Local Government Success Story – Cameron Brewer


Long time Whaleoil mate Cameron Brewer has gone from being the Mayor of Newmarket is now the Emperor of Orakei.

No one nominated against Cameron so he was elected unopposed, which doesn’t happen often in a nosy parker, busy body ward like Orakei. 

Cameron jacked in the chance of being MP for Tamaki, and is now the presumptive mayoral candidate for the right in 2016. A good communicator and known to drive batshit crazy Len Brown lackey Penny Webster even more crazy.

The big question about Cameron is whether he has the work ethic to put together the million dollar war chest and a good down ticket campaign to knock over Len Brown in 2016.

Given Len Brown is severely embarrassed now, even if he survives, then a good three years for Brewer could prove fruitful


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  • GregM

    Cameron Brewer is a good bastard that gets shit done. He would certainly get my vote.

  • BW_Lord

    I think he’s been slowly building up his image over the last term. Every time Len was spinning and spending Brewer seemed to provide the voice of reason. Hopefully he’s ready to give it a crack next election.

  • Micky

    He is a shameless self promoter, and would go to the opening of an envelope,
    but i like him, he will make a great mayor next time around.

    • Shoreboy57

      “He is a shameless self promoter, and would go to the opening of an envelope”

      Sounds like most mayors then?

  • Bretto

    Any reason he can’t run after Len resigns tomorrow? Not sure about where this Palino bloke is coming from…

    • Nah, he is better off waiting another 3 years and building his profile in that time. He’ll never make it this early, still has alot of ground work to do, but I feel he’ll get there if he puts himself out there enough.

      • Bretto

        Hmmm, Palino has zero profile and he managed to get a few votes. I mean, what are the options besides the “two-minute noodle”?

  • patrickstarr

    some advice;
    If you going to use your position to phone a senior council officer and ask your friend be let off an infringement notice – just make sure that senior council officer (JD) does not go and skite to everyone about it.

  • Never in the dark…..

    I’ve been aware of Brewer’s work since his days evangelizing for Newmarket. His work there was tireless and always upbeat. And although I wasn’t a great fan of his tendency to focus on high profile outlets, and not the lowly chains that many of us tend to gravitate towards (like where my wife worked), but he sold the precinct well.

    His appeal has certainly strengthened after gaining the Orakei seat. Early on he’d been accused of ‘selling his soul to the devil’, but since then he’s seems to have smartened up and has charismatically called that lyin’ cheat to account every step of the way.

    I’m sure I’ve suggested before that he should stand for mayor.

  • Tom

    I’d prefer for him to run as an independent MP for Epsom tbh. Seeing as Banksie is on his last legs politically, he could save our arses next year!

  • Outdoor

    Orakei/Newmarket to managing the whole of Auckland??!
    You must be dreaming….
    Cameron is best suited to Epsom.
    He would never be able to represent the South, Northern North or West of Auckland…the demo’s are far too broad.

    • Bretto

      He could eat at KFC and go to church a bit more often…

  • This brings me to another question that has been bugging me since the election. What kind of people are voting for people like Cathey Casey?

    • Rodger T

      The ones that think Trish Cheel and John Minto are not extreme enough?

      • Bretto

        Haha Minto. I feel a bit sorry for him. At least he has principles, however misguided they may be…

  • fozzie2

    Gees if that is a plug from a best mate then think Mr Brewer should go and find a better class of fiends …