Lyin’ Len breaking the law…

via the tipline

All election signs had to be down by midnight last night…except apparently for Len Brown’s

This was still up on Ellerslie Panmure highway at 1am this morning. Granted it’s been a little windy of late but everyone else seems to have managed to obey the law

As usual one law for the lefties and one for everyone else!


Nothing is likely to be done. Len’s mate in the Returning Office has been very slow to even appear to act on many, many sign breaches that have been notified to his office.

It seems you really have to go over the top to ever be investigated for electoral breaches. Labour candidate Daljit Singh still hasn’t had his day in court for trying hijack an election 3 years ago.

There are still more than 30 outstanding complaints with Police from the last general election. The Police seem to just ignore these breaches.

If our electoral alws won;t be enforced then what is the point of even having them.


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  • opusx


  • mike

    We need an independent non partisan electoral commission, similar to the IPCA

  • thor42

    “If our electoral laws won’t be enforced then what is the point of even having them.”


  • peterwn

    Go easy, here. Len would have contracted with the billboard company to have it removed in time, and the billboard company either ‘goofed’ or considered weather conditions too hazardous (defence of ‘necessity’ would apply).

    I do not think any major political party or ‘serious’ council candidates in recent times have deliberately left signs up after the deadline, but there is always a chance that the odd sign will be overlooked, or in the case of smaller signs put up by supporters on their fences, etc, the candidate / party is reliant on the supporters removing them, and occasionally that does not happen There has unfortunately apparently been ‘dirty tricks’ where a sign is stolen then erected early on election day, and some organisers number the signs and keep a tally of them in case this occurs.

    • sheppy

      If that was the case why does it look like the signs lot up – couldn’t they have at least turned them off or are light switches sacrosanct too?

      • peterwn

        Agreed, but Len’s folk would have relied on the signage contractor as the switch would either have been in a locked meter box or inaccessible without a ladder.

    • andrew carrot

      The law on this matter is clear: candidates are responsible for removing all of their signs before the deadline. Big billboards require big decisions that account for predicted conditions. There is no mention in the law of exemptions that allow for the untoward effect of weather, and all candidates know that. That rant aside, candidate signs were destroyed at such a prodigious rate in 2011 (shame on you Greens, Labour yoof and some new adherents to democracy in South Auckland) that in Auckland cheap, portable CCTV systems (battery powered, attached to adjacent street lights) are quietly being trialled in a few of last elections hotspots in prep for 2014. It’s come to that I’m afraid.

  • AnonWgtn

    Lyin Len is above the law – and don’t you forget it.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Take the vote for away and it would probably be legal.

  • KiaOra

    Ur an idiot. Did you stick your head outside last night in that wind?? A contactor would have been killed trying to take that skin down. You show profound ignorance of the billboard industry where weather delays are common.