Mercury + Sponge = ?


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  • Col

    Use too play with that stuff when we were kids, not anymore.

    • DLNZ

      I remember holding an old *glass* Colman’s Mustard jar of it at school back in the day and was amazed at how heavy it was. Good times when kids would steal sodium out of the storeroom, chuck it in toilets, and the chemistry teacher let us explode a 25L drum of hydrogen and oxygen in the middle of the school field.

      Then along came OSH and H&S rules. Probably quite a good thing considering stuff we used to do!

    • benniedawg

      Remember when you went to the school dental clinic and they used to give you a couple of drops of it in an old drill container. Used to keep us amused for hours. Then it got spilt on the floor and presumably kept gassing away. But, hay knoww harmm dune, just azz intellyjunt as i alwaze waz.

  • Garbageman

    so tell me what have greenpeace ever done to protect the stunt sponge

    • DLNZ

      I bet that water was fluoridated too.

  • GregM

    It’s weird shit that stuff. Changing the mercury ballistic in the master gyro compass always amused me. 8 fluid ounces ( 260 ml ) weighed about 3 kilos.