Limits to muckraking?

Is Len Brown serious…he wants limits to muckraking?

So, Len Brown wants limits on how much of his dirty, scummy, ratbag life can be revealed to the public. Makes no mention of limiting his dirty, scummy, ratbag habits, just that of people to expose them.

The mayor of Auckland says there doesn’t seem to be any limit to some people delving into the private lives of public figures.

Len Brown’s in the middle of the aftermath of sleazy revelations of an affair with a 32 year-old woman.

The Council CEO is carrying out an audit into Mr Brown’s expenditure to confirm his claim he spent no public money on his private life.

Len Brown told Radio Tarana no public figure is perfect.

“No excuse for what’s happened which I have acknowledged but what that does say is there’s got to be some limits here and presently there seems to be no limit.”

But he says it’s time to move on.

“And so I think it’s critical that having gone through what I went through in terms of my private life last week that we get on with the public life of the business of Auckland.”

No Len Brown, there is no limit…if you carry on behaviour that wrecked your first marriage, not to mention the marriage of the woman you carried on with, if you think it is ok to cheat on your missus, give references to your mistress, appoint her to boards, treat the town hall as your personal bordello, entertain your mistress in free or cheaper accommodation booked off the back of your position as mayor…not to mention additional contracts and everything else that is coming under the spotlight …deserves to be swept under the carpet and well have to “move on” then there is something seriously wrong in your thought processes.

This is not a private matter as you keep claiming, as soon as you issued a reference for your mistress and appointed her to a job and run one up her in the town hall it became public. If it is such a private matter why the spin doctors dealing with it? …we pay for those via our rates…why are they dealing with a private matter?

It isn’t going away and you may have David Lewis feeding you the lines that worked so well for Helen Clark but we are not going to move on….it is you who should move on.

Still playing the blame game, look in the middle you sad pathetic little man. The only person to blame is you. Leave now while you still have some dignity….oh scratch that…you want to play it this way so be it.

There won’t be any limits while you sit int he big chair…I don’t do limits.


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  • Tom

    Transparency, but with limits..

  • blokeintakapuna

    If Len thought he could get away with a sneaky spanking in the Mayor’s seat – and no one will know… he’s got a LOT more spanking whilst he remains defiantly wedged into the Mayor’s seat.
    Trouble for him though – it won’t be a self-spanking glad-handling – it will be a Whale Spanking unlike ever seen before…

  • Daniel

    Yes limits to muck raking…. just like when the Left didn’t muck rake in to Don Brash’s affair, or in to Richard Worth’s pursuits. Hypocrites.

    • Meg

      Nothing like old WO is doing. He is hit rock bottom in the world of sleaze and is digging through the floor.

  • Justsayn

    There is a limit: the only shit that is being thrown at him is shit that he made – he has not denied any of it, and nor can he.

    Unfortunately, I fear Len has spread far more effluent than we have seen so far. He would be best to cut and run before he drowns under a hill of his own making.

    If he is only waiting for the appointment of a deputy mayor (to take over in an interim capacity until we have by-election results) then say so. If not, consider it Len.

  • Arran Hunt

    Public figures. He seems to have argued away his own case. People who wish to rule over us need to be squeaky clean. He isn’t. He abused his position.


  • Mickrodge

    Len is clearly not comfortable out in the sunlight & is desperate for a quick return to the shadows.

    Alas for him & his spin weasels they’re not calling all the shots this time & it appears their “Anyone but Len” smear campaign is backfiring a little over on the MSM front.

    Real shame that…

    • Mr_Blobby

      If it was not for the black ink the Herald would make dam fine bog paper.

  • Toryboy

    Although as a Labour party apparatchik he felt there were no limits on the private life of Don Brash; no limits to naming and shaming anyone donating to the National or ACT parties; no limits on the Richard Worth affair; no limits to John Banks and Dotcom etc etc etc

    Like attending Church after committing adultery, like lying to his wife, like lying to his children – Brown seems to believe secrecy should only apply to him.

    Let’s bury this lowlife p***k

  • Azeraph

    Well there’s this from the KB boys.

    The Bevan Chuang Timeline | Andrew McMillan, Politician

  • BR

    “But he says it’s time to move on.”

    Quite right Len, so what’s the delay?


    • Meg

      Just waiting for the idiots on here to catch up to the rest of the country who have moved on.

  • terrynaki

    Loved that last line,makes me feel all warm inside.

    Still have to ask,if there are more women where are they,or is it just rumour?
    Go the whale!!!!!!

  • LesleyNZ

    That says it as it is.

  • kehua

    Cam, we need some photos of the spin weasels and the slimeball dude that Boag introduced into the debacle, also a list of Browns weekly Itinary, just incase any of us happen in the vicinity.

    • Meg

      Gunna follow him around for the next 3 years are ya?

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    Thats only because he wanted to tell his family a different story. Had all the details not come out it would have been just a kiss on the cheek and nothing sleazy. Of course he didnt want his wife to know all his sleazy fantasies.

  • Meg

    LMAO. Finally we see Cam’s true colours. He is out to get Len no matter what.

    Who cares the public are not interested in this style of American sleaze, or in the overall story anymore for that matter. Who cares how much extra damage will be done to Lens wife and daughters. Who cares how much damage this does to the right wing in NZ… just as long as Cam gets Len.

    Nothing like blind rage, stupidity and egotistical self interest in one neat whale sized package to prove there was never any real journalistic input into this whole right wing train wreak.

    • LesleyNZ

      Meg – you don’t get it either. This about character and whether someone who can deceive those around him in a 2 year affair and at the same time abuse the office of the Mayor is fit to be Mayor and fit to lead Auckland. If Len had not conducted this affair we would not be on this page commenting. He certainly had no thought for his wife and daughters before he was found out. Why on earth would he want his wife to be on the front page of NZ Herald today? If you say the public is not interested then what damage is being done to the right wing?

      • Bad__Cat

        Just ignore him/her Leslie, and it will get bored and go back to its natural habitat at the Stranded

        • Meg

          You must be new here.

      • Meg

        The public are not interested in the Brown story, They are looking to blame those who have sunk to the level of American tabloids.

        And if you want to banish every public figure who has a not so clean private life then almost all of them have to go.

        The truth is this has never been about Browns affair. This has been about getting rid of Brown any way possible. When he won the election the other week, the back up plan was kicked into action. This is nothing more than a political attack job American style. That is why the public are unimpressed and that is why National is doing everything and anything to make sure people know they had no part in this. Key sees this for the train wreak it is and wants no part of the filth to get on him.

        • hookerphil

          The biggest thing I have seen from this whole saga is the unbalanced coverage by the total MSM who appear quite content to hold a strong slanted view and only repeat press releases fed to them. Yesterday on radio I heard that a link between the story and the Palino team was being investigated. Investigated by whom, not the MSM, but simply stated by a left wing blogger that is then repeated and taken as gospel to imply nationally that such a link exists. . Surely is there not one honest investigative journalist out there who is willing to seek and write factual information in a paper that is willing to carry out a truth full investigative story that is not led by a preset political stance.

        • kehua

          No Shame Len thanks God they have not sunk to the English Tabloid level , he would have been gone Wednesday. Q. When did exposing the Truth ever cause this much strife in NZ?
          A. Never. If only Kiwis in general were more Politicall literate these deceitful , slimeball antics would disappear as the perpetrators would soon learn the consequences.

        • Anna

          Sorry Meg, I am the public, and I am interested.

        • LesleyNZ

          The public don’t know the whole story because MSM don’t want them to know. MSM want people to think that Len Brown had a little affair on the side and nothing else. Are you an Auckland ratepayer Meg?

    • BR

      “He is out to get Len no matter what.”

      So would you be if you were forced by Pants Down Brown to put up with the sort of rates increases that he has been imposing, and has planned for the future.

      Really, this is all about Len’s integrity. He has demonstrated that he has none. Time to move on Len. Go and wank somewhere else.


  • Rimutaka

    I see this story is heading the same track as the Cunliffe CV story, no doubt going by some of the responses on here that’s because that nasty MSM is horribly biased to the left wing. Yeah right.

    • Andy

      Once Len Brown retires, and I applaud Whaleoil and Cam’s quest for political transparency, will this blog turn its attention to John Banks and his imminent court case?