Len Brown will be pleased he isn’t in the Navy!

It looks like the Navy takes rooting of the underlings very seriously, much more seriously than Len Brown does.

A senior navy officer has been found guilty of charges relating to a relationship with a subordinate at a Court Martial.

Commodore Kevin Keat, 55, had denied eight charges relating to offences under the Armed Forces Discipline Act.

The counts cover breaching orders and other acts likely to prejudice discipline or discredit the service.

A Court Martial, which ended today, Commodore Keat was found guilty of five of the eight charges, Radio New Zealand reported.

Interim suppression orders prevented publishing some details including the extent of the affair and the complainant’s name.

The woman at the centre of the trial alleged the Commodore exercised power and control over her employment conditions when she tried to end their affair after several years. 

Her accusations include bullying, harassment, stalking and threats to end her career.

The relationship apparently soured after she refused to any longer keep from declaring it on her security clearance form.

Gee, sounds very like Mr Mayor doesn’t it.

Sounds like the “Brown Standard” of public wouldn’t cut it in the Navy.

As the news piles into the tipline, and the  media starts uncovering more serious allegation Mayor Len Brown is going to have to make a serious decision shortly…at the end of the day all the spin about a sting, a conspiracy and plt to unseat the mayor matters not a bit.

Simply put no one but Len Brown made the decision to conduct a two year affair with a council employee and contractor.

No one but Len Brown made the decision to issue a reference and act as referee for a job for his mistress.

No one but Len Brown made the decision to appoint his mistress to the Ethnic Affairs board.

No one but Len Brown sent those lewd texts.

No one but Len Brown brought his mistress gifts of lingerie, perfume and bizarrely sun block,

No one but Len Brown made the decision to masturbate in his ofice during office hours.

No one but Len Brown made the decision to disrespect Maori by running one up his mistress in the Ngati Whatua room.

No one but Len Brown used his position as Mayor to take advantage of complimentary rooms at swanky 5 star hotels in order to entertain his mistress.

No one but Len Brown caused embarrassment for his wife and daughters.

The only person responsible for all of this grief is Len Brown. He must resign.


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  • Col

    The Navy officer will get 2 years prison, so what should Lenny the dick get?
    Well he won’t get anything in more ways than one.

    • peterwn

      At Burnham Military Prison presumably – transferring a pile of sand from A to B with a teaspoon.

      • Salacious T Crumb

        Followed by “I think that pile looked better back where it was”….

      • Nechtan

        Yes moving holes. Unlikely he’d get prison, as in the old days only baggies could be sent (not sure about todays rules) .

      • James Growley

        Don’t forget cleaning toilets with a tooth brush.

    • Bob Murphy

      A knighthood possibly.

  • conwaycaptain

    If he gets jailed will it be in the Services Prison. That is HARD YAKKA from what I have been told. Remember in a Court Martial you are tried by your peers not by a jury/
    Sword on the table cross ways at the start and when you walk in for the verdict sword hilt towards you NOT GUILTY point towards you GUILTY.

    • James Growley

      i can confirm that there were very few repeat offenders going through HM Corrective Establishment at Ardmore.

      • Nechtan

        Isn’t that the truth, I knew a few blokes that had been to SCE (both when it was at Ardmore and now Burnham) and not one of them was keen to repeat the experience.

    • Col

      So that saying “up to the hilt” know where does that come from?
      The other could be “to the point”?

  • Stephen

    When is the council cheque book going to be closed on this sleaze bag.

    All communications and spin seem to eminate from that source.

    This is a personal Len Brown problem and council money should not be being spent on the spin weazels to protect Len.

    He should pay Edwards to do that.

    Otherwise it misappropriating council funds.

    Time the Auditor General took a look at this. Very quickly.

    Oh and don’t bother defending this spending on the basis he is
    the Mayor and all this happened on council time, even if it did happen
    in the council building and using Council based influence.

    Or of course those same spin weazels can resign from council paysteam
    and go into the business of working for themselves and get Len to pay.

    That would be quite appropriate and morally defensible.

  • Alfred12

    Sun block? Am I missing something here? A minor point I know but WTF?

    • SJ00

      Its been reported he bought her sunblock (or gave her sunblock). Yes. Weird. And he bought mum-in-bonking-law an All Blacks World Cup DVD. I’m thinking these were actually given to him as promos/freebies and he gave them to the ladies. Actually pretty smart because the purchase of them can’t be traced to him. But not so smart as they are crap gifts and they obviously expected more for taking one from Lenny.

      • Alfred12

        SJ100, I think your being a touch hard on Len, perhaps he was keeping his personal spending under control hence the warehouse gifts! The man was only earning $800k..obviously didn’t believe in fiscal control when running Auckland!

        • SJ00

          If only he spent Aucklands money like he spent his own, you guys would have heaps left over!

          • Alfred12

            Indeed, I’m in Mt Maunganui so not an issue for me but our previous lame duck council has run up debt of $500m. We now have what seems to be a commercial dare I say it right wing focus. Early days but fingers crossed. Cunliffe was in town last week addressing the chamber of commerce, “promised up to $20m” of tax payers aka our money for a new museum. Hope Bridges is keeping tabs!

    • cows4me

      Sun block ? maybe Lenny knew the jig was up. Doesn’t WO say that sunlight is the best disinfectant.

      • Alfred12

        Ha ha he certainly has had plenty of exposure to the “Heat”. I haven’t laughed so much since Labour got kicked out in 08.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Faux cum?

      • Alfred12

        Nothing a cleaner on $18.40 per hour couldn’t handle BIT.

  • LesleyNZ


  • Jimmie

    Paying the ultimate in cock tax.

    I always reckoned that any bloke wanting two women end up with no woman and two black eyes.

    Mr Brown is finding this out the hard way…..