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  • Andy

    That is completely insane

  • andrew carrot

    Get the Auckland Council to buy a suit for Len, appeal to his ego by telling him that his public will forgive him if he jumps off the Sky Tower, point out the Viaduct as a good place to land (“that’s where John Campbell and the Herald are waiting Len”) and then withhold the instruction manual. I’d watch that.

  • Muffin

    Some people have massive balls, no way I could bring myself to jump off that bloody cliff.

  • John1234

    Looks totally fake to me.

    • rightoverlabour

      Get a life. They have been working on this for years. Now they just need to work out how to do this on land. The potential military application of this is huge.

      • John1234

        As I said, it *looks* totally fake to me. And it *has* been done on land by pro stunt diver Gary Connery. At least into a padded landing strip of cardboard boxes and well recorded.

        These things have a high vertical velocity – at least 25mph yet this guy just kisses the surface with barely an impact. These things have forward velocity of over 100mph yet this guy miraculously looks to be doing about 30mph on landing.

        The video footage is horribly chopped together. Doesn’t that make you the least suspicious? Wouldn’t you think that such a monumental achievement would have been recorded clearly and unambiguously shown in full from several angles?

        Wouldn’t you think such a monumental achievement would be more widely reported, especially if it had “huge” military application?

  • Jaffa