Len Brown should be held to the same standards the Navy holds their officers

Len Brown thinks he can struggle on as Mayor…ignoring the clear issues with ethics and judgement.

A similar case has just concluded with a Navy officer being sacked for his role in a power play affair…entirely similar in many respects to the actions of Mayor Len Brown.

Disgraced high-ranking navy officer Commodore Kevin Keat has been dismissed from the Defence Force.

Delivering sentence at a court martial today Chief Judge Chris Hodson, QC, said the role Keat had held, assistant chief personnel, was one of the most important in the force. Keat had been deceitful throughout about the nature, extent, and origins of the relationship with a civilian subordinate.

Keat, 55, and married, had started a sexual relationship with the woman in 2008.  

He said it was only casual and ended in 2010. She said it continued through to last December.

The five charges Keat was found guilty of relate to his failure to disclose a sexual relationship with the woman, failing to end the relationship, lying about it when he was asked, and using threatening language to the woman.

Position of power over the woman…check, failure to disclose relationship when issuing references…check, threats about revealing the relationship…check.

Len Brown professes to love the city…he should resign if he does…the reality is he gets off on the power.


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  • conwaycaptain

    Len would never make the grade to become an officer in his youth. As an officer you have to be able to LEAD.
    Never been to war but been up to my waist in cold salt water securing cargo in a gale, fought fires, dragged injured men out of Engine Rooms.
    Could Loopy do that? NO

  • Whafe

    NoShameLenBrown is cut of the same cloth has Cunning Cunliffe…
    He obviously thinks he is higher than mighty and above every one else…
    He has breached all manner of code of conduct, therefore should go….
    BUT, he has no SHAME. If he he had SHAME, he would stand down

  • Callum

    Gees, Let it go Cam.

    • Whafe

      Why let it go?
      It is a shocking state of affairs, NEVER let it go

    • Bad__Cat

      Why not, after all, Len and all his apologists are all ready to move on.

    • Bob Murphy

      Bullshit. The man is posing as a leader. All that is leading in his case is his penis.

    • Col

      I thought you are wanting Cam to let go of the other affairs Lenny has had!!!!! Wait.

    • Nechtan

      No we should not let it go. It shows Len is a deeply flawed character unsuitable to lead the city. We should not accept it. To quote the Australian General David Lindsay Morrison who just recently had deal with some harassment issues in the Australian Army ” The standard you walk past is the standard you accept”. We should not walk past this (or let it go) as it is unacceptable from the supposed leader of Auckland and we deserve better.

      Link to Gen Morrison’s speech (if i do right)

    • pukakidon

      No Callum, that is what all you apologists for the deviant say. Two minute man is the one that needs to let it go. He has been proven guilty of having low moral standards. Much the same as the disgraced Officer he should not continue in a position of Leadership. His credibility, honesty and integrity are gone.

      He needs to be a man and get out of the job. However we all know he wont because he is a leech on the rate payer of Auckland

    • Phill

      ‘All that’s necessary for evil to thrive is that good folk do nothing’

  • Whafe

    Why have the MSM NOT held NoShameLenBrown to the questioning standards they hold others to?

    • dyannt

      The MSM are quick to point out that Palino is not returning calls. (intimating that he must be guilty of something)
      No mention that Brown is not returning calls. Are they not calling him, or are the giving him an easy ride. (Both, I would guess)

  • mike

    To be honest I’m surprised Keats was dismissed, usually Officers in all three services seem to get away with almost everything… for instance the Commander who got pissed while at a diplomatic dinner over in the islands, he got a slap on the wrist for that complete fuck up, I’ve known NCO’s to lose rank for incidents like that.

    I think Officers (and all those people who hold positions of power) should be held to a higher standard than Jo Blogg public, set the bar high.

    • GregM

      The sad thing about that one is the Commander was a real good bastard, popular with the officers and men, and a real clever bugger. Just couldn’t handle the piss. But you are right, a P.O. i knew was demoted down to a leading hand for the same thing.

    • Jane Wallace

      This Commander would not have been court martialled if what you say is true. The Forces have a higher standard of conduct than out in the civilian world and certainly far higher standards than Government. Anyway, Len Brown should go but I suppose it would be hard to find a politician who behaves in an honourable manner.

      • mike

        Not sure whether you are agreeing with me or not Jane…

        Do you believe the Commander Butcher (CO of Te Mana in 2011) should of been court martialled for his drunken behaviour whilst at a dinner at the High Commission in Vanuatu?

        Or how about all those senior officers who ripped off the UN and the NZDF with their housing rort? Were they held to a higher standard… again I’ve seen soldiers ripped to shreds after taking allowances they weren’t entitled to.

        • middleagedwhiteguy

          Commander John Butcher may have got drunk and made a dick of himself, but he’s not the first and won’t be the last. The dent he had put in his own career is no small event and was certainly conduct unbecoming, and career altering, but not career ending. However I would expect Cdr. Butcher to top out at a career level lower than what he otherwise might have.

        • Jane Wallace

          Perhaps my experience of life in the Forces differs from your own Mike. I certainly agree that people should be court martialled for conduct unbecoming. Just as in Civi Street employees should be fired for bringing the company into disrepute. As far as the Commander goes, he has been dealt with. Len Brown thinks what he has done should make no difference to his position as Mayor and some in society support him. Generally some people don’t like consequences to actions. Do I believe there are consequences for our behaviour, yes I do.
          Do I believe drunken behaviour is a court martial offence. As long as no one got hurt or property damaged – No I don’t.
          As for the UN and NZDF. If that was not dealt with in the correct manner it should have been.

          • mike

            I take it you were/are an Officer.

            Commander Butcher not only brought himself and the NZDF into disrepute, but as he was acting in a diplomatic capacity he also shamed the entire country with his actions.

            And as for the UN issue it was swept under the rugs… it wasn’t dealt with at all.

          • Jane Wallace

            Sounds a bit like Winston Churchill. Who was the woman who said to him “Sir, you are drunk” and his response was “Yes Madam, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly”. :) I am not suggesting that drunkenness should be encouraged but drinking alcohol is not an offence and as long as Commander Butcher did not insult someone or damage property then I would say “Get a grip, what is the big deal”

          • Jane Wallace

            He obviously made an ass out of himself.

          • mike

            Did you read the article? “…his behaviour at the event embarrassed several officials including local police and naval staff…”

            And actually according to the DM69 it is an offence to be under the influence.

          • Guest

            Sounds like your issues is more about alcohol than behaviour Mike. I will leave this conversation there.

          • mike

            Why have you changed your name from “Jane” to “Guest”?

            And I don’t know if you’ve read my email but my issue is with his behaviour and the double standards that are exhibited by senior personnel in the entire public sector.

            My comment about the DM69 was to illustrate the fact that you were wrong, and being under the influence is a military offence. You might need to go back and brush up on military law a bit.

          • Honcho

            Mike, you would know what I mean when I say that once you have spent some time in uniform, that you tend to have a bit of a gift for spotting not only those who still serve but are out of uniform, through their knowledge, mannerisms, expressions not often found in normal daily conversation but common amongst those who have done their bit serving their country. Quite often you will find those who haven’t done any service making them out to be someone who has, often around Anzac day funnily enough, some words will be triggers, anyone who says SNAFU or FUBAR strikes me instantly as someone who has watched a few movies, yet if someone says joe break instead of smoko, that’s a pretty good give away, if you notice them changing a set of disposable batteries with energizer industrials signed out from the q store then that’s probably another good give away, as is a large collection of hats, especially if your name is Danny Broughton, he loves his hats and writing in a mix of capital and lower case letters.
            I am welcome to be proved wrong, but Jane doesn’t strike me as someone who has spent anytime in uniform, although ‘she’ has said ‘she’ spent time in the ‘forces’, but even those in cadet forces would have set something off.

          • mike

            Ah Danny… I had so much fun writing on his SMA’s blog!

            You also forgot the load of old kit stashed in the garage or spare room, now what was the SOE… 3 sets of uniform… or 5? LOL!

    • Honcho

      The boys club tried as best as they could to protect him, NZDF Chief Rhys Jones covered for him and squashed the investigation, its only when the complainant went to vice chief Major Gen Keating that an investigation was launched.

      Rhys Jones needs some sunlight, he has changed his statements since news of this affair broke early this year.

      • Jane Wallace

        Gossip after the facts. Totally irrelevant.

        • Honcho

          Spent much time in the O’s mess Jane?

          • Jane Wallace

            Yes Officers drink in the Mess. What has that got to do with the Commander being court martialled?

          • Honcho

            You didn’t answer that question. I asked if you, personally, had spent much time in the O’s mess.

  • patrickstarr

    @Len Brown public statement today;

    “At that point in time, this was very very early in the relationship that I had with her so I wrote, as I do for many people across Auckland, and that is just a normal letter of support and reflection of what I knew of her at that time.”

    ……….how many people across the city has he been bonking?

    • A survey of Auckland women voters asked ‘Would you have sex with Len Brown’ – and 35% said Never Again!

    • Mr_Blobby

      The PR department will be struggling to find references to back that statement up.

      Did he answer questions or just make a statement.

      • patrickstarr

        probably an unfortunate choice of words, or was it a freudian slip?

    • Lion_ess

      What a knob! Does it matter whether it was very, very early in the relationship, in the middle, or very, very late in the relationship? Two “verys” doesn’t change a thing.

      • patrickstarr

        I was getting at his wording for writing a reference – ”’I had an affair with her ‘SO’ I wrote……

        • Mr_Blobby

          I think at that stage he was still trying to get into her pants.

          • rrroberto

            Unbelievable how the MSM can not/will not connect the dot between he giving her the reference, and she giving him permission to enter. Timing is everything, one thing led to another. The reference was the key to the pussy.

          • OhopeBeachBugger

            It’s not like this is rocket science. You want to bang a chick, you do what you can to impress her….

          • rrroberto

            Indeed in “normal” circumstances, a social occasion. But this was a different situation. Not unlike IMHO say a 47 year old teacher wanting to bang a 17 y o chick, coincidentally she is a pupil at your school, but that’s OK now , we may be getting the Lenny precedent. You want to bang her, so you do what you can to impress her? Nothing illegal if she was amenable, is there? Why not complete the analogy and say its the headmaster, and while you are at it, do it in the school office, just make sure that the caretaker who saw you doesn’t open his gob. I am afraid its beyond laws, Lenny might get a free pass if its limited to laws, its more about ethics and standards. All those Lenny supporters would like to have the headmaster I just described at their daughters school? If not why not, no difference, he just made a silly mistake and he wont ever ever do it again and he is a very good headmaster after all, and he made the school pool free didn’t he?

  • austenpub

    The main problem, in both cases, is that when the little head takes over, judgement is gone.Blackmail, extortion and corruption become very real dangers. Remember the Profumo/Keeler affair highlighted the prospects of espionage because Keeler was also sleeping with a Russian military attache. Brown allowed his little head to lead him down a completely compromised path. Unless Len becomes a eunuch he is a deeply flawed person not fit to lead-just like the Navy Commander.

  • Col

    If I had to shake his hand, I would be wearing cotton gloves, dirty little office tugger.
    But I won’t shake it, his hand I mean.

    • Honcho

      I would be wearing Nitrile gloves and Tyvek overalls

  • GarethsPussy

    The Whale has no more ammunition? Nothing further to release?

    Sadly, if that’s the case, then The Horrid, Brown, and the spin weasels have won. If there is no third act, this story is finished.

    • Mr_Blobby

      This guy will be a serial cheater, there will be a bucket more.

      The problem is proving it.

      Will other victims come forward or have they been silenced. People will know, work mates, staff, friends of all parties concerned, neighbors, husbands, partners, compliant journalists, sooner or later the dyke will start to show signs of stress and start to leak.

      A proper investigative journalist would be connecting the dots.Number of wives, marriage dates, separation dates, divorce dates, birth dates,

      The basic stuff, when did he finish with his previous relationship, when did the next one start, who was born when, do the dates match up.Not all affairs end in a public melt down, sometimes the mistress becomes the wife.

      • GarethsPussy

        2:1 at full time to Team Brown, then.

        All the ducks have to have been lined up. Saying there’s still a few ducks…..maybe…..in the bush…just wait…..just wait….is game over.

        Sorry, but it’s fail for the Whale.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    All these people that say let it go are obviously single and never been in a commited relationship. You say vowels for a reason not just because they are expected. He just said he told his wife he will never do it again. If you are in a totally commited relationship that is something you should never have to say. What he probably means is he will never get caught again.

    • Jimmie

      Quite true. I’m no Englandish professor but I would have thought vowels were very important otherwise communication can be quite difficult and could cause one partner to look elsewhere from being frustrated at not being understood…..ha!

      • patrickstarr

        I dunno, vowels are a sound made from the lungs, whilst vows is a sound Brown made from his arse

    • longjohn

      Lens vows
      A…..is for arsehole
      E…..egotistical or egg
      O…..ostensible or oats (as in getting them)
      U…..unsuitable for public office

    • pukakidon

      Second wife I believe, so vows mean diddley squat to Sperm Meister Len. he will always be a cheat. He obviously has a deviancy and likes young girlies, that will let him have his two minutes of jackoff time

  • Kimbo

    an idiosyncratic belief or impression maintained despite being contradicted by reality or rational argument, typically as a symptom of mental disorder.

  • Clowns are scary to some

  • captainnotsosensible

    So how to get rid of Lenny? Surely we don’t have to rely on E&Young providing a watered down report that gets him off the hook (and keeps them on the Council’s preferred supplier list for consulting services)… disgusted by Lenny’s joke today about being “in a bit of hot water”. The man has no shame. Smarmy shister. How to get him out?

  • Huia

    Come on Len, do the decent thing and step down. You have already sprayed, just walk away. PLEASE.

  • Jaypee

    In regards to the Kevin Keat affair, its nice to finally see someone stand up to the Navy old boys network. Rear Admiral Jack Steer was openly supportive of Keat for a long period but when it became to hot he bailed out. Probably a bit worried that any subsequent investigations of his own history would turn up a few unpleasant truths.

    Having served with both officers I am glad one got his just deserts, the other has successfully covered his ass again, but is guilty by association…well done Jack, but your day will come..