Len Brown sex scandal goes global, CNN reporting

The Len Brown scandal has now gone global with CNN reporting the scandal.

 Months after sexting revelations dashed Anthony Weiner’s hopes of election in New York, a mayor on the other side of the world is battling for political survival following a lurid sex scandal that has electrified the usually sleepy world of local politics.

The crisis engulfing Len Brown, the recently re-elected mayor of Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, involves sex in the mayoral chambers, a former mistress who says she also shared a bed with an adviser to his rival, intrigue as to whether the mayor was victim of a political smear campaign, and a hunt for the sender of a mystery text message that triggered the revelations.  

The scandal, broken by a blogger and virtually unprecedented in New Zealand politics in its sleaziness, has raised fears it could herald a grubby new era in which the sex lives of politicians, traditionally seen as beyond the purview of the media, become fair game.

“In the past, it was the case that sexuality and what politicians did in their own private lives was deemed to be non-political, and not generally reported upon,” said Bryce Edwards, political scientist at the University of Otago. “That has definitely changed. I think this story will shift the goalposts more than any other to give the green light to political insiders to think you can air the dirty laundry of politicians.”

Yes the game has changed…when you get media rushing to take a position then you know the system is broken and so it must be destroyed.

What we are seeing now is part of that destruction….the media used to be in control of the message…and now they aren’t and they are afraid.

The NZ Herald seems to be invested in stories and see part of their role to attack people on Twitter who dare to stand against their narrative. The nasty and vindictive actions of John Drinnan and David Fisher on twitter, assisted by other left wing journalists in defending Len Brown has shown just how bias NZ media has become.

This scandal has shown clearly to many, many people that their media cannot be trusted.


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  • sarahmw

    CNN wow…not looking good for poor ole Len is it. Best he resign and mend the fences re family. As a side note why does the H on Sunday say they will ‘manage contacts’. and’ view email’ when you go to submit a comment…therefore I did not.

  • Eiselmann

    Imagine if Fox got their hands on it…fair and balance (tui ad) but it would be compulsive viewing if they somehow managed to interview Brown…….or asked John Campbell why he gave Brown such an easy time…could Campbells ego allow him to turn down US airtime?

    • onelaw4all

      I don’t think this is likely.
      Fox is way too busy at the moment with their pundits promoting amnesty for illegal aliens or denigrating constitutional conservatives.

  • Kimbo

    Going to need more than a spray bottle and a box of Kleenex to hide this little mess.

  • Rimutaka

    Cam you must be chuffed to make it on to CNN, but your last comment has me puzzled, “his scandal has shown clearly to many, many people that their media cannot be trusted.” You mean some people still trusted the media before, goodness they must be slow.

  • Col

    There goes our New Zealand Pure image!!!!!!

  • Random66

    Wow WO, you are ‘shifting goalposts’ these days. Not bad going when you think how hard that truly is, after all there is almost an entire left wing army trying to prevent you.

  • davewin

    It amazes me how the mainstream media have moved this to a discussion on the Slater Family, Stephen Cook and John Palino. The simple fact of the matter is that Brown is a hypocrite, an adulterer and a shame on the City. He must go. It was his actions that brought this about – his lack of moral fibre, and his wandering eye. Glad to see the notice of this sordid affair is widening. Keep the heat on the philanderer the left elected for us.

  • Rodger T

    Lets all give thanks that no pictures of his noodle seem to have been pxted to anybody,so far.

  • Andy

    The revolution starts here

  • Nick

    Well done Cam. Will be interesting to see the jump in page views from the CNN link

  • blokeintakapuna

    When was the last time any kind of “event/issue/story” happening domestically in NZ, made it to CNN?

    CNN now picking up and running WOBH exclusive story will have Rudman, Drinnan and Fisher choking on their media credentials in fits of jealous envy. Combined they probably have never had any media attention of their own work even extend to a full page…let alone 5 on one day and headline news for a week across All MSM.

    So whilst they’re still smarting from a Whale Wedgie and collective down trou… Bending over to pull their pants up… CNN gives them a running swift kick in the Cunny by further highlighting to the other half of the globe how inept these “professionals” are individually and as a collective.

    Now the entire globe will be able to read for themselves the biased vitriol they’ve used to hoist their professional standards petard by. How embarrassing for them… And the Internet never forgets.

    I wonder if the Worlds media will somehow nominate those 3 for some kind of “wooden spoon” award for sloppy work and shoddy standards lacking ethics?

    • davewin

      And also, whenever Lennie Boy is negotiating with the Chinese, or anyone else for that matter, the vision of all of this will recur. Would you trust Lennie with a valuable contract, or why does he want another partner city deal? We have only begun to suffer….

      • blokeintakapuna

        Let’s hope he’s not going to China to help Fonterra…

      • Dave

        Ah, Mr Brown, in lieu of the payment concessions, we provide our prettiest girls, and a box of tissues. Enjoy Mr Brown, but sign the contract first. an x here Mr Brown.

        He is truely fucked.

    • Phar Lap

      The three desperados named in the blog ,from the soon to be closed down NZ Herald with a bit of luck,would not look out of place on USA FBIs most wanted list.They if caught would be charged with falsifying the truth,and committing fraud,by charging a fee for a newspaper,full of lies and libellious statement,against innocent NZs.In this instance the Slater family.

  • Toryboy

    What mystifies me is why the Boards of Directors of APN or TV3 (whatever they are called these days) do not get it through their thick skulls the reason they lose money is because of a socialist editorial line, which turns off the decent respectable silent majority.
    If they changed course and became more right wing, or in tune with the average person, I suspect the bottom line would reflect this.
    Amusing to note the NZ Herald made more money in the days it was the bastion of ‘conservatism’ then it does today (despite 700% inflation in the meantime).
    Why this obsession with pandering to potential readers or viewers living in Grey Lynn or Ponsonby or Oriental Bay or Wadestown?
    Why not appeal to fairly conservative types living in Henderson or Remuera or Timaru?

    • blokeintakapuna

      Or just report the entire news, warts and all, covering opposite ends of the political spectrum… And let the reader make up their own mind.

      You know… Like letting us have a say in a “secret ballot” instead of telling us what to think about any given topic/issue.

      • AnonWgtn

        Nah – it is called Balance – MSM in New Zealand are still activating Ambrose UTU against John Key (who did not appear in the Lyin Len Saga) damn it – surely he must have looked at a picture of Palino, and thereby be associated.

  • steve and monique

    No matter who, what, why, and how this all happened, the bottom line is Len Brown cheated on his wife. As for the media trying to shift blame. well what else is new.. Len is a cheating dog, and for the sake of family should sort his shit out, and own it. As for being mayor, well morally, and ethically, he is tainted, but if he wants to stick it out, then he will( unless he is pushed). Cam you did the right thing, the public needed to know. Fuck the media, they are just leftist idiots, and have no respect for anything, including integrity,and the truth.

    • AnonWgtn

      Next three year mayoralty will be fun to watch, but first he has to get by the Coronation – bet it will be behind closed door with high level security, and tickets only.

      • steve and monique

        Will be interesting. Guess he can take the moral high ground anymore, or campaign on it.

  • Phil Moore

    The media can not be trusted, including this blog media, although the later is usually honestly sold as opinion.
    There are many unsavoury parts to this affair. The least bit being some tired old man trying to extend his youth by using power and influence to get his end away. Lens cheating on his wife is his own family problem.
    I see the issues being an abuse of public position, the threatening Mafiosi tactics of a politicians cronies, and the willingness of NZ’s mainstream media to manipulate the story to save a politicians career.
    Red Len should be forced to resign, The Media heads (I’m thinking Campbell and the Herald) sacked, and a Police investigation into the cronies sending threatening texts.

    • Dave

      Phil after quite a few years as a reader, I trust WO 100%. I don’t agree with all views, but the beauty is the others comments and posts, they help to give a broad perspective of the issue, and opinions on that issue. This aspect is 100% laking in the MSM, who moderate and (i believe) less than 50% of comments make it to the FEW articles they allow comments on. There lies the problem – they DON’T want anyone commenting negatively on their manufactured bullshit. See some past comments, a few disagree with WO, but their comments are published here.

      • Phil Moore

        I think it is healthy to view all media with some scepticism. My comment about Whale Oil was not meant as a direct or personal criticism of the publication.
        I am however very disappointed with the Herald. As a Kiwi expat I read the NZH on a daily basis and I have been quite shocked at how biased and manipulative they have been in this affair. By all means, allow biase in editorial opinion but to try and turn the story away from Red Len and into an attack on the whistle blower is disgraceful. The recent Herald story about 5 star hotels and seedy motel rooms is an attack on the readerships intelligence. The story is not a comparison of accommodation budgets but an exposure of how Len brown abused his power.