How to live without fear


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  • Rex Widerstrom

    “You must not treat others that much with cruelty, and that much harshly. You must fight others, but through peace and through dialogue and through education”. Because if you don’t, you’re no different to them.

    Someone want to tell that to the people celebrating the death of a 16 year old car thief on this blog?

    • Lion_ess

      Those of us who have been 16 year olds, or those of us who have 16 year olds should take heed. I was tempted to make a disparaging comment, then didn’t. I was an awful kid ( from a parent’s point of view) and am navigating an 18 year old to treat his vehicle with respect – not as an extension to his life frustrations. In saying that, I recommend any parent insist their children complete Defensive Driving before they’re allowed to take passengers.

      • Col

        I understand you all, 2 kids now 30 and 35 and all ok, my young one 17 and a half, we all need to stop having a beer, stop doing the lawn, and just stop and say Hi son/daughter how is your day been.
        15 minutes one on one, and I knew that should be great, guess what, never found the 15 minutes, now it is catch up time.