A mayor who won’t front is no mayor at all

Len Brown is bailing on meetings and appointments all over town, he simply can’t front, the man is an embarrassment.

The Herald reports:

Auckland Mayor Len Brown continued to cancel his scheduled public appearances today as his sex scandal remained in the spotlight.

Mr Brown was to attend the launch this evening of the Rainbow Community Public Health Report – which looks at the public health needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex New Zealanders – but pulled out less than an hour before he was due to arrive at the event in Greenlane.

It was understood the mayor’s office contacted organisers and told them he had “urgent council business” to attend to.

Mr Brown’s press staff could not be contacted by APNZ in the hours leading up to the 6pm event.

Mr Brown’s pulling out of the event followed further allegations against him aired on a radio station this afternoon.

Whoops…I think that was me. Tick tock Lenny. 

One commenter, Bunswalla, sums it up perfectly:

I recall Len Brown trumpeting is “!00 initiatives in 100 days” after he won last time – even though most were trivial or already underway prior to the election.

Looks like his first 100 days this term will be:

1. Hide
2. Stay at home
3. Carefully-staged photo-op with wife for 15 minutes, Shan with gritted teeth and no wedding band
4. Hide
5. Cancel an appearance
6. Postpone an appearance
7. Defer an appearance
8. Stay in bed with covers pulled over my head
9. Reschedule an appearance
10. Put off a meeting
11. Pull out of a meeting
12. Hide under the bed
13. Venture out in public for 5 minutes, retreat to cupboard.
… etc
… etc
… etc
… Resign.


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  • Muffin

    Nice one buns

    • blokeintakapuna


    • Bunswalla

      I blush

  • OhopeBeachBugger

    Len’s Facebook page makes for cringing reading…

    • opusx

      Just been reading through the comments on his FB page…man is he getting slammed. Ratepayers in ak clearly not happy to just ‘move on’.

      • Blue Water Coastie

        I don’t do FB, but sweet news. Thanks for the post.

        • OhopeBeachBugger

          I reactivated my profile solely to see what people had to say…sometimes voyeurism really is fun.

          • Cowgirl

            I’ve been watching it for a while – he has been getting slammed for the most part. He went up in ‘likes’ for a bit there and now seems to be on the decline there again.. He’s posted a few things this week and all the supporters came out of the woodwork all of a sudden – not sure where they’ve been up until now. Back to status quo again now – getting slammed, which is how I like it.

          • blokeintakapuna

            “getting slammed, which is how I like it.”
            Freudian slip… or maybe I should get out more?

          • Cowgirl


          • Dave

            CG have a look who the supporters are, a lot will be members of the unions, who will be running around asking members to support Lying Len. You will probably find a fair few supporters are outside Auckland

          • Cowgirl

            Yeah you’re probably right. It does seem like they just came out of the woodwork en masse once his facebook page got up and running again this week. I didn’t think it was a coincidence since there had been no sign of them until then and Len Brown has just taken a largely unchecked thrashing on there since this thing broke.

  • JeffDaRef

    Those further allegations were….??

    • pidge

      Apparently Cam mentioned “three other women” to Willie and JT on Radio Live

      • at least…

        • stephen2d

          Can’t wait for the coup de grace!

          • philbest

            And I am eagerly anticipating the “Breitbart ploy” that Cam is obviously playing, rebounding on the MSM sycophants. Why just bring a corrupt Mayor down when you can “manage” a major credibility hit on the MSM as well?

          • 4077th

            Has len managed to get Penny Bright pregnant?

          • pidge

            Oh thank you for that mental image, I’ll be scarred for life.

          • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

            I can make you insane by sending you a Fenton….

          • pidge

            At this rate we’ll be ready for Cthulhu tentacle porn with Lenny.

          • Dave

            Phil, whilst I have enjoyed most of your posts, that is straight bullshit. You assume the majority of the MSM had any Credibility left to start with.

            Most of the MSM lost any credibility many years ago.

          • philbest

            To you and me, bro, to you and me and the enlightened.

            What we want to do is enlighten those who still are not. After all how do people like Lefty Len still win local body elections if not for the MSM still having credibility in the eyes of enough people to make a difference?

        • Dave

          Petal – please…. at least suggests a number between 4 and ………..100,000,000,000. Whilst it amazes me he could keep up with 4, please do tell.

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          Now we are talking!! You got my attention Whale!

      • kehua

        Fuk`n hell , what a doozy.

        • Mark

          Or floozy…

      • Scooby01

        Just women?

      • Steve R

        Don’t you mean the two racists Listened to them yesterday and now that cam wasn’t there they’ve been slamming him. Cunts

  • pidge

    I wish they would stop using “pulled out” when describing Len cancellations, I’m going to need to stockpile the mind-bleach. Or is that deliberate?

    • Chancey

      there is a nasty brown stain over all sorts of language that used to be innocuous

  • conwaycaptain

    What were the allegations?? Don’t keep us in suspense.

  • Chancey

    The Home and Family Counselling board has distanced itself from comments made by its executive director supporting Auckland Mayor Len Brown as honorary president of the organisation.

    • opusx

      Saw this coming a mile away. Len’s credibility completely gone.

  • andrew carrot

    Buns , you forgot “hide behind media statements written for (rather than by) your daughters.”

    • Bad__Cat

      And another soft interview and hugs with John Campbell

      • Dave

        “Soft”interview…..Hug with Campbell??……. is he one of Len’s “others” have we not been thinking laterally enough ??

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    “Urgent” business to attend to? Is that code for having to rub one out?

  • Blue Water Coastie

    Over time he won’t be invited to perform any civic duties and eventually he’ll have nothing to do. So the tasks of Mayor will have gone and he can bugger off and go and be Christchurch City Councils tea boy.

    • Chancey

      he could spend three years penance cutting the berms in auckland

      • andrew carrot

        Len poncing around Auckland in just a singlet, work boots and Stubbies…shudder

        • Patrick

          Lock up your daughters, Lecherous Lennie on the loose in the suburbs

      • Alloytoo

        We don’t know what Len prefers: Wild and bushy, neatly trimmed, or smooth……Berms of course…..

        • Dave

          We do know, as he signed off the council keeping them tidy, he obviously prefers Wild and Bushy.

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          scorched ones bro, scorched ones…

    • blokeintakapuna

      Haven’t they suffered enough?

      • Blue Water Coastie

        I was thinking there would be nothing like a slap on the tea boy’s arse, as he trundled by, cups rattling in the saucers…

    • opusx


    • andrew carrot

      I love the use of the word “perform”. It makes len’s mayoralty appear to be a big act.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Someone else had a corker yesterday too saying “it’s hard to run a city from under a desk” or something similar – it was a sledge and a half indeed!

    • JeffDaRef

      Was it hard to run the city while Bevan was under the desk?

      • Alfred12

        Nah, it was only 2 minutes out of his day. He probably made up the time by cutting back his lunch break!

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          He is so honest you know…

    • andrew carrot

      I think what we’re going to get is a ‘pop-up’ mayor. Unannounced, he’ll set himself up in an abandoned warehouse or freezing works, for half an hour a month, and call this “Mayor Among His People”, or public consultation if he’s asked to justify the cost.

  • JohnRW

    If the Herald or Herald on Sunday are likely to unload this weekend, is that why they call it Labour Weekend? Aren’t you going to be the first to break the news Cam?

  • Dick Brown

    He can’t miss his own swearing in though

    • Mr_Blobby

      No but the could scale it back to just friendlies.

      Maybe the Mayoral bathroom, or if the Family want to come the Ngati Fuckua room.

      • andrew carrot

        Now that the Ngati Whatua room has been mentioned, I can say that should the council ever hold a meeting in that august chamber the first councillor to “table a motion” will split the place apart! I’m not sure that Len will get the joke, but he’ll raise both thumbs anyway.

      • Dave

        Friendlies….. that would be his family, John Drinnan and Matthew McCarten, spin doctors from the Horrid, and the other shortie, a mr John Campbell representing TV3. Then the need them on myside list. ACC COS, as he will run the enquiry.

        I wonder when your invitation will arrive Cam, or has NZ Post lost it in their downsizing?

    • 4077th

      Someone close to me suggested we all make an appearance at the swearing in and go at him rag top style. Throw some shoes at the fucker!

      • Dick Brown

        If the Council Chambers of a country’s largest city isn’t the most appropriate place for lawful protest I don’t know what is.

      • andrew carrot

        Where’s Penny Bright when we actually need her?

  • Phar Lap

    Urgent council business for Len, ,like what.****** or leapfrog, or spooning.

    • Mr_Blobby

      The new erectile medication worked to well and he couldn’t leave the mayoral Bathroom.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Brown Zed Gimp Fiction

    B: I meant, what now between me and you.

    W: Oh, that “what now.” I tell you what now between me and you. There is no “me and you”. Not no more.

    B: So we cool?

    W: Yeah, we cool. leave town tonight, right now, and when you gone, you stay gone, or you be gone. You lost all your Auckland privileges. Deal?

    B: Deal.

    W: Now get your ass out of here.

    • Garbageman

      Pulp Fiction reference instant +1

    • Rusty B

      Don’t forget the blowtorch and the pliers!!

  • GazzW

    Hey Hamish!

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    He has made a total mockery of the Office of Mayor. He is selling Auckland short by not doing what he was supposedly voted in to do. GET OUT from behind your wife’s skirt and at least do what you are bloody paid for or get out.

    • Dave

      He cant sell, but he is very short, that was in Bevan’s affidavit….

  • CheesyEarWax

    “It was understood the mayor’s office contacted organisers and told them he had “urgent council business” to attend to.

    Mr Brown’s press staff could not be contacted by APNZ in the hours leading up to the 6pm event.”

    I wonder if it was something to do with the not so private “private matter”? Or it could be about mowing berms.

  • mike

    He’s “pulling out” all over the bloody show… that’ll be leaving a sticky mess everywhere!

  • Garbageman

    I see Plunket on Radio Live is back slammin Lenny boy after 1 whole day of trying to drop the subject

  • #heyLen why you hiding bro?

    Going through your little black book to work out who/how many are going to come back and haunt you?

    Going through your options on what to do next?

    What options do your spin doctors tell you you have?

    You don’t have any options left Len.

    You’re backed into a corner.

    You’re fucked mate.

    Have some dignity.

    Go now.

    Regards, Travis Poulson.

    • Lion_ess

      ……”have some dignity…….” And therein lies the conundrum Travis. If he had any dignity, he would have already stood down.

    • nudgy

      Remember Len is a lawyer. I’m sure the good old boys at the Auckland District Law Society would love to have him back in the fold.. an option?

      • 4077th

        Ah yes a lawyer, that will explain a lot.

        • Bunswalla

          What’s the difference between a disaster and a catastrophe?

          A disaster is when a boat with 300 lawyers on their annual Christmas Cruise sinks in the Waitemata Harbour.

          A catastrophe is when they can all swim.

      • Dave

        I dont think so, they protect their own to a point, he is simply damaged goods, they would throw him under the bus very fast.

    • David Soh

      Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing,

      you can’t advise a wolf to leave,
      but you can chase him away.

    • dumbshit

      off topic but your opening line fired a thought that hey-clint is conspicuous by his abscence

  • Micky

    “but pulled out less than an hour before he was due to arrive”
    Seems the only thing he’s good at is pulling out at the last moment.

  • Mr_Blobby

    The sad brown apologist, the horrid, will have to up size to paper over the cracks.

    The holes will continue to appear and the cracks will only get bigger, eventually you will have a paper mache mountain with no substance.

    Not even brown stain will be able to produce enough glue, to hold it all together.

    • philbest

      Agree, Breitbart was a master of this sort of thing, manage the story so max damage is caused to the MSM sycophants……

  • Team ENZ

    Hands up those who voted for this lying no-show mayor???? Numpties , put your hand up…Now you have got a NO-Show mayor.. hooray..

  • Dave

    Mayor Brown is trying to do his job, and show up to represent the good people of Dorkland who elected him. Perhaps there is with 2 ways the WOBH army might assist:

    1) Like the cardboard cutout campaign for the police a few years back, I suggest the WO army fund-raise via Wiener style short sausage sizzles to provide Len with some cardboard cut outs of himself, and a few of him and Bevan. that way he gets to stay in the office, but people still get to see his smug face. A great use of the WO army time, all in our Dump Lying Len T Shirts outside Bunnings on a Sunday morning offering the hungry public the new Lens Wiener sausages on rice.

    2) Perhaps Cam, Pete and the WO team can start a really helpful Pubic (oops, Public) service, Firstly, if Len carried a GPS tracking device, or one of the GCSB friends of WO feed lens movements from his cell phone, WO could publish GPS style map of Lens whereabouts and his movements. Not that there are any movements.

    All this goes to prove, Auckland does have Fucking Mayor, just not a Mayor who represents the people. Resign Len, you have proven you cannot do your job.

  • Boris

    Q&A time:
    Q: Whats the difference between Len Brown & a Catfish?
    A: Ones a scum sucking bottom dweller & the other is a fish

  • Goldie

    “Mr Brown’s pulling out”
    Unfortunately, you can’t read about Len Brown pulling out of anything without sniggering.

    • Team ENZ

      pregnancy avoided….

  • Chancey

    Despicable Len has today written us all a lovely letter


    this guy is in serious denial

    • MarcWills

      Sorry everyone, my computer is OOS for a while – I accidently clicked on Chancey’s link, and MOBIE have requested a 60 minute sterilization and disinfection period to eliminate the contamination which was left behind.

      Normal service will resume ASAP.

  • Chancey

    Inaugural meetings


    now that the mayor has managed to pull us all together and finally get us interested in the corrupt machinations of Council this list shows you where to go in the first instance to lobby – about time our elected representatives start to feel some heat

    • Mr_Blobby

      6pm on Tuesday 29 October at the Auckland Town Hall.

      Unfortunately I will be out of town and will miss what will be an interesting swearing in.

      They say that it will be open to the public, my guess is selected public, any sign of protest will be discouraged.

    • captainnotsosensible

      Do you know where one might look for a specific reason where the swearing in of new mayor can be postponed? :-) Perhaps there are some rules such as “if elected person is subject to an internal inquiry, it must completed before swearing in” or similar?

      • Chancey

        You would have to start crawling through the legislation listed here on page 6


        • captainnotsosensible

          ah thank you very much indeed. I will start digging…. there’s sometimes a little known but very useful phrase or rule in these kinds of things…but they are buried so no one bothers looking… fingers crossed….

          Sometimes even just the possibility that someone might be in breach of said rules can be enough to halt proceedings….. : )

          • Chancey

            it may be as simple as being in contravention of the stat dec he swore last time which is along the lines of doing what is best for auckland, but hes a rat backed into a corner – best he just resigns

  • captainnotsosensible

    Have never been so interested in rules around Local Govt meetings : ) Thanks Chancey for the links. It seems like section 9 of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 might be relevant here.

    That’s the section that deals with “Exclusion of public interest immunity”.

    Meaning, i think, in plain english “how to pin the bastard with difficult questions and how to not let him get away with arguing that ‘it’s not in the public interest”

    What I realise as I delve deeper into these regs (who would have thought Local Govt could be so interesting!) is that these apply to all meetings, starting with the swearing in of Mr Brown next week. Link here for those keen to read..http://www.legislation.govt.nz/act/public/1987/0174/latest/DLM122290.html

    So basically, going forward from now, anytime there is a council mtg that he attends, as long as the meeting is not classed as private, there will be an opportunity to argue for something to be put to the meeting that is not on the agenda.

    Now I can imagine someone might have already thought of this. Maybe Mr Brown himself, or his spin team or legal friends.

    But what if the same or similar questions were put, mtg after mtg, week after week, month after month? surely we would end up getting to the bottom of things.

    Geez. Is it me or does nearly every sentence seem like it has a possible sexual innuendo in it these days : )

    Actually now I’m thinking more about that infamous line in the Terminator films:

    “Judgement Day is INEVITABLE”

    • Chancey

      you can request speaking rights two weeks before a meeting and address them yourself, or lobby the local board, but this is the most diffifult time before they are sworn in Doug McKay is in charge under delegated authority – refer 23 july minutes of governing body for that structure

      considering we pay through the nose to live here, and bugger all people turn up to these meetings, it will straighten them up big time if suddenly it is standing room only everytime they meet – be prepared to be very depressed if you do start to attend

      • captainnotsosensible

        Thanks… Useful info..

        Just had a funny thought. What if Len’s sidekicks read these entries and tried to act on things written here in order to protect their beloved leader?

        And what if those things were said just to keep them guessing.

        Or not.

  • Mr_Blobby

    They seek him here, they seek him there, they seek him everywhere.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      A follower of fashion, typical socialist, and he is dedicated :)

  • BR

    “Mr Brown was to attend the launch this evening of the Rainbow Community
    Public Health Report – which looks at the public health needs of
    lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex New Zealanders – but
    pulled out less than an hour before he was due to arrive at the event in

    Bloody hell! If he is too frightened to front up to a consortium of sexual deviants as a result of his dalliances, who will he be brave enough to front up to?


  • Sri

    Well, it looks Len Brown is not planning to go anywhere. He is here to stay…

    So, why don’t we seriously investigate all the possible avenues that are left open, within the legals system of NZ, to evict him, if he doesn’t want to go??

    Starting from less damaging, easy to do stuff, all the way, to the “Tiananmen Square” or Tahrir Square stuff…. what ever it takes….
    Can we list out our options here:

  • Greg

    Can Lens election campaign manager be charged with electioneering fraud with running advertisments on Lens morality.
    Its been outed that Len advised his Mayoral election team on the 7th Oct about his affair,
    so if your hocking faulty goods then what?