Local Government Success Story – Michael Wood

SetWidth200-Puketapapa-Michael-Wood-booklet-66374DSC4083-AMichael Wood confirmed his reputation as Labour’s Great White Straight Hope in Auckland returning to his own area after getting a pasting in the Botany by-election.

Despite being straight and white and needing a soap box to stand on for anyone to notice him, Michael enhanced his reputation with relentless organising mixed in with a bit of low bastardry.

Voters managed to overcome his school boy looks and diminutive stature, and handed him a resounding victory. Michael overturned C&R’s majority in Puketapapa, and helped re-elect Cathy Casey as a result.  Likely to be the chairman of the local board, and the golden child within the Labour Party.  

Despite being a white middle class male and not taking it up the chokka he is still likely to be selected to stand for Parliament, though there is some talk of getting him to grow a lumberjack beard so he doesn’t look as if he is twelve years old and can sneak into the women’s caucus from the time to time.

History may make life difficult for Michael: has been publicly critical of Sam Lotu-Iinga for holding a council seat after he became a Member of Parliament.  Was equally critical of Jami-Lee Ross for resigning and forcing a by-election upon becoming a Member of Parliament.  Will he commit to serving a full three-year term and pass over a parliamentary nomination? Or will he be labelled a hypocrite as well as Labour’s best practitioner of low bastardry in Auckland?


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  • Paranormal

    I recall when he stood for Pakuranga in 2002. In his blurb for the Howick and Pakuranga Times he said he followed Helen Clark’s example of completing a politics degree because he wanted to go to parliament so he could tell people what to do.

    Scary that he might get that opportunity…

    • Kimbo

      Michael was the Finsec union rep where I worked a number of years ago (yes, I know what you are thinking, union rep…grrr).

      He is actually a good and moderate guy, who represented us well, and helped our bosses find some good and practical solutions. You may not agree with his politics, but even if you don’t vote or support Labour, it is in everyone’s interests that they at least have good, capable, and decent people (i.e., shits like Trevor mallard) representing them.

  • LionKing

    Isn’t he of the penis lollies fame?

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Looks like a future Labour PM to me….

    • slade52

      Depends on how the #manban pans out

  • Not Michael Wood

    Careful Whale this is becoming a bit of a love affair. You don’t want to look like some sort of pedophile.

    The one who wears the pants, in the family, is likely to be the chairperson.

    Local boards are a waste of space. His talents would be better utilized in Parliament.

    Plus – Self serving unionist.

    Minus – Heterosexual white middle class male, and the Man Ban Policy.

  • Hazards001

    If it looks like a duck…
    Walks like a duck…
    Quacks like a duck…
    It’s probably a Mallard in waiting…