Matt McCarten on my Old Man

Matt McCarten might not pay his tax, but in politics when you look him in the eye, shake his hand and make an agreement you know you can rely on his word. He has always operated in the back-rooms and has always come up against other back-room operators.

While many have been quick to slam my father in an attempt to smear me and to link everything back to John Palino to distract from Len Brown’s appalling lack of judgement. McCarten resists having a swipe at Dad and tells the truth, something distinctly lacking in all the attacks so far against him.

I’ve run more campaigns than I care to remember and know most of the senior players in this world. None of them believe Palino and his senior people didn’t know about the dirty tricks campaign. My only concession is that I know John Slater, Palino’s campaign manager. If he says he didn’t know, I believe him. But he should have – and stopped it.

As I stated to TVNZ yesterday, I didn’t tell my father, and the major reason was the one stated by McCarten above. The left wing likes to suggest that I, as a grown man of nearly 45 years, does the very bidding of my nearly 70 year old father. Their statements along those lines says more about how thy operate in life than it does about how I operate. I thank Matt McCarten for supporting what I have said all along and what Dad has said all along. 

It’s easy to feel morally indignant about Banks’ apparent willingness to solicit donations for favours. Brown, unfortunately, has arguably committed a similar crime.

Our Mayor solicited sex and concealed the relationship, and then helped his sexual benefactor get a council job without the public knowing there was a relationship with implied obligations. Brown gave his lover a work reference for a job at the Auckland Art Gallery. The Mayor’s recommendation would surely have been decisive in her successful application.

Conversely, it seems, Banks solicited donations and concealed them so he could help his financial benefactor without the public knowing there was a relationship with implied obligations.

Apart from Banks dropping Dotcom when he called in a favour, what’s the difference? Not much. Both used their positions of trust with dishonour.

Our two fallen sons are self-proclaimed practising Christians. I look forward to see how they go about seeking redemption and making amends.

I’m holding my breath – not for too long, I hope.

I wouldn’t hold your breathe Matt, Brown thinks that because the messenger is supposedly tainted that we should all ignore his many, many examples of poor judgement. He spun away inappropriate spending at Manukau and now he is spinning away, aided by a compliant media, the egregious breaches of the Council code of conduct.


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  • opusx

    I am starting to find this all beyond farcical now. Whether the MSM champion Brown or not, the most likely outcome is that he will step down. It has become very clear the agenda put forward by both the MSM and Brown and his spin doctors is to do as much collateral damage as possible before the inevitable happens. And so be it I guess, this is politics we are talking about.

    But no matter how much the left spin this, and how desperately they go after Cam and his family, the Brown camp will never be able to gain credibility, or indeed, respect.

    Cam wears his heart on his sleeve. He does not profess to be perfect. A spade is a spade, a tool is a tool.The blog echoes almost word for word exactly what it’s followers think and feel every time they are bombarded with the nonsense the majority of the MSM have become sadly known for. Cam is plugged into the way middle NZ think…because he is middle NZ.

    So to all you out there in the MSM attacking Cam, my message to you is this:

    You are a sad joke, we do not take you seriously, we are more intelligent that you. We see right through your spin and attempt at manipulation, and we are in contempt of you for believing you can treat us this way. If you do not change your ways you will become extinct, which is a somber thought, for we need you. Give us a reason to once again champion our media.

    And as for anyone attacking Cam over what is actually Brown’s doing, be very aware that I for one (and many others too) am watching with great interest. If you step over the line, I will personally travel to stand by his side, because you need to be mindful that in attacking him you are taking on middle NZ, and all that entails. And that my friends, is way bigger than politics.

    • Andy


      • dyannt


    • Magoo

      I made the mistake of opening my free copy of this mornings Herald that I use for compost and saw the opinions of people on the street about Len Brown and all five said Brown should keep his job. The political advocacy by the Horrid is the truly pathetic. And they expect people to believe the results of their didgpoll. They’re nothing but a propaganda arm of the political left, and they can’t even be bothered trying to maintain a pretense of impartiality.

      • LesleyNZ

        This is because the NZ Herald has implied that the Mayor’s affair was just a little fling. If they haven’t read this blog then most people don’t know what Mayor Brown was really up to. The Herald should be brave and print the affidavit and then see what the people think. Of course they will have to print a WARNING at the beginning. What does this tell you about our Mayor?

    • CommonSense404

      The phrase ‘whale army’ is very apt

    • paddles83


    • Dave

      opusx. The more they attack Cam and WO, the more we, the WO Army know that Cam and team are onto something. One of the most telling things, of the so called irrelevant blog, is when they start attacking, and the odd drop in by Fisherwoman, and that Drinnan idiot.

      If the blog and Cam are so irrelevant, why would they bother?? They bother, cause deep down, they are worried, but not wise enough to act.

      The fact is Cam had the scoop on the story, did his investigative Journalism, and WO ran a brilliant story leaving the idiots at the Herald (and most other NZ MSM) seriously wanting. Can guarantee the news room and war room at Granny Herald went into meltdown, 1, trying to work out what went wrong, 2) wondering how to spin the (SCS line) nothing here, move on, Len is the Messiah, she is a slut. They have failed, they know it, they aer looking to discredit Cam and WO, but they still fail.

      In management terms, there are three types of people / organisations. Those that see and act, are progressive, ahead of the pack. Those that follow, and will always follow. And the blind that don’t see and wonder what the fuck happened.

      I have followed the changes in the Media for years, and very few have a strategy that even recognizes the changed environment, let alone are moving to the next phase. Nowadays, consumers want FACTS, the ability to debate, to make their mind up, and not to have a manufactured sanitized and politicized view of a pinko rammed down their throats. For most, its like dining out on cardboard and bottled sewerage.

      Look at the Herald, downsized, sub editing moved offshore, change in support to the left, and they still wonder why their circulation is falling faster than POA lost containers during the strike.

      • dyannt

        Years ago, I used to buy and read a few women’s mags – till it dawned on me that what was headlined on the front cover bore no resemblance to what was inside. No facts, just rumour and inuendo – and usually a large paparazzi type photo with (if you were lucky) an article of about 100 words. (As you might imagine I haven’t bought a women’s rag for years.)
        I now see the MSM as being in the same category.

    • AnonWgtn

      100 to 1 that Brown brown’s it out.
      His ego is such that he walks on water and will not resign- after all it is everybody else’s fault -especially tat it was John Palino who in disguise pretended to be Lyin Len.
      And the Herald know it.

  • Magoo

    Banks ‘dropping Dotcom when he called in a favour’ shows that he isn’t for sale politically and has high standards. Dotcom should’ve donated to a left wing politician if he wanted to bribe one – oh, that’s right he did, to Len Brown.

    • OhopeBeachBugger

      Banks just showed that he was willing to take money under false pretences – a double blind. There is no way Banks gets a + from me; he should have known better than to associate with a person convicted of crimes of dishonesty, nothing good was ever going to come of it.

      • Magoo

        What false pretences? You’re right about associating with a weasel like Dotcom though.

        • OhopeBeachBugger

          The pretence that he would have done Dotcom favours if required.

      • Patrick

        Agree, Banks held his nose with one hand & grabbed the cheque with the other, he let the money cloud his judgement. A man of his years & history in politics should have known better.
        The unfortunate thing is it looks like Dot Com will claim a significant scalp here, Banks is pretty much toast.

    • AnonWgtn

      But did not Dotcon deliver to Brown’s Trust also, where it was smothered in the Trust ?

      • Magoo

        Roger Douglas said that the way Banks did it was no different to every other politician in NZ. I bet Dotcon would’ve bought all the MP’s he could from both the left & right and then tried to use them to prevent his extradition in some way. The difference is that Banks didn’t do what he was supposed to, but I bet he wasn’t stupid enough to say anything more than something like ‘I’ll see what I can do’ when accepting the donation.

  • Toryboy

    He made a typo; what I think he meant to write was “…I’ve run more LOSING campaigns than I care to remember …”

    But seriously, McCarten has impressed me with a fairly balanced and honourable article.
    I am also pleased that – finally – someone on the left has joined the dots and realised that Brown giving a reference for the Art Gallery job was ‘an offer you can’t refuse’; an abuse of power to favour his mistress.

  • Michael

    The MSM who are attacking you should be asking themselves this first. “Why did we not know a thing until a single blogger, aided by a handful of volunteers, was able to break the story?”

    The answer might be a bit hurtful – they rely on press releases and don’t develop sources like true professional journalists do.

    • AnonWgtn

      Or did thy know but were shut own by the Brown Team ?

  • cows4me

    We tend to view the world through our political leanings. So it’s no surprise the left see a conspiracy under every rock, it’s how their brains work. Like many of their policies there is usually a hidden agenda behind it. The left seek power and wish to govern peoples lives but they realise most people just want to get on with their own business and live their own lives without big government. Knowing this is why they are always working to an agenda that lies below the surface. So it’s no real surprise they see conspiracy, it’s how their minds work.

  • hunk4hire .

    When the NZ Herald turned into a tabloid, I knew that NZ was in real trouble. The demise of this once serious publication into a Kiwi version of “The Daily Mirror” has been one of the sadder episodes on New Zealand’s slouch towards moral, spiritual and cultural oblivion.

    • kaykaybee

      Oh yes, the Herald has long ago morphed into a red top newspaper with head-shakingly little gravitas. Previous editors and contributors would turn in their grave. In their efforts to remain relevant they’ve gone for the lowest common denominator. If you want to know what Kim Kardashian’s post baby body is like then they’re your go-to.

      Back to thread subject – good on Matt McCarten – Rudman take note.

  • Magoo

    An actual recording of Len Brown to Bevan:

  • Guest

    Cam, can I ask why you are not pursuing the Banks revelations or is it merely because the Brown affair is the hot topic? Perhaps a little to close to dotcon for your liking? There is clearly a story to answer to there and was just wondering why?
    Certainly not dictating to you what is news worthy, just curious.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I am teaching you some facts of life which you may find hard to digest bros. But take it as a hard medicine.

    1. Lentils will simply ride through this. All the MSM are behind him and they will eventually spin a story that this is John Key’s problem to solve

    2. In another two weeks time, Lentils will shamelessly roam around the functions in Auckland and people will think he is a super man

    3. National will go down badly in today’s 3-News poll and the media will latch onto this and start to write the obituary for John Key. Curryleaf will overtake John Key as the preferred PM in February opinion polls and with that game over

    4. ACT is finished and National winning Epsom will make no bloody difference in 2014. National will be sitting in the opposition for a long long time

    5. Currleaf-Smelling Hippie – Fat Tuatara combination will rule NZ for the next nine years and ruin us economically. It takes Kiwis nine years to understand anything any way.

    Keep calm and move on. My only sympathy here is for Whale. He did such a splendid job but there are too many people working against him. But I am proud to say Whale Oil is the best I have seen. Our time will come again bros.

    • Magoo

      Unfortunately you’re probably right – without ACT the Nats probably won’t have the numbers. I think the Greens/Labour/Mana/whatever else Frankenstein will fuck things up earlier than 9 yrs though.

    • AnonWgtn

      He s already functioning with is forgiving wife.
      Thy went to the priest and said 10 Hail Marys so is all over (until the next time).
      Ask his first wife ?

  • DLNZ

    MSM has truly reached a new low when you can rely on McCarten to be more unbiased and factual than journalists.

  • Patrick

    Don’t be too quick to award the accolades to McCarten. He has a score to settle with Brown over Brown’s handling of the Ports of Auckland strike. If Brown is going down (& it looks like McCarten thinks he is) then McCarten will want to inflict some damage on the way out to even the score. As to why he refuses to take a shot at Slater Snr, who knows, what we do know is commies like McCarten hate the right with a passion, Slater et al are public enemy No.1 in McCarten’s view. My only guess is there is a significant skeleton in McCarten’s closet – over & above the PAYE stole from the taxpayers. A skeleton McCarten is aware that Slater Jnr has knowledge of.

    • McCarten has a long association with Dad, president to president, they built a good rapport, one based on trust.

  • sandals

    I believe in free speech, and I believe in live and let live. I believe that our politicians are working for the good of all, mind you I also believe in the tooth fairy and Santa.