Matt McCarten on my Old Man

Matt McCarten might not pay his tax, but in politics when you look him in the eye, shake his hand and make an agreement you know you can rely on his word. He has always operated in the back-rooms and has always come up against other back-room operators.

While many have been quick to slam my father in an attempt to smear me and to link everything back to John Palino to distract from Len Brown’s appalling lack of judgement. McCarten resists having a swipe at Dad and tells the truth, something distinctly lacking in all the attacks so far against him.

I’ve run more campaigns than I care to remember and know most of the senior players in this world. None of them believe Palino and his senior people didn’t know about the dirty tricks campaign. My only concession is that I know John Slater, Palino’s campaign manager. If he says he didn’t know, I believe him. But he should have – and stopped it.

As I stated to TVNZ yesterday, I didn’t tell my father, and the major reason was the one stated by McCarten above. The left wing likes to suggest that I, as a grown man of nearly 45 years, does the very bidding of my nearly 70 year old father. Their statements along those lines says more about how thy operate in life than it does about how I operate. I thank Matt McCarten for supporting what I have said all along and what Dad has said all along.?

It’s easy to feel morally indignant about Banks’ apparent willingness to solicit donations for favours. Brown, unfortunately, has arguably committed a similar crime.

Our Mayor solicited sex and concealed the relationship, and then helped his sexual benefactor get a council job without the public knowing there was a relationship with implied obligations. Brown gave his lover a work reference for a job at the Auckland Art Gallery. The Mayor’s recommendation would surely have been decisive in her successful application.

Conversely, it seems, Banks solicited donations and concealed them so he could help his financial benefactor without the public knowing there was a relationship with implied obligations.

Apart from Banks dropping Dotcom when he called in a favour, what’s the difference? Not much. Both used their positions of trust with dishonour.

Our two fallen sons are self-proclaimed practising Christians. I look forward to see how they go about seeking redemption and making amends.

I’m holding my breath – not for too long, I hope.

I wouldn’t hold your breathe Matt, Brown thinks that because the messenger is supposedly tainted that we should all ignore his many, many examples of poor judgement. He spun away inappropriate spending at Manukau and now he is spinning away, aided by a compliant media, the egregious breaches of the Council code of conduct.