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Stoning Infograph and Map


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  • rockape

    A real case for disposing of some surplus nuclear weapons.

  • Garbageman

    Fkn animals, the burial depth pic is disturbing

  • RAS


  • Jman

    But hey, let’s allow these people to mass immigrate to our civilized western democracies. I’m sure they won’t bring any of their old ways with them. Yeah right!

  • bobby

    They should update their infograph. Sudan split into two countries over two years ago and they still have Southern Sudan inside the border they drew.

  • John Q Public

    How do they decide who biffs the first one?

  • Monique Angel


  • Monique Angel

    Anyone fancy a game of risk? I’ll play gfrom a non towel-head continent.

  • Rimutaka

    State sanctioned murder by any country is barbaric, yes that includes China and the US.

    • blokeinmanhattan

      Certainly one could hold that position. I’m curious about who does the lapidating: the public? Representatives of the police? The victim?