Monday General Debate (Labour Weekend: DAY THREE)

Last day of a 3 day break that leads into a short week.  Unless your life doesn’t revolve around a Mon-Fri kind of pattern, in which case this first sentence is no use to you.

Monday’s General Debate is here.  All yours.

Topic of the day:

We all get a bit uptight about extinction of plants and animals, but should we set out to deliberately eradicate some?  If so, which?


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  • middleagedwhiteguy

    So, Labour is pulling support from it’s partners while shedding some support to National. There’s a smile on this face this morning.

    • Doug

      The Sub-Standard Labour Worshipers won’t like this poll, it will be a rouge poll this can’t be happening.

      • Nechtan

        Yep, can see one of the reasons being “many of our supporters don’t have landlines” .Nice to see the Greens down.

        • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

          That excuse doesn’t cut it with me, most Greens voters either live with their parents, or go “home” in the weekends to use their cashed-up middle trash baby-boomer parents’ telephones and internet.

      • Sue MoronEffect in Hamilton has already spouted convincing evidence (to her, anyway) that the poll is completely wrong. As she says, “you can’t argue with the feeling on the ground”. – Sounds like ‘The Vibe’ from ‘The Castle’. Dream on, lady. Dream on!

        • Cowgirl

          My fave Aussie film ever.

    • “The only poll that matters is on election day etc etc”

      And other assorted loser statements.

    • mike

      Who didn’t see that coming? When you start going for the votes on the far left you have to take them off the only other far left party (the greens), you also lose you more central leaning voters who will jump ship for their closest aligned party which in most cases is National.

      • middleagedwhiteguy

        You saw it, I saw it. No one in Labour saw it. Labour seem to have the mindset that castigates those who don’t agree with it, rather than question itself as to why they are not getting traction in the center political landscape.

        They are in a bit of a hole. Either they woo the center, and lose votes to the greens, or they move to the left and take votes off the greens at the expense of the center. If they take center votes and lose support to the greens, the very fact that the greens will have a big say in a future center left government will move support back to National.

        This in itself is a big balancing act, but add Mana and Winston First into the mix and think of what government that would produce.

        • Whafe

          And that dopey Cunny Cunliffe spouts off that he will pick off National voters. No way will he, multiple election national voters don’t jump over to the Labour ship, just doesn’t happen.

    • Macca

      Did anyone else see that twit Soper on Prime last night? He said that Labour had coalition partners that ‘National could only dream of’! I would have thought that Labours potential partners were called nightmares – not dreams! He and the other socialist, media pratts should actually take a good listen to themselves to hear how totally moronic most of their statements are!

      • Speaking of the media and its bias, who was the clown that accused Joyce of “Cunliffe Bashing” – and took a pasting for it. Whoever he was he needs to look at career options for something that he might actually be able to do! Journalism ain’t one!

  • Rodger T

    A couple of fishing clips to get you off to a good start this morn, enjoy

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    RIP Lou Reed.

    • Teletubby

      And good luck to John McVie


      Lou Reed has gone…

      I’m waiting for my man
      Got 26 dollars in my hand
      Up to Lexington, 125
      Feel sick and dirty, more dead than alive.
      Goodbye Lou.
      You have given myself and many other people years of listening enjoyment.

    • Chancey

      They say he didn’t have an enemy
      His was a greatness to behold
      He was the last surviving progeny
      The last one on this side of the world

      ty Lou Reed

    • nani

      Oh, it’s such a perfect day
      I’m glad I spent it with you
      Oh, such a perfect day
      You just keep me hanging on
      You just keep me hanging on

      RIP Lou Reed

      • Chancey

        used to be a favorite until TV3 commandeered it in the 90’s and thrashed it to death

        • nani

          Same…but listening to it now and reading the lyrics brings back memories of my miss spent youth and how we just loved to listen to Lou and the Velvet Underground.

  • Statehousekid

    From a hunters perspective plants to be eradicated are supple jack, kei kei and hook grass. Animals are sandflys and mosquitoes.

    • Col

      I m not sure about the Sandflys and Mosquitoes, that breaks down the food chain, the money chain that is, think of all the chemists who would go broke if they didn’t sell Sandfly spray, the country would go broke.

    • The world can do without snakes and spiders

      • Cowgirl

        I’m no spider fan, but I once heard that if there were no spiders, the earth would be overrun by other insects in a matter of days. I hate them, but I have to acknowledge, they do their bit.
        Ditto snakes for rodents.

  • Dick Brown

    “We all get a bit uptight about extinction of plants and animals, but should we set out to deliberately eradicate some?”

    We already do a fantastic job of eradicating species without even realising it.

    Imagine if we actually tried to make a species extinct.


    • Nechtan

      The possum would be a good choice in NZ. Probably impossible though.

      • Dick Brown

        Ah, localised genocide is another matter.

        Down with the possum; millions, even billions, should be pumped into this problem.

        Bugger the 1080; train up the unemployed in bush skills and firearms/trapping and let them go for it.

        • Statehousekid

          That’s been tried. Most sit around under a tree smoking dope all day

          • Dick Brown

            Back then we didn’t have GPS, compulsory drug testing and any number of technological wonders at our disposal.

            And even if a percentage smoked dope underneath a tree so what. All businesses have slackers on their books.

          • Statehousekid

            The unemployed are never going to solve the possum problem. What we need, and have got, are experienced people running professional businesses. They just need a lot more support. They have proven track records that they can almost eradicate possums from target areas. 1080 also plays a major role. We have no other tool that can reduce possums to very low numbers at a comparative price.

          • Dick Brown

            Yes they will continue to be involved as well as the unemployed.

            It’s not as if they will be competing for business; theres like 5 trillion of them out there.

          • Statehousekid

            The unemployed are employed by the professional pest control companies that are contracted to control possums. The good ones are kept on. The looser dope smokers are given the arse. Just like in any other business.

          • nani

            “almost eradicate possums from target areas” you say statehousekid
            we ask, where have all the rata flowers gone?
            3 of us pulled 2500 skins out of a 10 thousand acre Turangi block, with only 1 TB skin before 1080 drop
            TB is the main reason Nz uses 1080

            We are the biggest users of 1080 in the world, little ole Nz

            1080 aerial drops kills birds deer pigs horses the list of collateral damage victims is long, and the opossums are still there…… millions of them.

            If 1080 was so darn good the opossums should be just a memory by now, cause we having been using 1080 since the late 1950’s
            IMHO the only thing 1080 is good for is making money for the USA company that makes and sells it.

            More business ideas using people not more chemicals are needed in the eradication of pests in NZ, please.
            Unemployed beneficiaries….opossum hunt or take a cut in money maybe?
            Sort the boys/girls from the cry babies/bludgers/do no gooders, at the very least.
            “Skin the Best and Pluck the Rest”

          • Statehousekid

            I don’t want to get into a dead end argument with you about 1080 but where it is used it is very successful. Have a read of the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment report on 1080. She was a non-biased evaluator of the use of 1080 and thinks we should use more of it.

          • nani

            1975 45 million opossums in Nz
            1985 72 million opossums in Nz
            2008 2009 60 million opossums in Nz
            60 years + of using 1080 has got us where?
            Jan Wright wrote fiction of her own mind when she wrote the evaluation of 1080 paper. IMHO
            Having hunted most big bush in North Is and still seeing devastation in the back blocks nothing you could say would make me have a change of opinion on 1080.
            But I bow done to your right to have your own opinion :-)

          • Kiwi

            The possums or the unemployed?

          • nani

            judging others by your own standards statehousekid never goes down well……I made average $1000 month eradicating opossums and I never saw a hunter sitting under a tree smoking dope all day….now back at the hut at the end of a 12 hour day while cooking the piko piko with the wild pork …..may have been a different story.

          • Statehousekid

            Yes it sounds like you were prepared to work your arse off. Not like the bludgers I am talking about who waste other peoples money by not working.

        • Stuarts.burgers

          But what happens to all the highly skilled hunters when they have killed all the possums.
          Any with any brain would leave a few to keep the population going to keep the work flowing.

          • Dick Brown

            You won’t ever kill the possums completely, that’s the beauty of the idea and probably what scares conservatives the most.

            Professional Hunters, trained and skilled will always be in demand.

      • Muffin

        Rats as well, fucking hate rats

        • Dr Wang

          Muffin: can’t be culling all the “kiore” – they are indigenous fauna (who arrived with NZ’s other indigenous occupants about 800 years ago) so will have protected status too!

          • Muffin

            800 years? Too recent, basically immigrants. Get rid of them if possible nasty creatures

          • Statehousekid

            Yes quite right good Dr. That has been confirmed by the U N. Kiore should have special privileges over the other rats.

        • Dumrse

          Theres one under a desk in Auckland, big fucker, stay clear.

      • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

        Rabbits too.

    • nani

      true …no more blackberry pies for you.

  • Dick Brown

    Labour missed a great opportunity by not elevating Shane Jones to the leadership position and instead sucked the cock of the Devil and took His load in the mouth in the form of Cumliffe.

    RIP Labour

    • Whafe

      Yep, the devil let them choose a narcissist that connects to the people. LMFAO. Shane Jones was the better choice of the three, but Cunny promised more to the unions, whilst not thinking about if in fact the masses want the blighted unions

    • Your subtlety astounds! LOL

    • Muffin

      Jeez I was eating breakfast, gag

      • Dick Brown

        Soz about that Muffin; do you want me to edit? I will if requested

        • Muffin

          He’ll no, just made my food taste horrible for a moment

    • Dumrse

      I thort it was CunTliffe with a silent T

  • peterwn

    Greenpeace is carrying on about sharks being hunted merely for their fins and wants Australians to put pressure on NZ over this. Possibly it may not be too bad if sharks are hunted to near extinction or at least to minimise risks – Aiussies who swim at Bondi etc should be the first to appreciate this.

    • jaundiced

      Assume you’re just stirring the pot with this. In this case Greenpeace has a point. The decline in sharks has a pretty serious ecological chain reaction. The number of shark attacks on humans is small when you consider the perhaps scary reality that most of the time you go swimming there will be sharks around.

      • Cowgirl

        It’s my opinion that the loss of any species has a knock-on effect for everything else around it. We can’t lose anything without something else suffering. It’s just the balance that gets out of whack from changing ecological conditions and human interference etc

    • jaundiced
    • Cowgirl

      Sharks are the great cleaner-uppers of the ocean. We are fucked without them. Hunting sharks for their fins is a disgusting, wasteful and unbelievably cruel and morally corrupt practice that needs to be stopped IMMEDIATELY.

    • Dick Brown

      There’s nothing more sad and tragic than a bunch of crazed humans with vengeance in their eyes trying to kill the shark that bit one of us.

      I view people like that as truly worthless; those stupid cops firing their glocks at that shark at Muriwai deserve to have their badges ripped off them.

      • Cowgirl

        I reckon that if you enter the ocean, you are willing to take your chances with the creatures that live there. That’s their turf, and they have every right to kill me if they want.

  • LesleyNZ

    Thanks Bevan Chuang for telling the truth. The truth will set you free. Always tell the truth.
    Mark Twain – ‘If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything’

    Chuang feels much ‘better’ now –

    • Chancey

      Aghast and agape at this tripe – a political story???? – Political no, story no

      Dumb Bint!!

      “I feel so much lighter because I had something that I was hiding for years that I couldn’t tell anybody and couldn’t do anything about.

      Except tell everybody

      “I cried a lot on Tuesday [when the story broke]. But on Wednesday I just felt better that I had nothing to hide.”

      That must have been torture – a whole day in the doldrums!!!

      “It’s not an easy game to play having to deal with dirty politics. I was interested in politics because I wanted to help the community,” she said. “But it’s been hard through the whole campaign for me mentally. I don’t like these dirty games.”

      I thought dirty games were your fave Bevan, you sent photos

      • A sad case of FITH Syndrome.

      • Cowgirl

        I can’t like this comment enough. If she really cared about these people, she wouldn’t have done this to them – and she wouldn’t still be trying to throw them under the bus now.
        She has nothing but her own self-interest at heart and I’m not buying anything else she is trying to sell me.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      I hope Bevan Chuang has a future in NZ and does not leave the country.
      Don’t get involved with arseholes Bevan, you have learned a valuable lesson.

    • Statehousekid

      Well done Bevan. This shows you have the ability to learn from your mistakes. A little bit of advice if you don’t mind me giving it. Find a man who cares about you and not what is between your legs. And you have probably learnt now that you cannot further your career by screwing around. This will only lower your respect for yourself and others respect for you. Also stay away from married men, they only want a bit on the side. If they are divorced then go for it. I am sure a lot of people have learnt from this apart from you. I have learnt not to let those thoughts of screwing someone else’s wife become a reality. I am sure that many politicians have learnt that affairs can only fuck their careers. I think we should all thank Cam for bringing this out into the open for us all to think about. Finally Bevan I think you are a good person who has only made a few silly mistakes. I have a feeling that from now on your life is going to get a whole lot better.

      • Steve (North Shore)

        yeah, what that man said

  • Hazards001

    I’m all for making certain animals extinct too. We could start with..

    Russel the Aussie Weasel – A vicious rodent that could not survive in it’s natural environment and moved to an easier one. Particularly rabid in the fields of hyper inflation.

    The Metiria Wasp – This blood sucking parasite can be spotted by the fact that it is usually clad in the fur of another species. A nasty sting but moves slowly due to excessive mass and a slow thought process.

    The Gareth Hughes Rat – An airborne rodent this species has the largest carbon footprint of the rodent family. Adverse to work of any kind it can be found hiding in airport Koru clubs and sabotaging economic advancements.

    • Can’t we add Homoineffectus Cunliffious, (the’T’ is silent), to the list?

      • Hazards001

        Oh I’m sure that by the end of the day that list will be huge.

      • Chancey

        is this one an animal or a plant?

        • captainnotsosensible

          Part cabbage, part slug, but with big sticky out ears and a tendency to look like he’s grasping an invisible inflatable beach ball when the cameras point at him during speeches

    • Steve (North Shore)

      The Hone Eel – slimy and slippery, sometimes you can’t see him

      • Hazards001

        Rarely seen in the halls of Parliament.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      the Ant-rew Little, comes to the defense of his fellow union ants, makes a hell of a noise but quickly defeated with a smack on the hand

  • maninblack

    mosquitoes.. would anyone care?

    • Statehousekid

      The brown rabbit (Lenius brownius). This rabbit has a tendency to copulate with much younger members of its species. It is characterised by its secretive habits and it’s ability to run away and hide when threatened.

      • captainnotsosensible

        Ha ha Funny as f***

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Crybaby of the fucking year? this guy is having a whinge because he couldn’t use his voucher to buy a phone on the first shipment of the new iPhone 5S:

    “Last month, when his fixed-term plan was about to expire, a sales rep phoned him offering a $350
    voucher to put towards a new phone if he renewed his contract with
    Vodafone. He jumped at the deal after being told he could buy the new
    iPhone 5S released on Friday, but when he visited Vodafone’s Newmarket
    store he was told by a salesman the new phones were exempt from voucher
    purchases until a second shipment arrived next month.”

    “I have been looking at 2degrees and Telecom but they will probably say
    you’re going to have to pay breaking fees, but I don’t think so – they
    are the ones who broke the contract first.””

    What the fuck mate, if you can’t wait a single month for a new phone you have bigger issues to worry about

    • First world problems.

      • Pissedoffyouth

        Wait, sorry that title goes to cunt of the week:

        “He said the company claimed he had parked in an area of the company’s
        Rialto building reserved for disabled drivers, but he had photographic
        evidence to the contrary, showing he was in a space covered by his
        monthly fee.
        Despite that, he acknowledged part of his car might have been “a few centimetres” outside his general parking space.
        “I think I had one wheel over the edge of the line, and that’s when they put the clamp on.””

        LOL he parked like a cunt over a disabled car park and expects sympathy?

        • Bad__Cat

          Horrid just has to have its quota of sad sacks every day, whining how they have been wronged by the evil “system”

    • Tom

      ….and runs to the PAPERS?!?! Ffs what a wanker

  • Doug

    Asylum ‘cruises’ to NZ touted

    People-smugglers in Indonesia are promoting a passage to New Zealand in
    shipping containers for up to $17,000 a person and are describing it to
    would-be customers as “the cruise ship option”, an Australian news
    investigation has found.

    I thought Labour said this was impossible.

    • GazzW

      I stand to be corrected by the experts (Conway Captain?) but as far as I know there are no direct shipping services from Indonesia to NZ and there would be stops involved on the east Australian seaboard. I would not be prepared to guarantee the condition of the container contents on arrival in NZ.

  • Bunswalla


    Sorry i can’t send emails but I saw this on Stuff this morning – lovely sledge from Steven Joyce to the stupid “activist” hippie. her statements are contradictory – she’s bleating that New Zealand doesn’t want to compete in the race to the bottom by offering ever bigger subsidies.

    If her husband’s so concerned about the jobs for thousands of kiwis, why is he packing up and taking his business where he gets a bigger handout? Nothing wrong with that, of course, it’s commercial reality, but don’t try and paint him as some saintly figure fighting for the industry especially when his smelly hippie wife is interfering with legitimate commercial activity that funds the subsidies.

  • johnbronkhorst

    No leave them alone …labour are causing their own extinction, without our help!