Our media is rooted

The good people of Timaru got fed this horse shit yesterday morning.

NOTICE: People of Timaru, if your mayor was having an affair on ratepayer time your local paper wouldn’t tell you because you’re not supposed to care. On top of not supposing to care your local paper won’t tell you that there are ratbags in the town hall because they have deemed it to not be in the public interest.

This is horse shit…tell everything and let the public decide if it is in the public interest. Bastards.

Is an affair by the mayor of our largest city of public interest? There is no doubt it’s interesting to the public, but public interest is another thing.

And the answer is … maybe.

It is not of public interest because Len Brown was obviously doing a good job during the two years he was having his affair with Bevan Chuang. How do we know? Because he just got elected with a majority of 50,000 votes, that’s how.

But it is in the public interest on the basis he used his position to foster the relationship, that he did so in work time, and that he used council premises in doing so. 

The most vexing question though is the moral one … should the fact he’d had an affair been known to voters?

Certainly it would have changed some minds, but that doesn’t make publication of the affair right.

With the mayoral chains off, Mr Brown might be the biggest wine-swilling, swearing, racist, sexist you’ve ever met (I’m sure he’s not), but if those factors don’t affect his day job, is it any business of the voters? Or does an affair cross a different boundary?

Stealing would. So would physical assault. Sex outside marriage?

In the past the media has decided where the line lies, and affairs, unless they impact on the public role, are below it.

Why has that fallen to the media? Simple. The media can widely spread the word.

But the media world has changed. This story broke via a blog on the internet. Now, anyone with a readership can set their own rules.

Another factor is the audience.

In South Canterbury a story about an affair involving a local mayor would be widely read and commented on, but if it wasn’t affecting the person’s job I would anticipate complaints against us for publishing.

What right is it of ours to divulge a person’s private life? What about the family? That sort of thing.

There are different rules depending on size of community and feeling of community.

Should Len Brown stay on? Given the size of his majority and that the affair hasn’t had an obvious impact on ratepayers, yes.

And it seems unfair that a politically motivated blog could bring him down.

Will people look at him differently? Absolutely.

Will that stop him doing his job? Time will tell.

One thing is very clear since the story broke. Len Brown wasn’t kidding when he told voters he wanted the job.

This most certainly is our business…these ratbags ask us to trust them but their own wives can’t trust them….yet this paper in Timaru doesn’t trust the population with the facts…no wonder South Canterbury Finance was able to operate their ponzi scheme for so long…no one was prepared to hold them to account.

Len Brown’s affair was not private, it was conducted in very public buildings, on tables in maori rooms, at his desk, on his couch and in hotels obtained through his position as mayor.

This blog and my authors will not shy from telling the truth about ratbags…we will out them, we will run them through and we will tell you everything that we have as evidence. We won’t filter and we won’t decided for you what you should and shouldn’t think.


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  • Orange

    “Stealing would”

    Well I class what he did as stealing

  • Andy

    This is just getting hilarious. Apparently a publicly funded senior employee of the state, screwing another of the same, in public premises, during work hours, is none of my business.

    Which freaking planet are these guys on?

    • SJ00

      Thats what I don’t understand. People seem to be giving him a free ride because he was a good mayor (which is their opinion, I’m sure for everyone that says he is, you can find 2 that say he isn’t). His behavior, shagging and wanking in his office is disgraceful. If he gets off with this inquiry into breaking the code of conduct, it should be open season in the council offices to shag and wank when one sees fit.

      • Andy

        Actually it’s worth applying for a job at Auckland council and asking if I need to supply my own tissues for the job

        • SJ00

          Nah mate, ratepayers will cover that for you!

          • Andy

            I can just picture this interview scene.

            “Have you anything you’d like to ask us?
            Yes. I am a sex addict who gets off on midget porn and rooting asian chicks in meeting rooms.
            Are you able to accommodate my needs under your diversity umbrella?”

        • Bad__Cat


          This is why I love Blogs.

      • OhopeBeachBugger

        Sounds like a playground, not a workplace.

      • philbest

        It is interesting how mayors who have wrecked their cities with policies that were popular with a stupid majority, often turn out to have been total crooks anyway.

        Lefty Len has been a hypocrite on everything that counts anyway: he wants urban intensification for everyone in Dorkland except his own immediate neighbourhood where he has his mansion and 1 acre section; and he wants road funding diverted to trains except for the two road projects that would connect his own neighbourhood quicker to SH1 south and with the CBD.

        So cheatin’ on his wife is part of what he is, period.

        People who say he has “been a good mayor” are just stupid or propagandised, and probably both.

    • GazzW

      “Which freaking planet are these guys on?”

      Timaru, Andy.

      • Andy

        Timaru Herald are so short of news they take pictures of me cross country skiing and put it on their front page

        • cows4me

          What’s that white stuff?

          • Andy

            Global warming

          • cows4me

            Priceless :-)

    • Bad__Cat

      If Auckland Council is like where I work, they get 10 minutes off every morning and afternoon tea time. Plenty of time for Lennie to whip it out, do the deed, and have a ciggie & a coffee before getting back to work screwing the city.

  • Random66

    ‘What right is it of ours to divulge a person’s private life? ‘

    What right is it of yours to decide what we should and should not know about a very public figure who was elected on the basis of his character and the perceived ability of him being able to under take his position without bias or corruption. The public are not little children where we need to be sheltered from the truth or have decisions made for us. I feel sorry for Timaru when they clearly only receive information if it suits you to impart it. Hand your journalist card in, because you certainly are not worthy of having one.

  • Con the Neo

    “And it seems unfair that a politically motivated blog could bring him down.”

    As oppose to a politically motivated news paper bringing someone down. That would be ok I assume?

    • Macca

      Or in this case, a politically motivated newspaper NOT bringing someone down!

    • philbest

      That would be OK only if it is a conservative politician they are bringing down.

    • TomTom

      Well, they’re trying to bring down Chuang by heaping all the blame on her. Takes two to tango, and the lady isn’t an elected official.

  • CheesyEarWax

    Typical leftie media outlet, we’ll tell you what we think you should hear.

    • The Watcher

      what we think you should hear, and what we think you should feel about it

  • Ztirr

    How many people believe they are pure off sin?, Its wrong to point out others sin. We should only look at positives in a person, and leave the negatives for Him to deal with.

    • OhopeBeachBugger

      Who is He – Len? Don’t be daft, this isn’t about ‘sin’, this is about abuse of high office.

      • Ztirr

        He is God.

        Only he has the High Office.

        • Euan Ross-Taylor

          and I suppose Mrs Brown should also just look at the positives. Somewhat naive isn’t it?

          • Ztirr

            That’s an issue Mrs Brown has to deal with, not you I suppose.
            Every marriage has ups and downs, its just Len Brown is seen as a profile. What if Tom does the same thing?

          • Euan Ross-Taylor

            Wong again, I also have to deal with it – He is my mayor.

          • Ztirr

            Good on you.

        • OhopeBeachBugger

          Len is god? Jesus, who would have thought. Anyway, this is grown-up talk, no place for invisible sky men.

          • Ztirr

            God bless you.

          • Agent BallSack

            Hey you should really change the Z at the start of your name to an “S”

          • Ztirr

            Thanks, you said so its done.

          • OhopeBeachBugger

            Now that would be the lord working in mysterious ways aye.

        • cows4me

          “evil triumphs when good people stay silent”. So we should all shut up and go away? So he gets a free ride? And when the next mayor pulls the same stunts only worst because no one said anything you will be happy?

    • Random66

      Wrong. It is right and proper to instruct a child when they are behaving in a manner that will cause hurt to either themselves or others. Some adults still need the same instruction. Based on your thinking we should do away with our police force because it would be wrong to point out ‘sin’ to the murdering, raping and thieving bastards out there. Just saying.

      • Ztirr

        I agree it may be wrong, but we should not get excited about it, and get behind into stripping someone. We should check ourselves. Police is there, and we should let them do their job.

    • Orange

      “Its wrong to point out others sin.” Do you know what a self-refuting statement looks like?

      Besides, Jesus said “Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly.” John 7:24

      • Ztirr

        Thanks for the scripture.

    • OhopeBeachBugger

      PS those aliens look like they have massive knobs…

      • Ztirr

        Thanks, the idea of these aliens is to divert your attention from Len to Alien.

        • OhopeBeachBugger

          Haha. Don’t think Lennie has a knob like that…or does he?

          • Ztirr

            whatever makes you happy. :)

          • 4077th

            Wouldn’t matter if he did. Seems as soon as he thinks he’s going to get some poon he blows the people juice all over the place.

          • OhopeBeachBugger

            +1 people juice.

          • Bunswalla

            Kevin Bloody Wilson’s song springs to mind – And it was over, before he began.

    • philbest

      Yeah, but what we are dealing with here is lefty liberals who say that none of this is wrong unless a conservative does it.

      But there is nothing they hate more than someone who actually is a conservative on morals and is actually consistent. Lefty liberals like to paint all conservatives as hypocrites because they cannot get their heads around the possibility that there are myriads of decent moral people who actually don’t do things like cheat on their wives.

      And quite frankly, a consistent moral conservative is the most trustworthy leader – typical amoral liberals and any conservative who IS a hypocrite are both bad – but in this new amoral standards framework, the consistent moral conservatives are the most smeared and written off of any cultural-political category.

      “The wicked walk about on every side when vileness is exalted among the children of men”

      Psalm 12 v 8

      “If a ruler hearkeneth to lying words, all his servants will be wicked”

      Proverbs 29 v 12

      • Ztirr

        No doubt, the action is totally wrong, but we shall not rejoice in others fall. Whats wrong is, the person who found out the affair should only have told the family and the legal authorities. A decision would have been made on this and then disclosed in the right manner, to the public. Whats the motive in revealing the nakedness to all?

  • patrickstarr

    If you think this is bad – have you read Rudman this morning?

    • blokeintakapuna

      I just have – gave the slimey apologist a serve – but because it’s on the Horrid site, I don’t expect my comment will make it past moderation…

      • LabTested

        An unelievable article. Rudman is having hysterics. Lashing out in every direction hoping desperately for a hit or to divert attention.

  • Sponge

    I am flabbergasted that all of the media seem to think that him rooting and wanking in his office is ok. I have not looked at any of the council policies (I have better things to do) but surely to christ this must be against some policy?

    But more importantly it is simply not acceptable to have your mayor behaving in this manner. I don’t care about him rooting around – it is the appalling lack of judgement in where he is did his rooting it that is the issue.

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    Our media sure is rooted when you read Rudmans piece this morning smearing Cam’s father. I have taken the opportunity to respond as nicely as I could so as not to get moderated out. What a dirty mud slinger he is.

    • Agent BallSack

      I am sure he moderates it so you or I or anyone here would be lucky to get a comment in edgewise. Only nasty shrill lefties. Surprised he’s not fellating Bummer Bradbury as we speak.

      • Euan Ross-Taylor

        No I was careful and one of my comments so far have been printed.

      • Euan Ross-Taylor

        It seems my other comment did get edited out, it was along the lines of “We aim to have healthy debate. But we won’t publish comments that abuse others” Obvoiusly writers of articles don’t have to abide by the same rules!

        • Euan Ross-Taylor

          Update: ( Ihave to blow my own trumpet here – and no sniggers for that comment please!) As of 11.30 am with 191 upvotes I am ‘most liked’ for my comment. Also hat tip to Whale for his comment – Bring it on!

          • blokeintakapuna

            Great work! Please send the complaint to the Press Council and the BSA too…

          • GazzW

            I totally agree with you Euan. I have always thought Rudman to be a bit of a lefty crackpot with a love of the arts but today’s outburst was amazing. Was he just following editorial instructions or does he really believe the stuff that he wrote. Quite appalling. Someone purporting to be Cam (& I hope that it is the genuine article) has replied very appropriately to Rudman and I look forward with interest to seeing the outcome. There can only be one winner in that confrontation.

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    The fact that Brown was carrying on in this manner should have been known, as anyone who knew about this affair, such as the security guard who caught him, (and I’d like to know his whereabouts) and now, it would seem, hotel staff, were in possession of information which, if given to certain people, would leave Brown open to being persuaded to act in a certain way to prevent disclosure of certain secrets,

    I’d like to look at Brown’s performance over the last 2 years to see if there are irregularities that bear further investigation

  • 4077th

    Perhaps the good people of Timaru are used to being told what to think?

  • Reason1

    I worked in a corporate where an employee had sex on the board room table with another employee. They both got the sack and he was a good christian too.
    Len Brown did not have a private affair, he abused his office to seduce a star struck woman and used his office and power facilitate and cover it up. Now he is using the full resources of his department to save his sordid arse. He is a disgrace with no sense of what a leader is and how he should behave. He is an egotist with a delusions of grandeur all packaged up as a good christian, socialist and family man. Disgraceful, the left who are covering for him are worse, if this happened to a center right politician they would have a field day. All Hippocrates.

  • redeye

    “This story broke via a blog on the internet. Now, anyone with a readership can set their own rules.”

    This is the funniest fucken line for mine. Cameron you naughty naught boy. You know you should abide by the rules set down by the current bunch of pathetic scribblers and censor what the public know. It’s for their own good you know. They can’t be trusted with the truth.

    And then of course your audience would be dwindling like theirs.

  • Mr_Blobby

    “Our media is rooted” this is news how. I would have thought common knowledge.

    • GazzW

      I am beginning to think that the Herald protesteth too much. Why? There’s something else on the agenda here that hasn’t come to the surface and I can’t put my finger on it. Every single journo and even their normally brilliant cartoonist are very obviously under editorial instructions. What’s going on here? The right questions are just not being asked. I can’t wait for someone like Ian Wishart to get stuck into this.

    • Bunswalla

      It was a typo – you know what Cam’s like. Supposed to be “Our Mayor’s been rooting”

  • Patrick

    “And the answer is … maybe.”

    Let me rephrase that, “if the said Mayor was a right wing aligned politician of any flavour would it be acceptable & indeed your duty as a newspaper editior to hound said pollie to the ends of the earth demanding resignation and extracting all the political mileage possible out of the incident?”

    “And the answer is … yes.”

    When will the NZ MSM come out & declare where their political loyalties lie? Instead of lying to the public, trying to portray themselves as impartial.

  • austenpub

    So we have a mayor who doesn’t have a credit card – why?
    Doesn’t AC trust him? Because his previous misuse of council credit card? Is he the only senior guy at AC who doesn’t have a credit card? Doesn’t ANYBODY trust him?
    Also, the CEO has had “assurances” from Lenny that Lenny didn’t use council funds for his bonking episodes. So why doesn’t HE believe him because he has now agreed to an “investigation” (whitewash)?

    If those around him don’t trust him why should the ratepayers and the 8,000 folk who work there trust him?

    Seems a fatally wounded Lenny should keep some dignity and just go. Perhaps he has a career as a conveyancing lawyer or a car salesman.

    • conwaycaptain

      He cut it up after the $800 restaurant meal.

      • austenpub

        So he doesn’t trust himself? – not to abuse the mayor’s privilege? He is a deeply flawed rooter then. Just go.

  • Team ENZ

    The medias who think that a mayor married with children and having affairs is ok are morally bankrupt and should be ashamed to still be supporting such behaviour. Imagine if a Nat minister being in a similar position, these same said medias would have called for heads to roll, and interesting enough, we have not heard a peep squeak from any of the labia leftie/greenies? why?? Maybe they are all doing it themselves..

    • philbest

      Yeah, and every one of them will assume that everyone, including moral conservatives, are doing it as well; there is no such thing as far as they think, as a moral conservative who actually does live up to their own standards. The few that get outed are assumed to be the norm, which says a lot about their own secrets.

  • cows4me

    What a load of horseshit. It is public interest and it does fucking matter. I wonder if the idiot that wrote this thinks that excusing this sort of behaviour will not be watched by others seeking political office, gee welcome to the new normal, any fucking thing goes. The bullshit artists on the left claim this is private business and shouldn’t worry the electorate. So if Brown’s actions are of no consequence and are trifling why did he not disclose his affair before the election. The wankers know it does matter.

  • hookerphil

    Perhaps a local Timaru reader would be able to recall how much was published during the Gilmore week – not sure that saying do you know who I am would be needed to be known by those good people.

  • jb

    wow this really is a crap piece.

  • conwaycaptain

    The events of the last three days have changed the whole media landscape in NZ.
    The MSM, TV and Print, have been shown up for what they are and that the “amateurs” ie the blogger called WO has been a true professional in digging the dirt on Sleazy Lying Len.
    I hope that the Liebour and Greenies now know what they are up against.
    So WO look out for a modern day Cap’n Ahab of the Pequod and if comes after you drown him in a Nantucket Sleigh Ride.

  • James Growley

    If the Herald thinks it sets the standard with idiots like Rudman, Armstrong et al, then the media is well and truly stuffed.

  • Arran Hunt

    “It is not of public interest because Len Brown was obviously doing a good job during the two years he was having his affair with Bevan Chuang. How do we know? Because he just got elected with a majority of 50,000 votes, that’s how.”

    That’s incorrect. Gaining more votes does not show he was a good mayor, just that people thought he was a good mayor. Even Hitler one Time man of the year one year. Plus with the lack of anyone else decent to vote for (actually, nobody at all decent to vote for) people decided to vote for him that the madness that was most of the rest.