Map of the Day


How promiscuous are we?


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  • That could be one factor in explaining Bevan Chuang’s behaviour.

    • Dave

      Disagree Petal sorry, more to the point, it explains our current MAYOR BROWN’s rational for chasing and rooting her for over 2 years. An easy target, he knows he couldn’t catch a kiwi woman. Unless you care to provide more details.

  • thor42

    That does it – I’m moving to Brazil. Much hotter women too…….

  • dumbshit

    there should be a very dark green spot on the map denoting aotea square

  • thor42

    You can see why AIDS is out of control in Central Africa.

    • Dick Brown

      “Although HIV prevalence in Latin American countries is relatively low compared to the rates found in many parts of Africa, the number of people affected is still substantial. No country in the region has experienced a significant drop in HIV prevalence; most global regions have experienced declines in new HIV infections between 2001 and 2011, but it has remained constant in Latin America.3 4 As well as affecting millions of people’s lives, HIV and AIDS have had widespread social and economic implications for Latin American countries.
      More than half of Latin Americans living with HIV reside in the region’s four largest countries: Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina. Brazil is home to 490,000 people living with HIV – more than any other Latin American country – but due to the large size of its population, this equates to a relatively low HIV prevalence of 0.3 percent.”


      So hardly an epidemic; more like stability with no improvement or worsening of the numbers.

      The problem is stupid and ineffectual government responses by Sth American govts. This will change in time.

  • KinaRolf

    These maps are a joke. I lived in several countries, now in China, and absolutely nothing makes sense.