Map of the Day

Half the World

A great visual of how we live and the spaces we occupy.


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  • Toryboy

    They are welcome to it!

    The important thing is to ensure they stay there – and not jump in shipping containers, come to this country, be given residency in 45 days, bring their families over a week later, and spend the rest of their lives living rent free in state houses whilst trousering benefits and pensions.

    But what do I know?

    • Dick Brown

      Somehow I doubt we are going to be inundated with Chinese or Japanese refugees.

      Unless for the Japanese refugees we change our nuclear stance lol.

    • James Gray

      Then don’t give them welfare, you no longer have any reason to keep them out

  • tarkwin

    Maybe they all have some form of agoraphobia and don’t like leaving their home towns.