Local Government Success Story – Hon. John Carter

While the nation shudders at Len Brown’s antics we should continue our focus on some local body winners who haven’t been running one up a mistress for two years straight.

John Carter is a good bastard…who rinsed Wayne Brown.

He is one of the campaigning legends of the National Party who departed for the Cook Islands in 2011, then returned earlier this year to stand for Mayor of Far North.   

John ‘Hone’ Carter came from local government, knocked over Neil “Blackberry” Austin in a selection challenge in 1987, and held his parliamentary seat every election until retirement.  Totally shameless campaigner who would deliberately leave his lights on at a rugby match so the tannoy would blare out “John Carter You have Left your Lights on” and everyone would know he was there.

Much loved by all who know him, Hone came back from Rarotonga and thrashed high profile incumbent Mayor Wayne Brown by 9513 to 2838 votes.  He will hold that seat as long as he wants it.


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  • Toryboy

    Yes a good man and we need more like him in NZ politics because he calls a spade a spade and doesn’t accept excuses. The Council up north is in good hands

  • patrickstarr

    met with Carter a few times- top bloke. My only issue was he, (like Hide) couldnt see through the agenda that Mark Ford (through David Hawkins) were running at the ATA

  • Russell

    It is a mystery to many in Kerikeri that he won so easily. His last term as an MP is remembered for his complete abandonment of his electorate. A situation that saw his very hard working and highly competent local team resign en masse. Once he had been tipped for Raro which appears to have occurred ten seconds after the Nats won in 08 he basically went missing.

    • Peej

      Are you suggesting that after his long term that with the Road of National Significance of Northland (RONSON), there was finally an acknowledgement of the importance of the economic development of Northland?

    • Right…so the fact that it was the biggest selection on 20 years with more than 200 delegates which means that at a ratio of 1 delegate to 15 members the membership was well over 3000, I doubt there are many other electorates with such a large membership, on top of that there were initially 12 potential candidates, hardly the hallmark of a broken electorate.

  • Bad__Cat

    While JC would be the first to admit he’s a “complex character”, he personally supported me at the lowest point in my life, and I remain ever grateful to him for that.

  • RightOfGenghis

    He might be a good bastard but basically he’s stuffed. The prevailing demographic in the far north don’t pay rates, as they are tangata whenua and it is their right not to recognise symbols of pakeha oppression.
    How do I know this? Because mike smith told me ;)