Mark Mitchell steals his own ute, dobbed in by stepson, at least it wasn’t a gay ute

Mark Mitchell got dobbed in by his stepson for nicking the family ute.

Rodney MP Mark Mitchell was dobbed in to police by his stepson.

Taylor Bourne spotted his father’s ute travelling through Orewa on Wednesday at a time when Mr Mitchell was supposed to be in Wellington.

But Taylor didn’t know Mr Mitchell had rushed home to survey damage from the previous night’s storm.

He wanted to get a clear view of just what and who had been affected.

“This helps me because what happens is it will get fixed and then people’s memories start to dim which makes it difficult when you go back and try and get funding for further fixes and future proofing,” he says.  

But he didn’t inform his family of his last minute decision.

He flew home, got his ute and made for the Orewa police station.

When Taylor saw his dad’s ute travelling past him on his way home from school he immediately reported it stolen.

Mr Mitchell’s wife Peggy then rang her husband to break the news his ute had been stolen.

“I said ‘Quick. Ring the police back before I get pulled up and arrested in my own ute’,” Mr Mitchell says.

Two things that make this story gold…first is Mark;s ute is a proper manly ute not some gay ute like Fossy has.

Second, usually when MPs are back in town and they don’t tell family they are out rooting. Not Mark Mitchell, he was out surveying storm damage for his constituents.


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  • opusx

    Mark’s a good bloke…and this a great little story. And it would seem a decent enough step dad to some other gentlemans kid (I just don’t have the heart to put SOCK).

  • LesleyNZ

    What a good boy his stepson is.

  • OhopeBeachBugger

    What ute was it then? No pictures or other evidence, so far as I can tell…

  • SamB

    Presumably Peggy Bourne is Possums old missus? Need evidence too that the ute isn’t actually gay.

    • opusx

      Yep, Peggy was married to Possum. And I doubt the Bourne boys would tolerate Mark owning a gay ute. :-)

  • Justsayn

    Mark: You are the third pregnant lady I’ve helped survey storm damage today.

    Constituent: I’m not pregnant!

    Mark: I cannot see any storm damage yet either.