Maybe this guy isn’t so bad after all….


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  • Clemgeopin

    This pope is a truly good guy. I like and respect him a lot.

  • Bart67

    I like this pope, he is a breath of fresh air in the Vatican, and a truly humble man. Contrast his behavior with the Bishop of Bling in Germany!

  • I’m mostly impressed that he got elected. It means the majority of those in power think it’s better to have someone like this as the figurehead of the RCC.

    And not a second too soon, either.

  • conwaycaptain

    He and the Archbishop of Canterbury are down to earth good guys. They have lived in the real world and have not been cocooned in the hierarchy of the RC and C of E.
    Unfortunately Frank the Argie has maybe 10 years to get the RC Church back on track and he has started by getting young experienced men in to help him and started kicking out the Curia.

    • jaundiced

      The archbishop of Canterbury is a sanctimonious tosser. Remember it was him who believes Islamic law should be introduced in the UK.

  • cows4me

    He should go to the UN and have a word to the IPCC.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    The Pope should have a chat with Len Brown

  • Eiselmann

    Well he’s saying a lot of right things however getting the rest of the church hierarchy to buy into what he’s saying may not be so easy…they have had it so good for so long .
    Thing is regardless of whether he’s a good guy or not the world, many in the world are going to be looking for him to tackle the child abuse problem within the church, the other popes , good and bad, failed to do so, they failed their church but most importantly they failed countless boys…so I hope this Pope has a set of balls , even if he doesn’t use them as per the instruction manual, and purges his church of these deviants.

  • Chancey

    if he walks the talk – god bless

  • Silver Fox

    He does indeed come over as a truly humble man with his
    heart in the right place according to his beliefs.

    Has anyone ever met god, known someone who has met him, explain
    why their god allows such misery and poverty on this planet, wonder why we have
    such terrible things as cancer in our midst, actually believe that worshiping someone/something
    will give us a wonderful afterlife, scorn those who many years ago worshiped
    the sun and think that catholics are one step above all else.

    Even in the catholic ramblings, as per asserted by the new
    pope, anyone who lives their life according to their beliefs is entitled to go
    to heaven no matter what their beliefs/religion are.

    FFS waken up and realise that all religions are rubbish –
    there is no afterlife.

    Even those of the Arab persuasion of suicide bombers have diminished
    when they realised that Susan Boyle is a virgin and what awaits them in the
    afterlife is 27 versions of her!

    To summarise I do believe the current pope person is a good
    guy but he has been indoctrinated in the whole religion bullshit however I do
    wish him all the best.


  • Mr_V4

    This pope actually speaks wisdom, the first time in a while we have had a pope do that.

  • Sponge

    Tim Minchin – Pope Song – YouTube

    thats all……