led to believe a pack of lies.

      No-one has a clue about Len’s hypocrisy in living on a massive section himself while demanding everyone else stop using up the planet. The MSM has never told anyone. The slightest whiff of hypocrisy on the part of any Tory would have the MSM all over them.

  • anonymouse

    Len Brown’s scheduled Mayor in the Chair event at the Pukekohe library today has been postponed

    I get the feeling that describing these events as “Mayor in the Chair”, will become a running joke, and will be cynically called the “mayor on the couch” or just the :”Mayor in the Ngati Whatua Room”

    • Wine Man

      wonder does he bring his own tissues? of expect them to be provided?

      • blokeintakapuna

        He brings his own… It helps with creating a tissue of lies…

        • Wine Man

          The local high school needs to send down their Math Debating club to go and confront him

          • OT Richter

            He has also cancelled his appearance at the Master Baker conference.

          • FredFrog

            Last I head heard, he was going to hold a mass debate, although he would only be attending telephonically.

          • dyannt

            A mass debate? Are you sure you’ve got the spelling right, FF?

          • FredFrog

            I did. Len, on the other hand, fundamentally misunderstood…….

          • DLNZ

            Yeast infection?? :P haha

        • Bob Murphy

          The ratepayers pay for them.

  • Hamish Price

    Cameron Slater’s obsession continues. Meanwhile, somewhere in Auckland, a young Luigi prepares to flee the country…

    • Jmac

      Why should we be concerned about him? His career in NZ is probably shot.

      The Mayor of Auckland however…

      • Hamish Price

        This is the same Luigi of whom Whale said of me, just the other day, that I was envious of how good he was with women. Last week Whale was pimping us that Luigi’s version of events was infallible. It is newsworthy that Luigi is trying to flee the country, because the last thing Whale wants is a reporter getting their hands on him, and having the lad finally tell the truth.

        • Wine Man

          whos Truth? Yours? LOL

          • Hamish Price

            Yes, I’m confident that if Whale had any doubt about me telling the truth, then he would have started legal action against me for my facebook post about his conduct on Sunday, which has since appeared on multiple blogs. Instead, Whale went cowardly silent.

          • You aren’t worth suing Hamish, despite your defamatory comments, you are a douche…but since you want to engage, let’s.

          • Lion_ess

            Nice LinkedIn profile pic – what is it you do again?

          • GregM

            I know that bar from my previous career. On the corner where you enter Caravelle hotel, with 91 on the door, in Dong Khoi, Ho Chi Min City. I might make a few phone calls.

          • Bob Murphy

            Who is Hamish Price?

        • blokeintakapuna

          I know I shouldn’t feed the trolls… But it is lunchtime…

          Hamish – is that the truth Luigi would swear by… Or the kind of truth Len wants the Herald to keep spinning?

          • Hamish Price

            BIT, I have it from sources very close to Luigi just where exactly Luigi has been in hiding, and that he has a ticket to depart to the USA imminently.

          • blokeintakapuna

            Really? So he got himself a job with Labour’s NY office then eh!

          • sheppy

            Has he gone to help Shearer with his secret bank account?

          • Wine Man

            Can I suggest you go buy a ticket as well? Perhaps one way would be approriate

          • Jester

            So where do you fit in? You certainly have some involvement pre-scandal.
            The only person that you haven’t blamed for all this is Len Brown. Very odd that someone so protective hasn’t poked the stick at the first person to use and discard Bevan Chuang. Why?

          • Team ENZ

            absolutely agree with you Jester, it is easier to blame it on the slapper, but who put his weiner in???? Takes two to tango…
            seems like it is always the woman’s fault, not the the other lying prick that shifts the balme on WO for telling the news..

          • Hamish Price

            That’s a good question, Jester. I was pretty aware of a number of things going on in the Palino campaign as a consequence of my initial meeting with the then campaign manager, Rob Nesbit-Savage, in June, where we discussed a range of things, including his request to me to write Palino’s policy platform, and my requirements if I were to do that.

            I became alarmed when I became aware a couple of days after my meeting with Rob that two particular individuals were also involved in the campaign, Luigi Wewege and Michael Hart. I put in a call to Rob disclosing my concerns about them, and how I thought they would pose significant risks in any significant role in any campaign. I specifically highlighted Luigi’s history of behaviour around young women.

            Soon after my meeting with Rob, I learned that Rob had departed the campaign, and that Michael and Luigi remained. It was at that point that I felt the Palino campaign had no future whatsoever, and that the focus of the centre-right should be on electing a centre-right leaning Council to hold the Mayor to account, rather than wasting energy on a campaign around a flakey Palino which was never going to succeed.

            On 25 September, Bev Chuang reported to me that she had conversations with both John Palino and Luigi, where they had disclosed to her their intention of working with Whaleoil to run an Anthony Weiner-style smear campaign about Len and his private life, and in particular, affairs. At that stage I did not know that Bev was the person they were talking about, as she did not disclose this to me at this point, but I became deeply alarmed that there was a plan that was being advocated by the candidate to drag the Mayor’s personal life through the mud.

            At this point, I had three options. To expose the matter privately within centre-right circles in the hope that sufficient pressure would be brought on Palino to call it off; tipping off Len’s campaign that it was coming, or to expose it publicly. I felt that the likelihood of the story breaking was high for two of those options, and certain for one of them.

            The fourth option, which I pursued, was to send correspondence to the Palino campaign, both via my facebook posts and email, indicating that I was receiving reports about their intentions. As the election was drawing closer, and the fact that it hadn’t emerged publicly by then, I estimated that they had seen reason.

            In fact I was wrong on that count. I wasn’t aware of any further until Tuesday evening when the story broke. I made contact with Bev to tell her that I was willing to provide any assistance in dealing with the media, and that the one piece of advice I would give her was to make sure that she was surrounded by people she trusted, and who had her interests at heart. It was at that point that she broke away from Whale and his sickening associates, and counseled her as they have continued to trash her reputation.

            The rest is history.

          • Whafe

            Call me ignorant or stupid, but if what you say above is true, why on earth would you look to report to the Palino campaign via Facebook??? I mean come on, that is not a real means of communicating important info is it?

          • Hamish Price

            Whafe, I’ve been in and around centre-right politics for over twenty years. My facebook posts ridiculing the Palino campaign got a fair bit of coverage. The Herald picked up the significance of me ridiculing the Palino campaign via facebook in their profile on Palino before the election.

            But you do raise a fair point. Once the election passed, it never occurred to me that Palino, Luigi, Whale and others would participate in such a lunatic scheme after the election. I regret that I didn’t anticipate just how nutty these people were, and that I didn’t do more to stop it.

          • Whafe

            I dont have Facebook, think it is a crock of shit, but would have thought anyone in the right mind would not use Facebook to share important information… Maybe I am behind the times….
            It does truly amaze me that I get the feeling from your posts that you very easily forget that if No Shame Len Brown had kept his cock in his pants, none of this would be happening….

          • Hamish Price

            No, Whafe, I haven’t commented on Len. I’ve never supported him, but I would be the last person to make a moral judgement about Len’s personal life. If I were prepared to attack Len about his dalliances, then to be fair I would have to go on the attack against Whale for his. The problem is that as soon as you open that particular can of worms, the public turn off politics even more.

          • Whafe

            I don’t give a flying dam about No Shame Len Browns personal life either, but when he started shagging in rate payers time, on rate payers property and writing references when he shoudlnt, it becomes rate payers business….
            He has broken more council codes of conduct than you can poke a stick at… The man is morally corrupt…

          • Random66

            Yet Hamish would prefer that all stays quiet. Why? Honestly why? Does he not think the ratepayer should know when codes of conduct are being broken all over the show. That the man they elected is a liar, corrupt and deceitful. That he places his own interests above all else. Honestly in what universe does Hamish exist to think that Len’s behavior is acceptable and should be kept quiet. Let’s be clear the rate payer should know what’s going on because Len’s doing this stuff on their time, with their money.

          • Whafe

            Hamish has gone very quiet…

          • Hamish Price

            Actually I was doing some work, Whafe. I don’t sit here constantly at your beck and call. I’ve actually got better things to do than debate some socialist mayor’s personal life, which had no bearing on your decision not to vote for him, and if you were honest with yourself, so would you.

          • Whafe

            Didn’t think a comment like that would hit your ego so hard. Like you I to am doing some work.
            What a load of shit, many of his supporters would far from support a candidate whom likes to shag around on his wife.. I wouldn’t and don’t vote for him because he couldn’t lie straight in bed and loves spending my rates money willie nilly…
            That is where you are wrong, Len Brown wishes everyone to just move on and let it go… That doesn’t make it rigth does it?

          • GazzW

            I won’t be moving on Whafe and particularly while he is using my rates money to pay spin doctors their thirty pieces of silver to cover up his personal whoring around.

          • Actually local politics has never had as much coverage or interest until now. You can thank Len Brown for that.

          • You were miffed Palino didn’t hire you.
            WO reported NEWS.
            A mayor dipping his wick on council property is NEWS.
            case closed.
            Sad, bitter Mr Price ridiculing someone you wanted to work for because they didn’t hire you.

          • Cowgirl

            And I’ve heard from sources outside of here that his problem with Luigi Wewege comes down to plain, old jealousy.

          • FredFrog

            None of which is relevant.

            What is relevant is this:

            1. The mayor pursued a junior member of a council committee
            2. The mayor initiated a sexual relationship with said junior member of a council committee
            3. The mayor endorsed the job application lodged by said junior member of a council committee with a council entity
            4. The mayor used his position to solicit hotel freebies in order to carry on his sexual relationship with said junior member of a council committee

            5. The mayor participated in inappropriate conduct on council property

          • Lion_ess

            On your telling, you seem to be the only good guy in the story. Don’t be surprised if Pope Francis gives you a tap.

          • patrickstarr

            wow – youre probably making yourself a candidate as the person who sent the threatening texts to her

          • Jester

            Cheers. Surround herself by people she trusted such as The Herald? Sorry bud I think your donkey deep in this and the noble intentions scenario is bullshit. But that’s just my honest opinion.

          • Hamish Price

            I’m sorry Jester, but you’re wrong. Bev hasn’t surrounded herself with the Herald. The Herald’s Lincoln Tan visited Bevan on Wednesday morning, where she gave her only interview to any media. It was not paid, and not scheduled in advance. I didn’t know about the interview, or what was discussed, until after it had occurred. It wasn’t until Wednesday evening that Bevan made a complete break from Whaleoil and his sleazy reporter, who subsequently did everything they could to trash her reputation in revenge.

            Since Thursday I have fielded calls from any and all media on her behalf. Bevan has made two written statements to the media, canvassing the discussions she had with Palino in the Mission Bay carpark at 10pm on the Sunday evening, and some of the sickening conduct of Whale and his disgusting offsider respectively. Unlike the first affidavit, which was teased out of her and prepared by Whale’s scum friend, both of those statements were entirely prepared by her, and in her own words.

            It is on the basis of those statements that the media have been chasing down both Palino and Luigi to tell the truth. Whale doesn’t want Luigi to tell the truth, because if the truth conforms at all to what Bevan has provided in her subsequent statements to the media, then some or all of them could find themselves going to jail.

            It’s no wonder that Whale and his offsider are so keen to keep young Luigi quiet.

          • patrickstarr

            Be honest Hamish, You say “the public turn off politics even more” but it sounds the most important thing to you is to settle some old scores – even if that includes a scorched earth policy

          • Hamish Price

            That’s not true, Patrick. I’m not settling old scores. Cameron used to be quite friendly with me. I even bailed him out of a sticky situation involving one person, and held my tongue about other matters that would be deeply embarrassing to him, for the simple reason that those are matters between Cameron and his family.

            It is fair to say, however, that I have become increasingly sickened at Cameron’s destructive behaviour. On Sunday morning he launched a tirade against me, yet curiously has gone deadly silent since my response at 2pm on Sunday afternoon.

            Cameron blusters and rages, but he doesn’t like being held to account for his behaviour. And beyond the bullying, the lying, and the attempts to intimidate people, he really is little more than a coward.

          • patrickstarr

            well here’s how it looks from the terraces;
            In your line of work I can understand you wanting to get your name in the paper – (exposure right?) but I dont understand you doing it by lobbying a grenade in the heat of the battle into your political allies bunker, particularly if its giving your political opponents time to run away.

          • Hamish Price

            No, Patrick, I’m not a media professional. I have a long history of involvement in centre-right politics. If you speak to most people in centre-right politics in Auckland they will tell you that I’ve made a particular habit of not getting my name in the paper.

            I made a point of going public about the state of the Palino campaign because I was appalled at how dysfunctional they were, and I didn’t believe they had done anything to earn the right to the centre-right mantle for the mayoralty. Nor did I think they had the right to attempt to blackmail a legitimately-elected mayor–even a mayor I didn’t like–into resigning the mayoralty that he had just won.

          • patrickstarr

            But you and I both know that Im not talking about your actions before election day

          • ratesarerevolting

            The fact that someone can be legitimately-elected mayor on such a low voter turnout and without the mayors ‘indiscretions’ and behaviour being available for consideration before the election is a fact that makes me physically ill.

            The fact that arseholes like you believe that politicians shouldn’t be subject to intense public and private scrutiny also makes me rage.

            If there’s one part of the affair that I disagree with it’s that there may have been an approach to the mayor to try and get him to resign without the public being allowed to know the details of his duplicitous behaviour.

          • Hamish Price

            Well there’s a difference. On the one issue he’s accountable to his wife and family. I’m pleased you don’t agree with approaching the mayor to try to get him to resign first, because the Crimes Act doesn’t agree with it either. It’s called blackmail.

          • ratesarerevoting

            Yes he certainly is accountable to his wife and family, however you seem to conveniently forget he is also accountable to the residents and ratepayers of the Auckland region.

            Regarding the charge of blackmail put or shut up.

          • patrickstarr

            Wow – you’re twisting this all over the place. You went public AFTER the story went public!
            Please tell us when there was an opportunity to, or what was left to blackmail anyone with?
            Your continued inferences are really unfortunate

          • Hamish Price

            Taking embarrassing information to the Mayor, and threatening to publish that information unless the Mayor resigns is what happened, Patrick. It’s no wonder Whale has suddenly run away from attacking me.

          • patrickstarr

            Thats a HUGE allegation!!

            The question now is if ‘someone’ took embarrassing information to the Mayor and threatened to publish it unless the Mayor resigned as you allege – Why didnt the Mayor simply state this in public? and/or lay a complaint with the police?

          • Exactly! this Hamish guy is full of hot air.

          • This isn’t about you Hamish.

            Let us do the job you’re trying to interfere with, and if you still want to talk after that, be my guest.

            In the mean time, let the grown ups get on with some work, ok?

          • If I was Brown I would welcome the chance to resign without scandal attached to my name. He already was expecting to lose everything when the security guard caught him. That’s why your accusation has no ring of truth to it as WO does not do mercy, he would want maximum impact and blog hits. Giving the guy the chance to go quietly…..that is not a WO strategy and I should know.

          • patrickstarr

            I took the time to listen to your audio with Duncan Garner – and I can safely conclude you came across as nothing more than an opportunistic, self promoting little slimeball – (with an axe to grind)

            i’d tell you to take a good long look at yourself, but Im pretty sure youre so full of your own self importance you’d miss my meaning (- and probably bar up)

          • You total prick! You remind me of PaePae. You say you would never talk about anything that would embarrass him and then go on to attempt to do exactly that. Well guess what you slime ball. You can’t embarrass him. You can’t embarrass me. You can’t hurt our family period so shove your veiled threats where the sun don’t shine. I am well aware that people can lie in an affidavit. I also know not to feed the media as even if you are innocent the story will grow. Brown however has admitted that it is all true because it is. if I was his wife I would be long gone. I am not the kind of woman to stay if I have been betrayed.

          • GregM

            Good shit SB.

          • WOW reporting the truth can get you sent to jail? Who would have thunk it? You cannot disprove one word of what Bevan said in her affidavit and if you could it would be Bevan who lied.
            She may regret what she did and that is fine, hindsight is always 20-20 and Brown has had a team of spin doctors helping him to make her life hell in order to scare off the other women from telling their stories.Is Brown paying you Mr Price? I do not buy your Saint Price act for one moment. Knight in shining armor? I think not.

          • hunk4hire .

            A campaign to “drag the Mayor’s personal life through the mud”??

            You mean tell the truth about it? Expose his lies? Shine a light on his behavior in the offices of city government? That’s “dragging his personal life through the mud”?

            Facilities placed at his disposal were provided by the public. They’re not private. He used those facilities for his own personal entertainment. He voluntarily chose to bring his private life to the offices of city government.

            The only conclusion to be drawn from your whine is that we, the public, have no business knowing if our mayor is a habitual liar and we have no business knowing whether he is a man of strong moral character. I’d rather like to know those things, since until fairly recently, they were considered to be indispensable attributes of those who aspire to lead men.

            That’s clearly no longer the case in the NZ of 2013, for if they were, Brown would already have been run out of town on a rail.

          • Bad__Cat

            Blah blah blah blah…..

            Anything to get attention away from Auckland’s sordid Labour Mayor, Lennie Brown

          • Bunswalla

            He seems to have gown “cowardly quiet” – or perhaps he’s checking with #HeyClint.

          • Bob Murphy

            Maybe he has been poking his stick a la Len Brown.

          • Cowgirl

            And you have no small part in hounding him out of the country, I’m sure.

        • Bunswalla

          Hamish we both know that “journalist” and “truth” are mutually exclusive. Keep on spoinning, deflecting, hoping it all goes away. Guess what?

          it won’t.

          • GazzW

            Buns, you are oh so correct. Like the vast majority of Aucklanders I don’t really give a rat’s arse about the blame games and the spinning by the PR wankers and media advisors. They can spin their fantasies, weave their deceits, bribe the journos and manipulate the media as much as they want but the indisputable fact is that Auckland’s mayor has persistently cheated on his wife, has lied, has used ratepayer owned resources and deceitfully used his influence as mayor. If Brown was half a man he would have resigned by now.

            Spin away Hamish. At the bottom of your heart you must know that what you are doing is wrong.

        • mick le prick

          Who let you out of the Mayoral PR spinning bunker?

        • dyannt

          How old is the “lad”? 16 years?

          • Hamish Price

            Luigi? He’s about 27, if his CV is much to go by–although that is a stretch.

      • philbest

        Every time I see that name, I tend to think “Luigi Wewedgie”…..

    • tarkwin

      He’s just popping over to fix Mr Mandela’s health issues. I hear he can walk on water as well.

    • Release the Hounds

      What about the person that triggered all this? What did she want? Would pay investigating? She was definitely playing two sides of the fence and is media savvy as we know she works in it. Naïve young girl for a 32 year old doesn’t ring true!!!

    • Yea that ratbag. Forcing poor victimized Lenny to shove his cock in a woman that wasn’t his wife in his office. And the Naughty Whatua room. And the motels.

      Nevermind the real issue here. Lets keep deflecting for poor old Lenny.

      • opusx

        Is this guy actually for real? Are his posts here satire? Is he seriously trying to spin on WO? Surely nobody could be that stupid. I know Ken’s a moron…and I’m pretty sure Bevan ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but this guy shows them both up.

    • Bunswalla

      Somewhere in Auckland – I guess that’ll be out by the airport. Happy to help.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Dear Hamish (don’t know who you are) Price.

      You sound like a tosser.

      Now take your skirt off, cancel the manicure, grow a mustache and HTFU. Chopper Reid

    • Fuck off Hamish…you never learn.

      • Jesus christ, Hamish are you attempting ducklips? Don’t hang around teenage girls, you’re picking up bad habits.

        • Dave

          With a picture like that, Len will be jealous

      • notrotsky

        Is he sizing up the bottle before he inserts it up his own clacker ?

        Is he friends with Greg Presland ?

        How does he feel about being friends with the worlds greatest sysop ?

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Hamish Price keeps on using the term ‘center right’ He over uses the term in many comments. I don’t think Hamish Price is “CENTER RIGHT”
      Hamish Price is a me me me person – a corksoaker

    • Cowgirl

      And Hamish Price’s obsession with Luigi Wewege continues. Unless any women are actually making complaints against Luigi, then it would serve you well, I think, not to keep spreading vicious rumours. I see the Herald is really scratching around for a story today – don’t they realise that the Luigi angle is dead in the water? That dude’s part in this saga was over a week ago, and yet the Herald continues today with its ongoing character assassination and speculations, when the rest of us just want the next new installment.
      By the way, you look familiar – did you ever ‘horse’ around on other messageboards?

  • Cadwallader

    What on earth is this squirming idiot being paid for…? FFS!

  • Whafe

    And so it goes on…….. #noshamelenbrown is really in the steamy brown stuff

  • Statehousekid

    I find Len Browns behaviour to be totally unbelievable. Does he really think that he can just carry on with his job as if nothing has happened. His credibility has been shot to pieces. Does he not realise that no one will take him seriously any more. He will always have people talking and giggling behind his back. No one will listen to him any more when decisions have to be made. He will be a true lame duck mayor of no use to anyone. For gods sake Len quit now while you have some dignity left.

    • XM16E1

      Too late, dignity gone.

    • rrroberto

      Some may be talking and giggling behind his back, but may will be doing it right to his face, it wont be talking and goiggling, it will be straight truthful comments which might sound like abuse, but wont be abuse if the comments are true. You cant be a Mayor if everywhere you turn up for official duty somebody in the crowd is going to call you a wanker

  • cows4me

    Oh well he should have caught up with his paper work by now.

    • DTG

      He’s probably still trying to separate all the stuck together pages I expect.

      • AnonWgtn

        No – making sure that his acolytes have destroyed any financial evidence before the McKay investigation.
        Is Mr McKay on as a consultant to the Council after he retires in January ?

        • Wine Man

          no more likely the Labour Party

  • Chancey

    if you are going to tough it out you have to be tough

    coward – go now

    • I agree. He should have font footed this like Weiner.

      Either you’re bold and brazen and it doesn’t matter, or you hide. You can’t do both and appear consistent.

  • Patrick

    Phew Pukekohe gets a lucky break. Surprised Lenny didn’t show, there are some smoking hot Chinese girls out there, wealthy too, Len could bag one & get a job in the family market garden picking cabbages. Honest days toil for a change

  • Team ENZ

    we now have a Clayton’s mayor , a mayor who is a no show..Standup .. where is the real Mayor???? gone into hiding.. time to quit mr lying Lennie…

  • blokeintakapuna

    Len would be able to relate to Johnny on the 1st day of School Term…
    Johnny says to his mum before leaving to go to school…
    “But I don’t want to go! The kids all make fun of me and the teachers are even worse! They laugh at me behind my back and constantly point and snigger… and when ever I enter a room, there’s an awkward silence as they change the subject and walk away sniggering. It’s not fair and I don’t like it!”
    “But you have to go Johnny – you’re the Headmaster!”

  • Wine Man

    I see Auckland is now hosting a workplace culture forum

    No doubt a key note speaker will be Dirty Len with a 2 min opening address.

    • AnonWgtn

      Is this 2 minutes a quickie ?

      • Wine Man

        Maybe Bevan can also talk and provide a unique Asian perspective on workplace culture

  • sweetd

    Radio Live reports he is on ‘light duties’. So can we also assume he is on ‘light salary’ as well. If he can’t be a full time mayor and meet all his obligations why should be get a full time salary?

    • Blue Water Coastie

      Cool. A prorated decrease in the next rates installment then, back dated to 14 October. Actually back date that for 2 years. Oh and better make it a permanent rebate if he serves another term as the lame duck he has become.

  • drummerboy

  • Bunswalla

    I recall Len Brown trumpeting is “!00 initiatives in 100 days” after he won last time – even though most were trivial or already underway prior to the election.

    Looks like his first 100 days this term will be:

    1. Hide
    2. Stay at home
    3. Carefully-staged photo-op with wife for 15 minutes, Shan with gritted teeth and no wedding band
    4. Hide
    5. Cancel an appearance
    6. Postpone an appearance
    7. Defer an appearance
    8. Stay in bed with covers pulled over my head
    9. Reschedule an appearance
    10. Put off a meeting
    11. Pull out of a meeting
    12. Hide under the bed
    13. Venture out in public for 5 minutes, retreat to cupboard.
    … etc
    … etc
    … etc
    … Resign.

  • steve and monique

    Hard to run a city, hiding under your desk Len. Front up and be a man, Resign.

    • blokeintakapuna

      now that’s a sledge and a half!

    • dyannt

      He’s got other things to do under his desk. Been missing out on that a bit, lately.

      • steve and monique

        So that makes it two heads that he has banged on his desk. Mind you Bevan may have made it 3.

  • FredFrog

    Cam, enough of the suspense……

    If you have more. please publish, so we can get lennie out of the mayoral chair and out of the limelight – he doesn’t belong in either.

  • GregM

    This is getting beyond a joke. Why doesn’t he just fuck off already. He can’t do the job.

    • steve and monique

      Likes his pay cheque to much.

      • And that’s probably what is holding his marriage together.

        • steve and monique

          Wont be his sexual prowess.

  • Garbageman

    Cam just told Willie & JT he knows of at 3 other woman Bam

    • Orange

      how many men?

      • blokeintakapuna

        *mind bleach – mind bleach!*

        • ratesarerevolting

          LBIAFSC ?

  • mick le prick

    Not sure if anyone has posted this but it takes the piss out of the lefty simpapathic mailn stream media too

    • blokeintakapuna

      yeah – have a look at today’s post under “Photo of the day”

  • Mike Hunt

    Cancelled mayor in the chair at Pukekohe Library for mayor in the office chair, choking the chook!

  • Clemgeopin


    • FredFrog

      Well, not his ‘O’ face, at any rate…….

  • dyannt

    “The New Zealand Herald has today published the results of a poll that’s
    found the majority of Aucklanders want Te Papa North to be on the
    waterfront – not in South Auckland at Hayman Park as planned.”

    The fall out has begun.

  • Waihekebloke

    Saw this just posted on Lennies FB page

  • john Doe

    The good people of Auckland should postpone his salary……permanently!

  • CC

    the signatures for the petition have stalled (disappointingly), what else can be done to get this weasel out? it absolutely sickens me that he has not stepped down and is obviously just in denial thinking that the storm will blow over and people will eventually forgive and forget

  • Mr_Blobby

    B: I meant, what now between me and you.W: Oh, that “what now.” I tell you what now between me and you. There is no “me and you”. Not no more.B: So we cool?W: Yeah, we cool. leave town
    tonight, right now, and when you gone, you stay gone, or you be gone.
    You lost all your Auckland privileges. Deal?B: Deal.W: Now get your ass out of here.

    • Bunswalla

      Pulp Fiction – nice. I guess Lenny’s the gimp too.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    I am not surprised that Liar Len wont resign the mayoral office because he knows he has made such a monumental fuck up that he wouldn’t get a job anywhere else with his dodgy reputation. He will want to hang on to the chains as long as he can so he can get his snout into the money trough and really get stuck into it to get whatever he can out of it.

    • john Doe

      He would get a job with Steve the porno Crow in a very short adult movie.

    • MarcWills

      There’s always a job in conveyancing, where most washed up lawyers go.

    • Blue Water Coastie

      He can could get into Parliament at the next election as a Labour list MP without having any actual votes…

      • rrroberto

        He seems to have received neither support nor condemnation from his Labia comrades. Those fence sitters are waiting to see which way he falls. Great solidarity shown for their (not) working class hero

  • Nebman

    The problem (among many) that Lenny has is that the road he is on eventually leads to him having to be interviewed by MSM to do his job. Now, even though he might like to and will probably insist on certain subjects being off topic, they’ll either ignore such requests or just stop trying to interview him.
    The thing that PISSES me off most about him is that he knew this was going to blow up and he STILL paraded his family in front of the cameras when he won the election and the next day asks for them to be left alone?
    Sorry Lenny Boy, but I can’t forgive your Holier than thou, do as I say, the rules don’t apply to me, Hypocritic Bull shit any more.