Map of the Day


Religions of the World


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  • blokeintakapuna

    That’s a great map!

  • Higgs Boatswain

    It’s very pretty, but probably not all that useful. For one thing, there are no reliable figures at all for the total number of people of different faiths in the world (or even a reliable methodology for determining what religious community people identify with), so the figures claiming to show change over time are clearly suspicious. Secondly, the map only shows religious majorities within loosely-defined geographical areas (usually nation-states). So India – with the world’s second largest Muslim population – is almost entirely shaded pink for Hindus and has nowhere shaded blue for Muslims. Likewise, the growing Pentecostal Christian movements in Brazil are swallowed up in a sea of yellow for Roman Catholicism, and adherents of Chinese traditional religion are lumped alongside atheists under the label “no dominant religion.” Christians and Zoroastrians in the Middle East, Catholics in Britain, and Balinese Hindus might also feel that this map is unacceptably crude and misleading.

    All this is quite pedantic, but the point is that maps can be and are misleading. The best place to see the world is not necessarily from above.

  • Andrei

    That map is bullshit, why is Bulgaria coloured dark grey, it is an Orthodox country, far more Orthodox,than New Zealand is protestant,

    It is even written into Bulgaria’s constitution that it is Orthodox and yet the map colorer has made it predominantly non religious

    Same for Belarus and Ukraine

    • sandynobb

      Don’t worry, Andrei: Bulgaria will be Muslim blue in a few years.

      • Bafacu

        So will Great Britain

      • Andrei

        Sweden is well on the way, as is the Netherlands and the formerly Great Britain.

        Bulgaria sweated under the Turkish yoke for five centuries, Bulgars are not about to submit again in a hurry, I’d say