Monday General Debate

Welcome to another Monday General Debate.

General Debate posts are open posts where you can start your own topics in the comments.

If you like some help, today’s topic is:

We should elect our judges, and they should be up for review every 7 years.


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  • Whafe

    For there to be no real review of judges is beyond a joke.
    The system should be changed immediately, but am certain that the pwers that be would nto see it as being a simple adjustment…
    It is in the same realm of performance pay for teachers.
    Judith, what do you really think of some of the performances of some judges in NZ?

    • williamabong

      The down side would be electing judges would bring only the best to the table, just like our politicians.
      We probably need a system just a little more robust than our current electoral model to select our judiciary, or we will just finish up with a bunch of self representing troughers that onlyappear at election time, hang on isn’t that what we currently have.

      • AnonWgtn

        Helen Clark arranged the choice of top Judges vary cleverly.
        She looked at her friendly judges – the ages, and sex, of the most senior and with a compulsory retirement age was built in she, and Heather ,were able to fill lots for some time in the future.
        Look at the Supreme Court, which she created, and the successions.

  • tas

    Alternatively, juries should have more power to check judges.

    • That is an excellent suggestion. Would motivate people to serve on juries too. Perhaps the judiciary should analyse the evidence and decide guilt/ innocence and the sentencing be done by the jury (with sentencing guidelines explained to them beforehand). Could be easier to achieve than an elected judiciary?

  • Whafe

    It is dam amazing that the MSM give knee jerk Gareth Hughes so much dam air time.. Take that back, am not surprised at all.
    When will the MSM realise that if in fact these Green lunatics got into any form of pwer, we would be doomed, and doomed real quick to.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      I hate that squirrel cunt with a passion

      • We may not like his politics, but the bastard seems to work his arse off. At least he’s putting in the hours for his constituency.

        • Whafe

          Good point, but share hours worked means sod all in this day n age, it is about outputs…
          It is no different to the opposition being the opposition for oppositions sake… Loads of work, but output is 2 tenths of F-All

          • He’s irritating the shit out of us. I would say he’s doing just fine :)

      • Meg

        Goodness such classy thinking from one of the top minds of the right. Shows what sort of a person you are.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    I think first they need to teach civics at school right from a young age – make it compulsory and you’ll get people a ton more interested and get a higher voter turnout.

    if you ran it now hardly anyone would vote for judges – look at voter turnout for the general election for example

    • That’s a very sharp observation.

    • DavidKNZ

      Teach civics at school???
      Great Idea :-)

      Might pre-empt statements like “I hate that squirrel cunt with a passion”

    • AnonWgtn

      No – only Teachers would take the classes and they are Union biased.

  • peterwn

    Why does not Greenpeace accept accountability for the mess it has got its activists into, instead of blaming the Russians, John Key, etc.

    • Whafe

      Because that would take common sense, and it is far from common…
      A rough winter will ensure that Greenpeace think about breaking the law again. No wet buss tickets in Russia

    • Feck

      Because Greenpeace has an utter arrogance about it that it is entirely right and anyone else with any dissenting view is utterly wrong. Even in the face of indisputable fact. You can’t argue or reason with twats like that.

  • Col

    Looks like the Greeny Pirates will spend winter in Russia, while the Netherlands proceed ( Greeny Lawyer) to piss Russia off, just saying, a VERY SORRY message to Russia may have worked wonders, but now it may be years before the Pirates see freedom. And winter is coming!!!!

    • AnonWgtn

      Amsterdam is the HQ of Greenpeace.

  • johnbronkhorst

    The problem with accountability of judges is:
    1. The law making part of our system, has to be TOTALLY separate from the law enforcement/punishment part of our system. To avoid corruption and politicians getting “pet” judges.
    2. Electing Judges, begs the same questions as councelors, who funds their campaigns? Who investigates the funders as to their intensions? Opens up for, particularly labour, to use taxpayer funds, or the unions to fund them or criminal organisation of which it could be argued describe the first two listed here.

  • Patrick

    Leave the appointment of judges as it is now – however they should be rated annually & the worst dropped from the list.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Please explain to me the labour/greens line, that the TPP somehow relinquishes our sovereignty?
    A trade deal, very similar to our ones with China and Australia.

    • DavidKNZ

      Large corporates would then have the right to sue our government for
      potential loss of profits. Heard of Goldman Sachs?? The fine banksters
      that gave advice to the Greek government while at the same time secretly
      betting on its failure. And it can’t happen here?? Yeah right…

      Have a little read of “Rolling Stone”

      • johnbronkhorst

        What absolute bollocks.

      • Meg

        The US is also putting pressure on us regarding the cheapness of our pharmaceuticals. A TPP could easily see a sharp rise in the cost of medicine. And given changes made by National already have people missing out, agreeing to ANYTHING that would increase drug costs would be a very bad thing for NZ.

        However National do not care, look how quick they are to roll over for anything American.

  • johnbronkhorst

    I see even coran dann is admitting, that it almost guaranteed, that the govt. will achieve surplus BEFORE they said they would.