Local Government Success Story – Julie Hardaker

Julie1After a term of dealing with all the fringe looneys, bogans, bludgers and other ratbags on her council and in her city Julie Hardaker won a second term and got rid of the anti fluoride looneys.

Julie is the first Mayor of Hamilton win a second term since Margaret Evans retired in the 1990s. Took over an incompetent fractious council in 2010, and has made it less incompetent by having the patience of a saint. Faced up to an appalling legacy of debt, and has attempted to put the council on a sound financial footing while fighting ratbags all over the place. 

Julie clobbered Whaleoil Dodgiest Local Body Political Nominee Ewan Wilson by nearly 3,000 votes, a remarkable achievement in a city as divided as Hamilton.

This victory gives shows the level of support for sensible, non ratbag mayors in Hamilton. Julie now has the mandate to do a little less consulting and a little more belting opponents with a jack handle if they don’t want to come to a sensible consensus.


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  • davofromthetron

    ‘got rid of the anti fluoride looneys’??? She voted for the withdrawl of fluoride from the water supply…

    • I’m glad someone raised that little issue!

      • jb

        But has she not seen sense now and gone with fluoridation?

  • manuka416

    Read a great letter to the editor in the Waikato Times the other day. It praised Hardaker for polarising the people of Hamilton by removing flouride from the water, essentially forcing the silent-majority fluoride supporters to activate and win the referendum. This polarising event will see the anti-fluoride minority languish for years to come.

  • Allan

    Us Hamilton Bogans aren’t that bad! just placate us with some tasty Waikato Draught (and some good quality heavy metal) and we couldnt give a flying rats arse what you are up to :D